This USB-Friendly Torch Is So Bright It Hurts -- In A Good Way

Now that we all have pocket computers with camera flashes, the need for a good torch just isn’t what it used to be. But if you’re lost in the woods at midnight, that little LED is not going to cut it. The Maelstrom Regen MMR-X will.

Swappable Heads Make This Torch Six Lights In One

With the right app, our phones can become almost any device we need, and Light & Motion is taking a similar approach with its new GoBe torch. Except that instead of software, it uses a set of six swappable heads that allow you to customise the torch’s beam for specific needs — like a wide bright light when riding your bike in the city, or a soft red glow that protects your night vision when bushwalking.

This Picture Book's Adorable Secrets Are Revealed With A Torch

It’s pretty hard to tear kids away from their iPads and other electronic distractions these days, particularly when the alternative is a static picture book. But illustrator Rebecca Sutherland has come up with a clever way to make Hide & Eeek a little more interactive than just flipping the pages. Each illustration has secret invisible elements that are only revealed with the help of a torch.

15-Year-Old Invents Incredible New Kind Of Torch

Are you ready to play everybody’s not-so-favorite guilt game: what was I doing at that age? Ann Makosinski, a high school student from British Columbia, Canada, has created a simple LED torch powered by body heat. So instead of having to recharge it or swap in a fresh pair of AAs every so often, you literally just need to hold it in your hand for it to start glowing.

M3X Triton Review: A Svelt Tactical LED Torch

D-batteries haven’t been in your stereo since the late 1980s, so why are they still in your torch? It’s the 21st century, our batteries are smaller and our bulbs are brighter. So stop lugging around that unwieldy hunk of aluminium (no matter how tough it makes you feel) and pick up this 1000-lumen submersible spotlight.

Blind The Boogeyman With This Quad Beam Light Cannon

Similar to the megapixel arms race that digital camera manufacturers got caught up in, torch makers are instead hell bent on coaxing as many lumens from a handheld torch as they can. Even if it means massaging the definition of a compact torch like NiteCore has done with its portly TM26.

Don't Like This Torch's Standard Modes? Just Reprogram It

Few of us have ever picked up a torch and lamented not being able to reprogram it. As long as the batteries aren’t dead and it lights up, we’re happy. But now that HexBright has shown us the advantages of a hackable, open-source torch, who could ever settle for a locked-down Maglite again?

HLP Flashlight: A Highly Functional Utility App That's Beautiful, To Boot

There’s certainly no dearth of apps floating around with the sole purpose of turning your phone’s LED bulb into a makeshift torch. HLP Flashlight for iOS, however, is a simple, elegant take on a necessary utilitiy. And there are even a few fun kicks thrown in, to boot.

Even LED Keychain Lights Have Gesture Controls Now

It’s not like they were going anywhere. But it’s still kind of surprising to see the same kind of gesture and swipe controls you use on your smartphone now being integrated into something as simple as an LED torch.

Carry A Tiny Supernova In Your Pocket With The Ultra-Bright LED Lenser F1

You might think all torches are created equal, but don’t tell that to a flashaholic. There are large online communities of torch aficionados who take their illumination very seriously, and there’s a good chance even they will be impressed by LED Lenser’s new F1, which manages to squeeze a whopping 400 lumens from a single CR123 battery.