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This Drive-In Theatre Uses Junk Cars As Audience Seating

You might miss Empire Drive-In if you don’t know it’s there. This theatre looks like the average junkyard, full of old cars and salvaged wood. Yet on nights and weekends, it transforms into a one-of-a-kind movie theatre with a twist: The junked cars are the seats.

Dolby's New Atmos System Will Pipe 128 Channels Of Audio Bliss Into Cinemas

It will take a few years before the technology trickles down to home theatres, but at CinemaCon this year Dolby introduced a new surround sound system called Atmos that promises to create the illusion that sounds are coming from everywhere inside the theatre.

Malaysia Is The World Leader In Theatre Comfort Technology

The movie theatres in my neighbourhood offer sticky floors, the overpowering smell of stale popcorn and overpriced snacks. In Malaysia they offer uber-comfortable beanbag seating — a moviegoing innovation greater than talkies, air conditioning and cup holders.

8000 Pixel By 8000 Pixel Big-Ass Screen Coming To Chicago

The Adler Planetarium just renovated the Grainger Sky Theater with a big honking screen. The display will mimic being in space with a 8000 by 8000 pixel screen that’s supposed to deliver “the largest single seamless digital image in the world”. For reference, typical movie screens ‘only’ spit out 2000 by 4000 pixel images.

Gordon Brinkle's Secret Cinema

This was no hobby. The Shalimar Theater grew from a man’s love, his dedication to a dying art. In The Projectionist, we see not just life’s inherent frailty but also glimpse at the possibility of creation that transcends our mortality.

United States' First Megaplex Closing Before End Of Year

In 1995, the AMC Grand opened in Dallas. It had 24 screens and it changed the movie theatre industry: It was the United States’ first megaplex. Sadly, the theatre will close on November 30. [Dallas News]

Two People, One Theatre

One actor and one audience member will slip into this rather tiny theatre for a very private and intimate performance. I sincerely hope neither has gas.

The Seven IMAX Wonders of the World

Far from your local cineplex’s marginally enhanced “IMAX Experience,” these seven theatres are the best, the biggest, and the craziest thunderdomes IMAX has to offer.

Movie Theatre Popcorn, It Really Is That Expensive

Here you see a movie ticket and kernel popcorn, as scaled to their price increase over the past 80 years. On your left, 1929. On your right, 2009. Needless to say, things have changed.

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