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Devastated Family Loses Everything They'd Saved On Their DVR

The Talbott family has suffered a tragic loss. Everything the family had saved for years, all of it disappeared in an instant. Now as The Onion reports, they set to the task of rebuilding their lives after the huge setback of a crashed DVR.

The Onion's Useless App Pitch Is Perfect

The Onion’s TED talk parodies return with the reveal of a remarkable new app called PicSong that turns your countless photos into music — for anyone who might want to do that for some reason.

The Onion Explains Where All 'The Teens' Leaving Facebook Are Going

The wonderful thing about internet communities is that it’s very hard to artificially build them, but they arise organically in the strangest ways. And sometimes The Teens, those rapscallions, find the strangest places to commune online.

The Xbox One's Real Magic Is Using Voice Commands To Control You

The Xbox One boasts a lengthy feature list that Microsoft hopes will entice gamers over to its side of the console war for the next few years. But as The Onion points out, none are as impressive as the next-gen console’s innovative voice commands that make it easier than ever for the hardware to control its users.

The Onion's Print Edition Is No More

The Onion is ceasing publication of its print edition. It was only distributing the actual paper in Chicago, Providence and Milwaukee, and those cities will see their last version of the Onion on December 12.

Onion: Samsung's New Smartphone Has Highly Disruptive Features

There’s nothing the new Samsung Apex can’t do. Seriously, smartphones these days are just full-service products. The Onion’s take on smartphone market one-upsmanship obviously takes things to an unhinged level. But at least Samsung wouldn’t be stepping on anybody’s patent. We think.

How To Make A Website Fart Whenever Someone Scrolls. Yes, Really.

It’s been a tough week for The Onion — it was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army — but it really knocked this one home. Fart Scroll. Code to make your website fart.

How The Onion Was Hacked By The Syrian Electronic Army

It was tough to tell for sure if The Onion really had been hacked earlier this week or if it was all just a joke. Now the website has explained exactly how its Twitter account was compromised by the Syrian Electronic Army.

The Onion Explains Exactly How Much Your Social Media Cred Is Worth

With some characteristically sharp little jabs, The Onion makes it clear exactly how much all your online friends are worth with this great little clip. And still, I have to admit I’m a little jealous of Wasserman’s follower count. I mean, damn.

The Onion: Apple's New iPhone Comes With A Pre-Cracked Screen

Apple is really targeting a niche market with its newest device — an iPhone geared towards college/university girls that comes with an already shattered screen. I mean, they’re going to crack it at some point, so why not just get it out of the way?