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A Stormtrooper Bouquet Is An Even Better Way To Say 'I Love You'

Yesterday we mistakingly declared that a bouquet of tiny dinosaurs was the best Valentine’s Day gift — we were wrong. If you really want someone to know you love them, or you’re sorry, or you’re trying to rule the galaxy, it’s better said with a bouquet of assorted Star Wars characters.

A Fire-Breathing Dragon Scorching Gnomes Is The Only Garden Decor You Need

The appeal of decorating a garden with a bunch of ceramic gnomes is completely lost on us. But a fire-breathing dragon ferociously burninating a small gang of gnomes? No garden can have too many of those.

You Can Finally Buy That Light-up Wearable Mega Man Helmet

Back in July of last year Capcom teased a truly magnificent wearable Mega Man helmet replica. And while it made appearances at Comic-Con and other geeky events since then, ThinkGeek has finally added the prop to its online store so you can now do Mega Man cosplay right.

Maze Balls Are The Perfect Shape To Throw Across The Room In Frustration

It’s easier to dedicate yourself to solving a complex maze when in the back of your mind you know that should frustrations arise, you’ll be able to simply hurl it across the room for some instant stress relief. Shouldn’t all puzzles be as relaxing?

You'll Probably Buy These Justice League Paper Clips For Just The Batman One

The same way you really only buy sugary breakfast cereals for the smattering of marshmallows they include, this $US20 ($28) tin of Justice League paperclips is still worth every last penny even if you toss all but the ten Batman clips it comes with.

Beam Your Booze With Glowing Star Trek Transporter Pad Coasters

Have the folks at ThinkGeek finally figured out the technology needed to transport matter? Sadly, no. If they did, they probably wouldn’t have used that technology to make a set of Star Trek-themed coasters that look like the transporter pads used on the USS Enterprise.

Time Passes As An Ever-Changing Rainbow On This Chromatic LED Clock

ThinkGeek has made a very strong case to put a clock on your desk, even though everything from your smartphone to your laptop already has one built-in. It’s packed 60 colour-changing LEDs into a spinning rainbow that makes every gruelling conference call feel like a rave.

You Can Finally Drink From A Wookiee (Hooray?)

If you like the thought of picking tiny hairs and fibres out of your mouth after every sip of a refreshing beverage, then by all means this Chewbacca can koozie is right up your alley. The rest of us, however, will stick with the foam ones.

Collect Coins, Not Infinity Gems, With A Thanos Gauntlet Bank

Your goals might not be as ambitious as Thanos’ were when he collected all six of the Infinity Gems for his infamous Gauntlet. But who’s to say that saving your loose change for a pizza delivery one day isn’t as important to you as conquering the universe was to Thanos?

Forget Rings, These Life Meter Pins Glow Full When You're Near Your Loved One

If you and your partner prefer playing video games to long walks on the beach, this set of life meter pins is a far more appropriate way to show how much you care about each other. Because the closer you and the pins get, the more of the life-giving health hearts light up.

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