Interstellar Explained In One Timeline [Warning: SPOILERS]

If you watched Interstellar and didn’t fully understand its time dilation and loops complexities, the following timeline — made by Reddit user sto-ifics42 — explains it all clearly. Warning: Don’t continue if you haven’t watched Interstellar yet.

All The New Superhero Movies Coming Out From Now To 2020

ComicsAlliance has published a comprehensive future timeline of all the superhero movies that are slated to be released over the next six years. It’s a list of all the confirmed ones, too — it’s still missing “one or two movies” from Marvel in 2019, apparently — and of course dates may change — but this is pretty much a locked-down list of all the awesome movies that you’ll want to go and see for the next few years.

Snapchat Now Has A 24-Hour Self-Destruct Timeline

Snapchat’s unique selling point has always been the fact that images and videos could be shared with one other person before — poof! — they went up in smoke. But now the app is branching out to provide a 24-hour timeline to share with friends.

Learn The Complete History Of The Web With This Timeline

So how does this whole world wide web thing work? Cables, man. Websites, h tee tee pees and computers. And it’s all a pretty new thing, right? Well not quite, the history of the web is a lot longer than you’d expect.

The History Of The Photograph In A Facebook Timeline

What does a photograph mean to you today? Maybe an Instagram pic shot with your iPhone, or a Facebook group photo taken with a point-and-shoot, or perhaps a DSLR-taken, Flickr-uploaded portrait. But what was it before? Kodak? Polaroid? This Facebook Timeline shows you the life of a photograph, from its origins all the way to the present day.

Facebook Will Soon Change Your Profile To Timeline, Whether You Like It Or Not

Timeline, Facebook’s hypergraphical profile triumph, has been around for almost a year, Yet there are still people out there who are averse to the redesign. Tough pokes, says FaceBook: you’re getting switched before the year is over.

Facebook Is Telling Everyone All The Embarrassing Stuff You "Like"

Quick! Take a look at your Facebook profile. What do you “like”? Do you really like these things? Are you willing to PUT YOUR REPUTATION ON THE LINE just so you can affirm your affection for the Justin Bieber?

Watch Steve Jobs's Life In A Facebook Timeline

Someone built a Facebook timeline with the life of Steve Jobs. It’s quite nice to go through it and look at his life in this format, rather than having to suffer through Isaacson’s rushed out prose.

No Matter What Facebook Scammers Tell You, You're Stuck With Timeline FOREVER

So you switched over to Facebook’s new Timeline design and you don’t like it, huh? That’s too bad because you’ve entered into a covenant from which there is no escape. But for the less tech savvy, scammers have people believing there’s a way back to what you once knew.

Facebook Timeline Review: The Best Thing Facebook's Done

In The Social Network, Movie Mark Zuckerberg describes his project as the entire college social scene, put online. In a sense, he completely pulled it off. Now Real Zuck’s lept beyond beer pong: your entire existence, Facebook-ified. It’s terrifyingly amazing.