Tomorrow's Battery Technologies That Could Power Your Home

The recent announcement by Tesla of Powerwall, its new lithium-ion (Li-ion) based residential battery storage system, has caused quite a stir. It even raises the possibility of going off-the-grid, relying upon solar panels to generate electricity, and storing it with their own battery and using it on demand.

Yet the lithium-ion technology used by Tesla isn’t the only one on offer.

Sorry Tesla, Electric Cars Of The Future Will Be More Like Golf Carts

Contrary to what the news cycle pounds into our brains, the electric car conversation does not begin and end with Elon Musk. There’s a more affordable and more relevant urban mobility solution than Tesla. I’m talking about the humble golf cart, which is already well on its way to ruling the world.

Seductive Design: 5 Future Concepts We Love

This is it, you guys. We are in the future. And while we might not have hoverboards (thanks for getting our hopes up, Tony Hawk, you jerk) there is a lot to be excited about. These are the concepts that keep us believing.

The Beginning Of The End For Fossil Fuels

While wind and solar power have made great strides in recent years, with renewables now accounting for 22% of electric energy generated, the issue that has held them back has been their transience. The sun doesn’t shine at night and the wind doesn’t blow year-round — these are the mantras of all those opposed to the progress of renewables.

5 Bizarre Quotes That Prove Elon Musk Is Probably A Genius

When everyone — including you — jokes that you have a secret volcano lair, it’s probably more than likely some other off-colour remarks might find their way out of your mouth. A new book about Elon Musk contains at least two dozen such statements. If even a third of these are true, he’s probably even smarter than we thought.

The Winners And Losers In Tesla's Home Battery Plan

Tesla’s plans to use its new battery storage system to power homes will provide households with more opportunities to reduce bills. But it will also cause headaches for the electricity distribution companies.

Tesla's Gigafactory Isn't Big Enough For Its Battery Orders

As Elon Musk revealed in an earnings call earlier this week, heaps of people preordered Tesla’s new batteries — over 50,000 Powerwall units were reserved. Now some interesting maths, courtesy of Bloomberg: The 465,000 square metre Gigafactory planned outside of Reno probably isn’t big enough to make them all.

Tesla Battery Economics: On The Path To Disruption

Elon Musk announced Tesla’s home / business battery last week. tl;dr: It will get enthusiastic early adopters to buy. The economics are almostthere to make it cost effective for a wide market. And within just a few years, it almost certainly will be cheap enough to be cost effective for a broad market. Not a complete game changer today, but a shot fired in an incredible energy storage disruption.

How The Tesla Battery Will Benefit Marijuana Growers

A medium-sized commercial weed grow with around 50 lights stands to save about $US13,500 in electricity costs a year with the use of two Tesla Batteries. Those will also protect the plants in case of power outages while making the operation less visible to law enforcement. Elon Musk just made growing weed easier.

The Information Age Is Over. Welcome To The Infrastructure Age.

Nobody wants to say it outright, but the Apple Watch sucks. So do most smartwatches. Every time I use my beautiful Moto 360, its lack of functionality makes me despair. But the problem isn’t our gadgets. It’s that the future of consumer tech isn’t going to come from information devices. It’s going to come from infrastructure.

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