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You Don't Need To Be A Cryptologist To Read Tokyo Flash's Latest Watch

With increasingly complex designs, Tokyo Flash continues to cement itself as the go-to watchmaker for collectors who don’t need to actually tell the time. But its new Kisai Logo model breaks the mould with an LCD display that’s fairly straightforward to interpret.

Tokyo Flash's New Kisai Zone Watch Tells The Time In Hexagons

Tokyo Flash, the Japanese watchmaker behind many beautiful but hard-to-read timepieces, has just launched its latest model. The Kisai Zone is available now, but only if you can tell the time in hexagons.

Tokyo Flash's Eye-Poppin' 3D Watch Isn't Actually 3D

Tokyo Flash has turned another watch from concept to reality, and this one’s 3D! Well, kind of. Using an optical illusion rather than the kind of 3D we normally see on Giz’s pages, the time appears to leap out in a 3D cube.

Load Tokyo Flash's Watch With Secret Files

In the usual Tokyo Flash style, if you love this watch that much, they’ll make it. Called The Right Angle, it actually has a mini USB port for connecting a USB cable, and transferring data to and from.

Tokyo Flash Made A Kid's Watch Design A Reality

It appears a lot of people must’ve liked the 14-year-old Canadian’s design for the Tokyo Flash competition, because the Japanese company has turned it into a real watch that you can actually purchase for $US119.

Watch Time Pass With An LED-Illuminated Circle Of Blocks

No, it won’t make time go faster, but telling time with a series of connected LED-illuminated blocks does make counting the minutes a bit more enjoyable.

Breathalyser Watch Tells You How Sozzled You Are, When It's Time To Pass Out

Tokyo Flash is back with the crazy watch concepts, this time with something that alcoholics should probably consider: a breathalyser watch. It tells the time, sure, but more importantly gives you a blood alcohol reading so you know your true drunkenness.

Tokyo Flash Tries Its Hand At Acetate For The Kisai RPM Watch

Legendary Japanese watchmaker Tokyo Flash has made its first ever watch out of acetate; the Kisai RPM Acetate. Available in white, blue and eight other limited edition colours, they’re meant to resemble mini turntables on your wrist. $US160 each. [Tokyo Flash]

Awesomely Sci-Fi Watch Could Have Only Come From The Future

What do you do when the timepieces available to you are a little blah? If you’re Olivier Demangel, you skip the store, open a mental wormhole to the future, and create your own—it packs USB storage, music, Bluetooth, and oh yeah, a clock.

The Second Concept-to-Reality Watch Has Gone At Sale At Tokyo Flash

Another concept watch created by a fan has been made a reality by Tokyo Flash—the Kisai Satellite. Available in either black or white, people voted in droves for the chance to be able to buy it.

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