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The Web's Creator Now Wants To Fix It

The web is a little messed up right now. Governments are spying on civilians, some block specific websites and companies like Amazon have a stranglehold on the cloud services business. But what if we could create a decentralised web, with more privacy, less government control and less corporate influence?

Happy 25th Birthday To The Embattled World Wide Web

How do you sing happy birthday to a computer? Or, more specifically, how do you sing happy birthday to a system of hyperlinked files accessible, by the internet, that live inside your computer (and phone, and tablet, and so on)? It is, after all, the World Wide Web’s 25th birthday.

Tim Berners-Lee: We Need An Online Magna Carta

Daddy of the internet Tim Berners-Lee has spoken out in an attempt to enshrine the independence of the world wide web, telling The Guardian that he believes we need an online Magna Carta to protect the rights of its users worldwide.

Tim Berners-Lee: Surveillance Threatens The Future Of Democracy

The NSA revelations and general feeling of threat that comes from the knowledge our communications are being watched is worrying Tim Berners-Lee, so much so that he’s calling for “bold steps” to be taken to ensure our privacy and right to freedom of expression make it through this era of intense monitoring and paranoia.

This Is The First Website Ever -- Rebooted

Once upon a time, Tim Berners-Lee took the concept of Hypercard and turned it into a world of networked pages. Then there was the first website ever — a boring but clean and well-lit place that started with the title “World Wide Web”.

Web Inventor Given Hero's Welcome At Olympics

Yesterday’s Olympic opening ceremony was a hallucinatory ode to western history, questionable British music, a giant baby, David Beckham’s body, and — amid the athletic sprawl — one of the greatest geeks of all time.

The World Wide Web Doesn't Revolve Around You, Music Industry

It’s always nice when family has your back. So it should come as a great relief to hear that Tim Berners-Lee, father of the internet, opposes recent controversial web freedom-limiting legislation such as SOPA and PIPA.

The First Ever Proposal For The Internet Was Judged 'Vague But Exciting'

Great ideas aren’t always recognised as such at first. But when Tim Berners-Lee submitted to his boss the first proposal for what would become the internet, everyone knew that something special was in the making.

US Courts Stop Landmark Patent Troll Attempt

Tim “I helped invent the Internet” Berners-Lee testified before a federal jury earlier this week, tearing into the validity of a key patent Eolas Technologies’ was exploiting to sue multiple web companies for $US600 million. He must have been persuasive because the court took mere hours to reach its decision.

The Web At 20: It Changed Everything

Happy Birthday, Interwebz! How far you’ve come. See, if the internet drew its first breath in the spring of 1969, it took its first steps toward its potential on August 6, 1991. Took awhile there. But it was this first step that was just the beginning.

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