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If Tony Stark Were A Sociopath...

This is what happens when Warren Ellis challenges his readership to combine Iron Man and Stanley Kubrick into a single movie poster concept. It had me at “ultra-science.” Also, the added one sheet creases…nice. [Freak Angels via Laughing Squid]

The Making Of Tony Stark's Incredible Interfaces

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More than his vast fortune or jet-soled boots or even Pepper Potts, the thing I envy Tony Stark for most are his computers. Here’s a video of how motion design company Prologue brought his fantastic holographic interfaces to life.

Iron Man Nikes Light Up Like Tony Stark's Arc Reactor

Somewhere, in a market brimming with plastic arc reactors and cologne bottles, there is a gap just waiting to be exploited. Custom sneakers people Diversitile seized that opportunity and will be selling these Iron Man Nikes very, very soon.

Iron Man USB Jump Drive: 4GB Of Tiny Tony Stark Storage

We can’t all have arc reactors or computer butlers – yet. But I may be willing to settle for a tiny Iron Man USB jump drive in the meantime. Adorable? Check. Collectible? Check. Affordable? Er…

Iron Man Wannabe Builds His Own J.A.R.V.I.S. For $US691.98

Chad Barraford has designed a “digital life assistant” who recognises him, cooks hot dogs and alerts his friends when he has a migraine. Unlike Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. though, this one only cost $US691.98 to build.

Why Tony Stark Needs Almost Two Minutes To Enter A Building

As this clip from the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie shows, Tony Stark requires nearly two minutes to actually enter a building – or in this case the Stark Expo stage. His probable excuse for the wait is great though.

Power The Electromagnet In Your Heart With The Iron Man 2 Arc Reactor

It won’t turn you into Tony Stark – or Robert Downey Jr – but it will power the electromagnet in your heart, protecting you from all that shrapnel. Just $US8.

Caffe Inn: The Espresso Machine That's Right At Home On Tony Stark's Chest

Who knew that the real power source driving Iron Man onward and upward into the stratosphere was really just a strong, trendy espresso machine?

Tony Stark Takes A Load Off At Randy's Donuts

Here’s the latest shot from Iron Man 2, which, if I understand it correctly, is a prequel about how Tony Stark got his start slinging donuts in suburban Southern California. Can’t wait! [EW via io9]

Buy Tony Stark's Arc Reactor For $US150

This Arc Reactor is just a replica, so it won’t allow you to power a bionic suit that flies around and punches through walls. It will, however, make your desk that much more dorky. And that’s something. [Museum Replicas]

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