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Virgin Buries Time Capsule In Most Awkward Ceremony Ever

Virgin broke ground on a new hotel in New York on Friday and, as a courtesy to future generations, they buried a time capsule. That’s the capsule on the far left, and Richard Branson kissing the shoe of Melissa Hill from the U.S. Department of Commerce on the right. Why is Sir Richard Branson kissing a Commerce Department official’s shoe? That part remains unclear.

Enormous Time Capsule Opened, Sucks

Yesterday we told you about the John F. Kennedy Peace Capsule that was being dug up and opened in Michigan after 50 years of sitting in the ground. And just as we feared, everything inside was a wet mess.

Enormous Time Capsule Will Be Opened In Michigan Today, Will Probably Suck

A gigantic time capsule from 1965 is going to be opened today in Bay City, Michigan. And locals have been speculating about what could be inside. Will it be filled with old movie cameras and classic records? Priceless gems and bars of gold? Probably not.

Whisky Discovered In 121-Year-Old Time Capsule, But Would You Drink It?

Construction crews in Scotland just discovered a time capsule from 1894 containing what they think is a bottle of whisky — leading the literally dozens of time capsules aficionados in the world to ask themselves the obvious question: Would I drink it?

Is This Time Capsule Filled With $1 Million And A Ghost Or Nah?

Does this mason jar contain a treasure map? Or maybe a million dollars? Or maybe even the ghost of a pirate that spent decades stalking the coast of Florida? No one knows for sure. All we do know is that a Florida woman recently found this old mason jar in a decaying tree trunk and now she’s selling it on eBay.

Australians Reunite Man With Message In A Bottle He Tossed Into The Sea In 1971

An Australian couple were holidaying in Scotland recently when they discovered a curious time capsule: A message in a bottle dated January 15, 1971. Amazingly, they were able to track down the teenager (now in his 50s) who first chucked it into the North Sea.

Shocking Photos Of The 'Time Capsule Mania' That's Sweeping Boston

I love time capsules. I’ve been researching them for nearly a decade. But even I know that time capsules are generally pretty boring. Which is why I found this recent headline about the re-sealing of the 1795 Paul Revere capsule in Boston so funny:

Time Capsule Teaches Valuable Lesson In Never Getting Your Hopes Up Ever

Time capsules can sometimes be pretty cool. But more often than not, they’re boring as shit.

Margaret Atwood Will Periscope Her Secret Time Capsule Book

Author Margaret Atwood’s new book is going in a time capsule. And you won’t be able to read it for nearly 100 years. But wait! There’s a consolation prize for us mere mortals who won’t be around in 2114! Atwood will be livestreaming the encapsuling ceremony on Periscope next week.

The Napa Earthquake Accidentally Unearthed A Time Capsule

If you’re going to put a bottle of wine in a time capsule, maybe don’t bother with a cheap rosé.

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