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Librarians Find Time Capsule From 1962, Eat Food Inside For Some Reason

Regular readers of Gizmodo know I’m constantly on the hunt for interesting time capsules. But I draw the line at putting your life on the line for a good time capsule story. Especially if it involves something called a “survival biscuit”.

Century-Old Time Capsule Opened, Includes US 10-Cent Note

A time capsule sealed by a bank in 1916 was opened in Saratoga Springs, New York this week. And it has many of the things you’d expect — like some photos of the town, a letter from the president of the bank in 1916 and some old coins. But one artefact stuck out as peculiar to the onlookers of 2016: A US 10-cent note.

Time Capsule Mystery From 1938 Solved With The Help Of 93-Year-Old Man

Time capsules are usually pretty boring. And most people would probably call the latest time capsule that was unearthed in Ohio pretty dull. It contained just a single photo of a middle school class in 1938 and some lists of students. But for one 93-year-old man, that capsule is a reminder that life can be pretty OK sometimes.

Soggy Bags Of Smelly Garbage Unearthed, Helpfully Reminding Time Capsule Enthusiasts Of Their Own Mortality

“This is not a good commercial for Ziploc,” said one disgusted onlooker in Burke, South Dakota. And they weren’t wrong.

Whopping $50,000 Reward Offered For Lost 1970 Time Capsule

Have you seen this big metal tube from 1970? It’s a time capsule. And there’s a $50,000 reward for anybody who can find it.

This Kid Predicted What 2016 Would Be Like In 1996, And He Was Adorably Wrong

Back in 1996 a young boy wrote a letter for school with predictions about the year 2016. Christopher Janitz was just nine years old and little did he know his mother would save that letter and present it to him on his 29th birthday.

Where Is Penn And Teller's Missing Time Capsule (And What's With The Urinal Chunk They Found)? 

We love time capsules. But sometimes those thousands of capsules that people have created over the years get lost or stolen. Such is the case with a time capsule in Chicago that was buried by the comedian-magicians (comicians?) Penn and Teller.

The 10 Best Time Capsules Opened In 2015

Time capsules can be pretty boring. But time capsule nerds like me live for those rare capsules with something really cool inside. This year we saw time capsules filled with the weird, the rare, and the surprising. One thing that so many of 2015’s time capsules had in common: Lots of booze.

Dolly Parton Creates Time Capsule With New Song We Can't Hear Until 2046

Music legend Dolly Parton turns 70 next month. And to celebrate she’s creating a time capsule to be opened on her 100th birthday. The capsule will contain plenty of unique pieces, but the most interesting item is a new song — a song we won’t be able to hear until the year 2046.

81-Year-Old Time Capsule Discovered Inside Artillery Shell (But It's Missing Some Brandy)

People in Arlington, Washington, recently discovered an old artillery shell filled with treasures from 1934. But it seems someone beat them to it, sometime within the last eight decades. And whoever it was left a note: “Thank you for the brandy.”

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