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Jony Ive's Lightsaber And Other Stories From Inside Apple's Design Lab

Apple gave The New Yorker‘s Ian Parker unprecedented access to the company’s design lab this year, and what resulted was a fascinating and bizarre look at arguably the most influential designer of our age — whose reach even extends to the new Star Wars.

David Sedaris Really, Really Loves His Fitbit

Who better than everyone’s favourite manic pixie hyperbolic memoirist, David Sedaris, to write about the agony and the ecstasy of Fitbit ownership? No one, considering how well his latest essay in The New Yorker reads as a love note.

All Together Now: Chris Ware Nails It With This New Yorker Cover

All Together Now” is Chris Ware’s latest cover for The New Yorker, and it offers, yet again, a pretty pitch-perfect perspective on our collective obsession with handheld tech; four years on, and we’re still seeing the world through our screens. You can read more from Ware about the latest cover here. [The New Yorker]

How The New Yorker Redesigned For The First Time In 13 Years

In its first major redesign since 2000, The New Yorker has revitalised its brand: gently updating its layout, redrawing its 88-year-old typeface, and recruiting a contemporary typeface to solve today’s design problems. But don’t worry — Eustace Tilly is not about to go all Gap logo on you.

Here's A Magazine Cover Made With Nothing But Emoji

When you think of the New Yorker, chances are that legions of emoji aren’t the first thing that come to mind. They will be after you’ve seen this full rendition of the magazine’s entire cover composed of nothing but.

These Nipples Got The New Yorker Banned From Facebook

When Justin Timberlake ripped off part of Janet Jackson’s top at the end of the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII, thus exposing her nipple, old ladies fainted, and the US regulator, the FCC, smote CBS for its moral failure. But there’s a new Nipplegate in town, and this time the transgressor is the smut rag known as the New Yorker, whose Facebook page was briefly banned when a cartoon showed a teeny tiny profane pair of uncensored nipples.

The New Yorker Magazine: The Old Faithful Mag Lands On The iPhone

The New Yorker has been on the iPad since 2010, and now the same publication you know and love is available on the iPhone.

Ugh, The New Yorker Is Going To Tweet An Entire 8500-Word Story

Because it apparently has nothing better to do, The New Yorker will tweet the entirety of an 8500-word short story from the @NYerFiction account. Written by Jennifer Egan, the author of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner, A Visit From the Goon Squad, the piece will be posted over the span of 10 nights, starting tonight, with one tweet added per minute between 8pm and 9pm Eastern (10am and 11am AEST).

Jason Schwartzman's Surreal Stroll Through The New Yorker iPad App

The New Yorker magazine finally has an app to call its own. And what better way to get to know it than this sublimely bizarre introductory video rom the star of Rushmore and Francis Ford Coppola’s son?

Condé Nast's iPad Magazines Launching This Month

Every man and his dog is aware that Condé Nast has been working on iPad magazine apps for their popular titles such as Wired and GQ, but apparently we’ll see GQ‘s April issue available (presumably) this month.

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