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Tesla's Powerwall And Solar Panels Can Save You Money, But Only In Very Specific Circumstances

Thanks to Natural Solar and the Pfitzner family, we now have real-world usage figures from a solar panel setup and Powerwall combination system. While promising, the announcement was a little light on in details, so we got a hold of the full figures and did a number crunching analysis of the results. So is the setup worth it?

Tesla Australia Turned Its Melbourne Service Centre Into A Drive-In Theatre

Buying your way into the exclusive Tesla owner’s club in Australia gets you a ticket to some pretty cool events — albeit at a pretty significant six-figure price tag. After a social drive day from Sydney to the historic Hydro Majestic in the Blue Mountains and a Victorian meet at a petrol station without petrol, a third Aussie event was a movie screening at the company’s Melbourne showroom — a drive-in movie.

This Aussie Family Pays 59 Cents A Day For Power Thanks To The Tesla Powerwall

The Pfitzner family have received their first quarterly energy bill since Natural Solar installed their Tesla Powerwall and solar system in January 2016, with the price for their power plummeting from $660, to a mere $40.46 in energy charges.

That’s a payback period of an extraordinary 6-7 years on the system.

Elon Musk's Secret Plan Will Take Tesla Into Places Electric Car Makers Don't Go

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unveiled a new master plan for his company in a blog post titled “Master plan, Part Deux.”

Elon Musk Unveils Master Plan, Hints At Trucks And Car-Sharing Network

Elon Musk has released his second master plan for his electric car company Tesla, and he has some pretty ambitious goals.

The Tesla Model X Will Cost The Same As Model S In Australia

In Australia, Tesla’s four-door, all-electric Model S luxury sedan starts at a hair over $100,000. The dual-motor all-wheel-drive version is $7500 more, coming in at a $108,300 sticker price before on-road costs like the Luxury Car Tax. The newer, larger, even more technology-packed Model X has just had its starting Australian price announced, and it’s only a few thousand dollars more expensive. The starting price of the Model X in Australia will be $111,900, only 3 per cent more expensive than the equivalent-spec Model S.

Mercedes-Benz Will Take On Tesla With An Electric Sport Car

The unstoppable Tesla juggernaut born from the electric vision of Elon Musk will soon have to compete with the world’s most formidable automaker, Mercedes-Benz.

Elon Musk Teases A Secret Tesla 'Master Plan'

The buss hasn’t entirely died from that fatal Tesla crash in May 2015, or the one that happened this week, but Elon Musk is already looking ahead.

Here's Where Tesla's Electric Road Trip Will Stop In Australia

If you’re going to market a car, why not do so by, well, driving the darn thing? It appears Tesla’s salespeople have clicked onto this amazing concept and as such, the company will drive a Model S up Australia’s east coast for what it’s dubbed the “Electric Road Trip”.

Yet Another Tesla Crash Blamed On Autopilot Mode

Another Tesla vehicle crashed while operating in Autopilot mode, according to the car’s driver. The latest crash occurred on July 1, just two days after US regulators announced that they were investigating the first fatality in a wreck involving a car in self-driving mode.

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