time capsule

No, That's Not The Oldest Message In A Bottle. This Is.

Recently a 101-year-old message in a bottle was found off the coast of Germany. The bottle was tossed into the Baltic Sea back in 1913 and was discovered this year by fishermen who then donated it to a local museum. Just about every news outlet is saying that it’s the oldest message in a bottle ever found. Except that it’s probably not.

The First Time Capsule Tearjerker Of 2014

Back in 1966 a woman in North Phoenix, Arizona, sealed a time capsule in the wall of her home. Betty Klug, then 33, didn’t tell her husband nor her two kids about the capsule. It remained a secret until contractors working on the home recently discovered the time-travelling treasure. Fair warning: If you’re not a robot, you should probably get some tissues handy.

This Week In Time Capsules: Florida Sends A Taser To 2064

This week we have an incredibly old glass capsule that was smashed open in London, a grunge-era capsule unearthed at a Washington McDonald’s, and a huge new capsule in Florida that may shock you.

This Week In Time Capsules: Teaching Kids About The Cruel March Of Time

This week in our round-up of time capsule news we have a 20-year-old McDonald’s capsule that only 90s kids will understand, a “time barrel” in Maine, and kids in the UK who learn that we eventually get old and die.

Watch This Man Have A Conversation With His 12-Year-Old Self

In 1992, Jeremiah McDonald, a 12-year-old kid with a dog named Molly (!!) and a thing for Dr. Who, recorded himself talking to the man he would become 20 years in the future. Well, thanks to maths and time, the future is now!

Time Capsule Upgraded; Airport, Macbook Air Refreshes Close?

There’s been a lot of speculation about all three of these products, but Apple is putting some of them to rest by making with the upgrades. That’s right; Apple finally bumped Time Capsule to 3TB. How much longer until cheaper Airport Extremes and Sandy Bridges MBAs?

Apple Delaying Hardware Refreshes Until Lion Release

AppleInsider reports that Apple executives are so stoked on Lion that they’re delaying the release of the much anticipated MacBook Air refresh (as well as others like Time Capsule, Mac Mini and Cinema Display) until the Lion is unleashed. [AppleInsider]

New Time Capsules, Airport Extremes Spotted In Code Again

WWDC may’ve left us wanting for some new Airport Extremes and Time Capsules, but according to code that 9to5Mac dug up in the latest AirPort Utility update, new models are coming at some point.

iCloud Might Turn Time Capsule Into Your Own Personal Cloud

Cult of Mac is reporting through a source that iCloud, Apple’s big and bright foray into the cloud, is going to be handled by your Time Capsule backer upper, putting the service directly in your home.

Will Time Capsule Pack An A4/A5 Processor And Run iOS?

It’s been rumoured that an updated Time Capsule model will cache and distribute downloads from the app store. Now sources tell Ars Technica that Time Capsule will have an A4 or A5 processor and run iOS, like AppleTV. [Ars Technica]