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Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Will Next-Gen LTE Manage 30Gbps Speed? Theoretical, maybe, but there’s a gulf between theory peak and actual consistent speed.

Nokia And Microsoft Launch $24 Million App Development Center Finland, Finland Finland, a country where I’d quite like to be…

Stunning Battlestar Galactica: Blood And Chrome Trailer Leaks, TV Show Canned The Cylons got to it.

How Apple Plans To Define The Industry Standard In SIM Cards Tinier, even easier to lose SIM cards. But whose “standard” will win out?

Price Of Tech In Australia: What’s ‘Fair’, Anyway? Is there a balance between retailer margin and customer satisfaction?

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

New Apple TV UI Was Rejected By Steve Jobs Five Years Ago According To Former Engineer Coming soon — Newton v2?

NSW Cops Bust Truck Driver With TV On Dash That’s taking in-truck entertainment just a tad too far.

Check Out The ABC’s Facebook Page From 1956 Back when the Bananas were merely a twinkle in the banana frond’s eye…

Facebook Says: You Will Break Up On A Friday OK, but Facebook also thinks I was born in 1905 for some reason.

Australian Government Redacts Piracy Meeting Docs, Mocks Freedom Of Information Act Everything is great, says the Government. Especially black textas. They’re extra nice.

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Here’s How Windows 8 Will Create A Singular User Experience How do you get Metro looking pretty on so many devices?

Your Old Smart Cover Might Not Work With The New iPad Magnets. How do they work?

Photoshop CS6 Is The Best Photoshop Release In Recent Memory And you can test this theory out yourself.

Yamaha, Why Do We Need A Singing Keyboard? Anyone who’s heard me try to sing will know the answer.

Frozen Water Found In Scorching Hot 400C Mercury Hell Close to the Sun? Check. Incredibly hot? Check. Frozen water… wait, what?

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Thermal Images Show The New iPad Definitely Runs Hotter Feeling hot, hot, hot…

Scientists Are Making Healthier Hot Dogs With A Tasty Dollop Of Cellulose “Healthier” and “Hot Dogs” should never go in the same sentence.

Australia’s Biggest Scams (And How To Avoid Them) You mean this title deed to the Harbour Bridge isn’t legit?

Seagate’s New Hard Drive Has More Bits Than The Milky Way Has Stars Just remember; a larger hard drive has more data to fail when it fails. And it will.

Man Tries To Force Open Cockpit To Show Pilots His Laser Glasses My laser glasses. Let me show you them.

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Is Your New iPad Overheating? Free lap heating or uncomfortably hot?

Apple Will Spend $US45b To Pay Dividends And Buy Shares Back They didn’t go for my buy-everyone-a-chupa-chup plan, then.

Ads On Educational Apps Introduce Kids To Scientology, Guns, Casinos, Sex Probably not the education you were planning on giving them.

Kermit The Frog Is Not A Fan Of Twitter It’s hard enough being green without being trapped in 140 characters.

Destroying The New iPad With A Rifle Is Harder Than You Think Don’t try this at home, unless you like rather “stern” police visits.