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Which Supporting Character On The Simpsons Has Spoken The Most Words?

If you include the main cast, it’s fairly obvious who has the most lines: It’s Homer, by hundreds of thousand of words, followed by Marge, Bart and Lisa all bunched up pretty close together. But what if you just count the words spoken by the supporting cast from season one to 26? Which supporting character do you think has spoken the most lines on the show then? Is it Flanders? Moe? Krusty?

The Simpsons Parodies Adventure Time In Its Latest Couch Gag Opening

Video: One of the greatest animated series of all time pays homage to another cartoon that will undoubtedly also be fondly remembered for decades as The Simpsons recreates Adventure Time for its latest couch gag opening, airing before the first episode of season 28.

After Almost Three Decades, The Simpsons Is Finally Doing An Hour Long Episode

After 27 seasons and almost 600 episodes, you’d think The Simpsons had done everything. But in its upcoming 28th season, the iconic animated show is doing something for the first time ever: An episode that’s a full hour long.

Astronaut Homer Simpson Deserves A Place On Your Wall

While not everyone continues to watch The Simpsons into its 27th season, most people remember the old episodes. Classics like “Deep Space Homer,” which aired in season five, over 20 years ago. Today, artist Mark Englert has taken that memorable episode and turned it into a stunning poster.

Fun Video Shows The Simpsons' Stanley Kubrick Parodies With The Original Movie Scenes

Video: It’s really fun to see the genius eye of Stanley Kubrick get translated into the world of The Simpsons. Instead of the psychopaths in A Clockwork Orange, we get Homer, Moe and crew. Instead of the stillness of 2001: A Space Odyssey, we see the goofiness of Homer eating in zero gravity. Instead of the eeriness of The Shining, we get Homer… again.

That Excellent Simpsons Quote Search Engine Now Makes GIFs As Well

Frinkiac, the delightful timewaster that lets Simpsons fans search for their favourite quote and instantly find the matching screen cap, just got even better: now it lets you create GIFs, too. The world’s productivity just took a serious hit.

The Latest Simpsons Couch Gag Highlights Disney's Classic Animation

Video: The couch gag is a fun departure for the opening of The Simpsons, and the latest pays homage to Disney’s classic years, animated by Disney’s own Eric Goldberg.

The True Identities Of A Hundred Pop Culture Icons Revealed

Originality is difficult. Try to come up with an original concept and odds are, you’re just taking bits and pieces from your previous experiences to give something old a new spin. That’s the theme of Icons Unmasked, an amazing new art show by artist Alex Solis.

How The Best Rides At Universal Studios Work

Universal Studios is a bizarre theme park that welcomes over seven million people a year. Lately, the big draw is a sprawling replica of Harry Potter’s world, though it’s long been famous for making tourists feel like they’re characters in one of Universal’s many hit movies. The technology involved in these spectacles, however, has remained a mystery — until now.

I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life Watching 500 Simpsons Episodes At Once In VR

Video: Will the return of virtual reality be as big a flop as the return of 3D movies and TV was? Not when you can strap an Oculus Rift or a Google Cardboard to your face and watch 500 episodes of The Simpsons in a 360-degree VR experience. It’s not every last episode of the show to ever air, but odds are your favourite is in there somewhere.

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