Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Black Diamond Edition Toothbrush: Australian Review

So you’ve upgraded your teeth cleaning experience to a 21st century power brush. Good for you. It may satisfy your mouth, murder morning breath and banish plaque at a few thousand revolutions per second, but what if it’s not enough? What if you want to know how the 1% brush their teeth? That’s when you need the Philips Sonicare Black Diamond Edition toothbrush.

Oral B Black 7000 Electric Toothbrush Australian Review: Tooth Tornado

Sports car. Sports jacket. Sportsman or sportswoman. Everything is better when it’s sportier and souped up, but did you ever think you’d see a souped-up toothbrush? Neither did we, but now the Oral B Black Edition exists, we’d never go back.

This Connected Bluetooth Toothbrush Will Nag You More Than A Dentist

We all know we should be brushing more diligently several times a day, but without our dentists regularly shaming us into better oral hygiene, that rarely happens. So a Paris-based company called Kolibree has created what it claims to be the world’s first app-connected toothbrush that will encourage better brushing habits between dentist visits.

A Crazy 3D-Printed Mouthpiece That Brushes Your Teeth For You

We can always get behind a 3D-printed object that does something practical. So we’re intrigued by the Blizzident 3D-printed toothbrush, because this insane thing basically does all the brushing for you.

Do You Use Hygiene Gadgets?

I was at a friend’s house the other day and I noticed that she and her roommates all use electric toothbrushes. There were three of them charging in a row on the windowsill. With all the electric razors, bathroom scales, hairdryers and weird electric face cleansing scrubby things out there I started wondering if I should be smart-primping too. What are the advantages to plugging in? Go through your morning routine below.

Fight Bad Breath And Bathroom Clutter With This Toothbrush Cup

Counter clutter can be even worse in a bathroom, which is typically a lot smaller than a kitchen. And if you find yourself constantly battling to find room to store things around the sink, you’ll immediately see the genius behind this flippable cup that doubles as a way to rinse your mouth and a convenient spot to store a toothbrush.

The Tongue Toothbrush Is The Grossest Way To Be Hygienic

Toothbrushes haven’t changed much. Sure, some fancy tech wiz brushes spin the bristles themselves, but at the end of the day, after centuries of use, we still have to hold the damn thing. Not anymore. The T2T is a hands-free toothbrush that you slip onto your tongue to do your teeth cleaning. It’s the grossest way to be hygienic.

This Genius 'Rinser' Toothbrush Fixes The Worst Part Of Brushing Your Teeth

Every morning, you either use an environmentally unfriendly disposable cup, a disgusting, gunked-up-with-toothpaste cup to rinse out, or your strain your neck to bend over and drink out of the tap. Stop that. Check out this awesome, life-changing toothbrush that acts as a water spout for post-brush rinsing.

This Is Why You Can Be Lazy And Not Have Gross Breath

Shoving an ergonomically-designed vibrating stick in our mouths and waiting for it to brush our teeth is average morning fare these days.

Our main task during the two minutes it takes for a battery-powered toothbrush to rid our pearly whites of plaque is to try not to drool. It’s a pretty cushy exercise — and one that’s become commonplace only recently.

Philips' New USB Toothbrush Mixes Tech With Style

Philips new Sonicare toothbrush charges via USB, but its not like those cheap Chinese ones we’ve seen in the past.