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Researchers Are Almost Certain That They Can Recreate Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver

While we probably won’t travel through time anytime soon, we might just be able to have sonic screwdrivers just like Doctor Who sometime in the near future thanks to some very determined researchers and the magic of ultrasonic sound waves.

Electromagnetic Pulses Cut Through Steel In Milliseconds

You need to cut up some chunks of steel. Mechanical tools are prone to wearing out and lasers are just too expensive, so what do you use? Fast-cutting electromagnetic pulses, what else.

Can You Figure Out All The Uses For The Piranha Multitool?

When it comes to multitools, you can never have enough functions and the Pocket Tool X Piranha really takes that thought to heart. I can’t even figure out half the things it’s supposed to do. Can you?

Well Hello Five Windows Task Manager Alternatives

Want to branch out a bit from the default Windows Task Manager tool that’s probably helping keeping you abreast of the goings on of your PC right this moment? Look no further, for Lifehacker is here with another glorious top five list on that very subject! [Lifehacker]

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