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Giz Explains: What The Heck Is Toothpaste Anyway?

It’s been part of humanity’s hygiene regimen for more than 4,000 years, but have you ever stopped to think what’s actually in the stuff you’re smearing across your teeth? The ingredients of modern toothpaste may read like a mad scientist’s shopping list, but they’re far better than what our ancestors had to endure for healthy teeth.

Does This Colourless, Flavourless, Nihilist Toothpaste Even Exist?

What’s the point of brushing your teeth every morning and every evening with this bland nihilist toothpaste? They’re just going to get dirty again and again. And speaking of cavities, who’s to say they exist? Or the dentists who treat them? Or even the world where these supposed dentists live?

Why Brushing Your Teeth Makes Orange Juice Taste Like Death

If you’re going to have a glass of orange juice and brush your teeth (a good idea), there’s only one order in which to do them. It makes sense that your minty toothpaste-mouth would make OJ taste weird, but why so down-right heinous?

11 Other Uses For Toothpaste

Besides keeping your teeth sparkly, toothpaste offers a wide range of cleaning, cosmetic and even healing abilities around the house. Just be sure to use the white pasty stuff, not gel. And for any of these tips that call for an actual toothbrush, just consider that tool off-limits for the mouth from here on out.

Chrome Toothpaste Squeezer Is A Gaudy Way To Brush

For true gentlemen, the act of squeezing one’s toothpaste tube by hand is a commoner’s work. Peshaw! Give me this chrome Cedes toothpaste squeezer so that I may give the paste the coddling it so richly deserves!

Is This The Smartest Way To Squeeze Every Bit Of Toothpaste Out?

We’ve seen countless examples of how the humble tube of toothpaste can be redesigned so every little drop can be put to good use, but designer Catherine Werdel’s toothbrush-squeezer might be my favourite yet. [Catherine Werdel via Fancy via OhGizmo]

I Hope Colgate Sees This Clever Toothpaste Tetra Packaging

Smart packaging is always appreciated, particularly when it’s for a product that we all use several times a day. Well, I hope you do anyway. Moving the paste-opening to the corner reduces packaging and increases paste usage. Very smart, Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee. [Yanko via Technabob]

Toothbrush Hybrid Will Eliminate Those Holiday Travel-Sized Tubes

This is Twist&Brush, the toothbrush-toothpaste hybrid concept: It jams your toothpaste into its handle, so you never have to remember to bring those pesky extra tubes when you travel. An idea so tremendously obvious that it’s brilliant. [Kawamura-Ganjavian via FastCoDesign]

Prototype Toothpaste Changes Flavours According To The Weather

The toothpaste industry is in need of a shakeup! Whitening strips isn’t enough. MIT’s Media Lab has developed a prototype toothpaste that spits out different flavours according to the weather and temperature outside.

Toothbrush Uses Solar Power Instead Of Toothpaste

Why you’d want to forgo a teeth-brushing session with some delightful Indian curry, caramel or Darjeeling tea-flavoured toothpaste I’d never know. Still, at least this solar-powered toothbrush would save you money over extended use.

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