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Moscow's Replica Of Times Square Looks Startlingly Realistic

Russia might not be doing much business with the US government right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interested in the foremost symbol of consumerism in America. VEGAS Crocus City, a Moscow shopping centre, has unveiled a surprisingly realistic model of Times Square. It even features the forever-swamped TKTS podium — now bereft of crowds.

Watch America's Tallest Hotel Get Built In Less Than 60 Seconds

The only thing cooler than gawking at record-breaking architecture is watching record-breaking architecture get built. The tallest hotel in North America, a Marriott Residence Inn on top of a Marriott Courtyard, just opened in Times Square. This is what it took to build the tower.

Inside The Design Of The New Times Square New Year's Eve Ball

The bright ball that hovers over Times Square on New Year’s Eve is special this year. Sure, it’s iconic and colourful and mesmerising as it always is. This year, however, the ball will captivate us all with a brand new crystal coating. And, boy, is it pretty.

50,000 Stills Of Times Square Are Almost As Chaotic As Real Life

If you live in New York you know how unbelievably frustrating it is to try to walk through Times Square when you have somewhere to be. Peeps be all up in your way. If you don’t live in New York, you’re either part of the problem when you visit or you just generally know to move to the side when you’re looking at a map/smartphone/landmark. Regardless, all of us contribute to the madness in that tiny space and Drew Geraci from District 7 Media has captured it beautifully.

Watch The Samsung Galaxy S IV Launch Live With Gizmodo

We’re on the precipice of finding out all the new features we’re going to enjoy on the Samsung Galaxy S IV, and you don’t have to miss a thing. Watch the live stream from Times Square in New York with us right here.

Here’s A Guy Hacking A Times Square Jumbotron For Real

A few days ago, the internet freaked out over a viral video of a guy who hacked Times Square video screens with a live feed from an iPhone. It was a fake viral marketing stunt for the new movie Limitless. But now a guy has done it for real – sort of.

Giant Models Invade Times Square Billboard With Polaroids, Kisses

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Giant model steps over Times Square crowd, snaps Polaroid, shows close-up, leaves. Repeat. Nice little augmented reality billboard cycle you’ve got there, Forever 21. Oh! Except for when she picks someone up and waves them around. That part’s different.

AT&T Can Save Their Network... With Wi-Fi?

AT&T’s latest idea is actually kind of brilliant on multiple levels: totally free Wi-Fi in Times Square. And it could be how they save their network.

Inside The NYPD's Spycam Nerve Centre

When Faisal Shahzad left his bomb-loaded car parked in Times Square, every step of his escape route through Manhattan was caught by both police and private spycams. If they’re the NYPD’s eyes, this room is its central nervous system.

Times Square Attacked By Fart Machine

Fart machines have struck again! Juvenile? Yes… but you can’t help but laugh. Everyone seems to agree that the best reaction comes about 42 seconds in.