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Why Apple Doesn't Need To Sell iPhones Anymore

Apple reported record-breaking quarterly earnings today, but — for the first time ever — the company also projected a decline in iPhone sales. Not that any of that really matters. The future of Apple is secure, thanks to a little help from a higher power.

Apple Formally Objects To The UK's Investigatory Powers Bill

Apple has spoken out officially in objection to a proposed UK bill that seeks to change the investigatory powers of the British government.

US Senator Accuses Tim Cook Of Omitting Facts About Encryption By Omitting Facts About Encryption

Apple CEO and modestly-sized slice of multigrain toast Tim Cook went on 60 Minutes last night. His appearance lacked big, buzzy announcements, but Cook received a strong reaction from US Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), who claims Apple will soon be a go-to company for child pornographers if it doesn’t change its encryption.

Apple's Foreign Workers, Tax Record And Idealism Get The 60 Minutes Treatment

In the episode of the American 60 Minutes that aired yesterday, host Charlie Rose took a long and detailed look at America’s most valuable company, from the overly complicated job interviews, to labour conditions and the CEO’s sexual orientation.

Tim Cook, Siri, And Satya Nadella Want To Say 'Hi' To Those With Cerebral Palsy

Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to show you how easy it is to start a conversation with someone with a disability. So easy, in fact, you can just ask Siri.

Spoiler: The answer is somewhere along the lines of “Hi”.

The New Apple TV Is Coming Next Week

We knew Apple’s new TV set-top box would be coming soon, but now we’ve got a date.

Tim Cook Explains How He Decided To Come Out On The Late Show 

Tim Cook appeared on Stephen Colbert’s new Late Show last night, and Colbert roasted Apple’s CEO with his usual charm.

Tim Cook's $US700,000 Security Spending Is Small Compared To Other Major CEOs

The Apple nerd community is buzzing about how much the company pays for Tim Cook’s security. $US700,000 to protect just one guy! The thing no one seems to be mentioning? Other tech companies spend a lot more on CEO security.

Here Are The Only Six Women Apple Has Ever Put On Stage

Diversity in tech is a widespread problem, and Apple is actually going to address it today. In an interview with Mashable, Tim Cook admitted that Apple needs more diversity — and hinted that today’s keynote at WWDC will feature at least one woman. Which would make this the seventh woman ever to be on the Apple stage.

A Few Choice Excerpts From Tim Cook's Commencement Speech

Apple’s CEOs are fascinating: Where Steve Jobs cultivated a shrewd genius persona, Tim Cook’s journey to Apple’s upper echelon is equally inspiring. In his George Washington commencement speech on the weekend, Cook shared some details about that journey — and threw in an iPhone joke or two.

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