Good Night, Amsterdam

There is so much more to Amsterdam than weed at a cafe and the red light district. Check out this hyperlapse of Amsterdam and pretend that you’re biking around or going down the canal or just enjoying the quaint vibe of the lovely city.

California Is Such A Stunningly Gorgeous Place

Video: I’m biased because I grew up in California so it will always be home to me but I’ll always be a little jealous of people who aren’t from here, just for the opportunity to be able to see it for the first time with brand new eyes. It’s such a big state that there are so many different faces of beauty.

Good Morning, Hong Kong

Video: One of the coolest things about Hong Kong — one of the great cities of the world that feels a lot like living in the future, for better or worse — is the bustling city’s relationship with the picturesque nature that surrounds it. You get a glimpse of that in this video by Billy Boyd Cape.

Timelapse Shows How It Feels To Be Drunk At The Local Fair

We all know the deal: deep fried food, horrible music, rigged shooting games and cheap alcohol. But there is something about local fairs that makes them irresistible. This time-lapse shows what that thing is. A wonderful world of lights, colours and big moving objects that feels like a dream.

This Panoramic 4K Timelapse Of Dubai Airport Is Mesmerising

A busy airport at night is a beautiful thing to see in action. This video, though, takes that to a whole new level, showing a 360-degree timelapse panorama of Dubai International Airport in 4K. It is utterly, oddly compelling.

Time Lapse Of An Airport Makes Aeroplanes Look Like Shooting Stars

Video: Aside from going through security and lugging around your carry on and rushing to the gate and avoiding human swarms, aeroplanes are magical places. OK, maybe not. But there’s beauty in how they operate. Just watch this ballet of aeroplanes at Shanghai’s airport. It’s like seeing man made shooting stars.

New Microsoft Project Makes Shakey Timelapse Video Watchable

Trying to keep first-person video steady involves skill and the right equipment, but a new Microsoft Research project aims to help the everyday adventurer create hyperlapse creations that won’t induce unintentional nausea.

Fermenting Beer Time Lapse Shows One Beautiful Breathing Sludge Monster

Watching the fermentation process of beer is a lot like seeing a brown sludge monster grow in strength. It’s not pretty. But then you remember how delicious beer tastes and how wonderful it makes you feel and you forgive it for looking so unsightly. Or at least I did. I think this time lapse is beautiful.

Timelapse Shows Guy Transforming Into Character From Planet Of The Apes

Video: This timelapse video shows an amazing transformation from man to ape, as a musician is prepared for a concert in costume. The results are fantastic — but it is also impressive that the makeup artist only had limited experience and worked out how to do it “with a lot of Googling”.

What Building Google Cardboard From Scratch Looks Like

So you want Google Cardboard. It’s awesome! Except that you weren’t at I/O and you don’t want to have to wait for a kit from DODOcase. Luckily Google put the plans online so you build one yourself from scratch. Here’s what that process looks like.

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