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Apple CEO Very Insistent Everything Is Fine

In the last quarter, Apple’s money-printing machine slowed slightly, recording the company’s first decrease in revenue in 13 years. But in an interview with CNBC, CEO Tim Cook was very insistent that it’s still smooth sailing.

Five Things To Know About Apple's Event Today

Apple had an event today, and if you were anywhere near the internet, you most likely saw some of the digital commotion wrought by the company’s live-reading of a press release.

Even Tim Cook's Old High School Has Stopped Giving Its Students MacBooks

Tim Cook is a graduate of Robertsdale High School in Robertsdale, Alabama. Until last month, it and other schools in the area provided MacBooks for teachers and students in grades three through 12; younger kids were given iPads. Recently, however, the district decided to stop giving its students the merchandise of its most famous alumna. It plans to replace them with Lenovo Chromebooks.

Tim Cook And Elon Musk Reportedly Holed Up With Senior Republicans To Stop Trump

Most of us can do little more than grumble about Donald Trump. But according to Huffington Post, the world’s tech elite have joined billionaires and senior Republicans at a secretive meeting to “stop [the] Republican front-runner”.

Death, Cancer, Forced Labour: A Celebration Of Apple's Deranged Metaphors 

A journalist conscripted into writing propaganda. A sad pharmacist compelled to make drugs used in lethal injections. A doctor FORCED TO GIVE SOMEONE CANCER.

Tim Cook: An iPhone Master Key Would Be The 'Software Equivalent Of Cancer'

Apple CEO Tim Cook told ABC World News Tonight‘s David Muir that he remains opposed to giving the FBI a skeleton key that would allow it to break into one of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhones.

Mark Zuckerberg Is On Apple's Side Even Though Most Americans Are Not

Facebook is the latest tech giant to join Apple’s battle against the FBI. Speaking at the Mobile World Congress today in Barcelona, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he supports Apple’s decision not to provide back-door access for the government to crack the iPhone of a suspected terrorist.

Tim Cook Wants A Government Commission To Settle The War Over iPhone Encryption

Apple charged out of the weekend ready to wage war with the FBI over a court order to unlock a terrorist’s iPhone. In a memo to staff, Tim Cook proposed the formation of a government commission to settle the matter. The feds, for their part, show no clear signs of backing down from the order.

Apple Reveals Hill

Apple released details about its newest product today in Vogue, almost a month before the Apple event rumoured for March 15. Although this reveal was a departure from the company’s standard keynote unveils, the choice to announce the new product in the pages of Vogue certainly fits with its growing shift towards high fashion.

Google CEO Finally Chimes In On FBI Encryption Case, Says He Agrees With Apple

After Tim Cook’s eloquent letter explaining why Apple wouldn’t help the FBI get encrypted data from the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, the internet looked to Google to take a similar stand. Now Google CEO Sundar Pichai has posted five tweets that seem to show he agrees with Cook.

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