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Elon Musk Blasts Critical Coverage Of Self-Driving Cars: 'You're Killing People'

During a conference call announcing that all Tesla vehicles will now have self-driving hardware, Elon Musk slammed the media on Wednesday for its close coverage of autonomous vehicle accidents, blaming journalists for any deaths involving conventional cars that may occur as a result.

All Tesla Cars Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware

Tesla just dropped more info on its upcoming Model 3 electric car — y’know, the one we can all afford. It, along with Tesla’s current cars, are now being built with the hardware to make full self-driving autonomy possible.

Simon Hackett Is Investing In A Tesla Limo Service

Australia’s chief geek, Simon Hackett, has already made companies like Internode happen. He’s also chairman of one of Australia’s most exciting energy startups, Redflow. And, being a big fan of Tesla, it’s no real surprise that he’s just invested in Sydney-based Tesla chauffeur service Evoke.

Apple's Electric Car Is As Good As Dead

You won’t be driving a car with that distinctive white chomped-apple logo on the front of it any time soon, it seems. Apple’s widely-rumoured electric car project has had the brakes put on it both from the inside and the outside, with the tech giant apparently having problems securing deals with automotive parts suppliers to actually, y’know, put a car together.

Watch A Tesla Brake Automatically When The Car Ahead Of The Car Ahead Of It Brakes

Video: Tesla’s new Autopilot software is smart. It was already pretty smart, but the latest version 8.0 upgrade makes it even better. The car’s radar can now see past — around and below — the car in front of you, to detect what’s happening with the car in front of it.

Tesla Has An 'Unexpected' Product Launch Next Week

Unexpected by most. That’s the term that Tesla boss and potential future Martian warlord Elon Musk has used to refer to an upcoming product launch planned for next week. What could it be?

Tesla Is Coming To New Zealand

New Zealand Tesla fans rejoice — due to “overwhelming demand” as of November you’ll be able to order yourself a Model S to cruise around in, or a Powerwall for your home.

Dutch Companies Create Tesla Hearse So Your Loved Ones Can Die In Style

Yesterday, Elon Musk warned us that his grand vision to send humans to Mars wouldn’t be without danger — in fact, he said, “The probability of death is quite high on the first mission.” Now, with what can only be described as perfect timing (or great marketing), two Dutch companies are claiming they have created a hearse out of a Tesla Model S.

Elon Musk Is Always Late

Elon Musk, innovation bad boy and guy who recently blew up Mark Zuckerberg’s expensive satellite, is always late. Today, he was 25 minutes late to his own event about colonising Mars. Nice going!

Uber's Self-Driving Car Passengers Were Signing Their Lives Away

Uber’s fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh are super exciting for anyone interested in the future of transportation — but they could come at a huge risk for passengers riding in the vehicles.

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