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Three Uses For Instagram That Don't Involve Photo Sharing

Instagram keeps on adding users and adding features, but there’s more to the app than sharing photos and wondering which filter is going to bring out the best in your latest collection of beach shots. Here are three alternative ways of using Instagram you may not have come across before.

Snooze Emails Until Just The Right Time With Inbox By Gmail

Don’t forget about Inbox, the Gmail spin-off that tries to manage most of your messages automatically. It may not have the traction of Google’s primary email client just yet, but it’s still getting new features on a regular basis — including the ability to snooze specific emails until a delivery or event date mentioned in the body of the message.

There's An Easy Way To Quickly Disable iOS 9's Content Blocking In Safari

If you’ve got that new and improved iOS 9, then Safari now includes content blocking capabilities. These blockers are enabled or disabled through the Safari section of Settings, but if you want to temporarily view a site in the way its makers intended then there’s a quick shortcut.

How To Make Windows 10 Change Colour To Match Your Desktop Wallpaper

Now that you’ve installed Windows 10 and mastered the basics of Microsoft’s new operating system, you’re going to want to start digging deeper into some of the customisation options available — like automatically changing the system interface colours whenever you pick a new wallpaper image.

10 Tricks To Master Apple Mail On iOS

Apple’s mobile email client has been designed with simplicity in mind, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some useful tips and tricks to be found if you look closely enough.

How To Organise Your Google Hangouts Just Like Email 

You probably know Google Hangouts as an app that pops up in the corner of a browser tab or on your smartphone, but it’s possible to archive your messages in Gmail too — from here they can be searched, labelled and starred so you can bring up the most important ones whenever you need to.

How To Get Desktop Notifications For WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp recently unveiled a web client that now works with apps on both Android and iOS devices (we published a quick setup guide), and that opens up a whole new set of possibilities for the platform, including desktop notifications.

How To Get Rid Of That Gross Lowercase Keyboard On Your iPhone In iOS 9

When I saw that all the letters on all the tiny buttons on the new iOS 9 keyboard were set to lowercase by default, my eyes almost fell out of their sockets and were like this close to smear sliding down my iPhone’s screen and splatting on the ground. That lowercase keyboard just looks wrong.

Use Your iPhone's LED Flash As A Notification Alert

The iPhone has never had an LED notification light like some Android handsets have, but you can use the flash around the back of the phone instead to alert you to new messages and updates.

How To Maximise Battery Life On Windows 10

Whether you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 on your laptop or bought a brand new machine, you’re going to want to eke out as much battery juice as you can while you’re on the go. Microsoft’s shiny new OS includes a new native battery saver feature — and there are a few other tricks you can pull to make sure your laptop lasts until you can find a power socket.

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