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Over the weekend, a California-based South Korean celebrity named Ji Chang Son filed a lawsuit against Tesla, which alleged his Model X spontaneously accelerated as he was parking it into his garage, ramming through his living room, and injuring him as well as his son, who was in the car with him.

In a email to Gizmodo, a Tesla spokesperson claimed that before Son filed the suit — which seeks class action status — he "threatened to use his celebrity status in Korea to hurt Tesla" unless the company "agreed to make a financial payment and acknowledge that the vehicle accelerated on its own."


It's common courtesy to move one's car from the petrol pump to a parking spot if you're going to spend more than a few minutes inside a servo, but that kind of courtesy doesn't seem to have carried over to Tesla's brand of electric automotives. As such, the company has just introduced an "idle" fee to its Supercharger stations, which means drivers who overstay their welcome will be financially pinged for it.


Some of technology's most prominent leaders and CEOs have made the pilgrimage from the Tesla-lined streets of Silicon Valley to the slightly more civilised New York City to attend President Donald J. Trump's tech summit.


The island of Ta'u in American Samoa is home to around 600 people. Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, the island relied until recently on diesel generators for energy production — which meant that not only did the generators produce pollution as a byproduct, but the diesel itself had to be shipped in at a rate of around 300 gallons per day. SolarCity, a company just acquired by Tesla, took a year to set up the island with a bank of solar panels and Tesla Powerpack industrial-grade battery energy storage that means Ta'u now runs almost entirely off the sun.


I totally believe that in 10 years time self-driving cars will be as normalised as cruise control, but right now I imagine stepping into a Tesla, pressing the self-drive button and fully shitting myself for the first ten minutes of the drive.

This video doesn't help.


Tesla's east coast Supercharger network will soon get you and your $100,000-plus electric supercar from Brisbane to Adelaide. Construction has started on two new locations in northern NSW that will extend the fast-charging range of Tesla's Model S and Model X north to Brisbane, and a station between Melbourne and Adelaide will keep South Australian owners (like Simon Hackett) happy.