The Tesla Model S Is Being Tested And Rubber-Stamped In Australia Right Now

The countdown to the Tesla Model S being released in Australia is excruciating. It’s not far off, though — we’ve had it confirmed by a few sources that a single Model S is in Australia at the moment, and it’s undergoing official certification for local sales.

Tesla's Model S Lock Can Be Easily Hacked

Tesla’s Model S is supposed to be the safest car on the road — at least where the physical realm is concerned. But apparently, the crazy expensive car’s six-character password is vulnerable to some pretty basic hacking techniques, leaving you and your car’s data at the mercy of a tech-savvy stranger.

Tesla Motors' Affordable Electric Car Is Only A Year Away

Tesla Motors has what might just be the world’s best car in the Model S, and a more versatile version of that chassis in the Model X, but it doesn’t have a car for the masses. That particular vehicle might be closer than we first thought, with an early 2015 unveiling apparently possible.

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Watch A Large Ship Getting Deformed From The Inside In A Heavy Storm This container ship bends as it gets hit by waves.

Can You Outrun A Speed Camera? Science Says Yes Achieve one-fifth of the speed of light — that’s only about 192,107,007km/h — and you won’t get that ticket.

This Gorgeous Timelapse of Shanghai Captures The City Perfectly Take a moment out of your morning to relax; this vivid LED-lit timelapse of the largest city in the world is stunning.

Roku Streaming Stick Review: A $US50 Wonder And Your TV’s New Best Pal I wonder if these will ever be released in Australia? I have one and love it.

Concrete Is No Match For Underbody Shields Of The Tesla Model S The tank-like Tesla Model S is now even stronger, thanks to a military-grade skid plate.

Concrete Is No Match For Underbody Shields Of The Tesla Model S

While the chassis of your car protects most of its delicate bits (and its occupants) from harm, there’s very little to stop an object from messing up the underside. This proved an unacceptable situation for the folks over at automotive company Tesla, so they decided the best course of action was to arm the Model S with not one, but three layers of belly protection.

Tesla Aggressively Defending Its Entry Into China With 'Cheap' Model S

Tesla has promised to build a massive Supercharger network across China, and it’s introducing the fabled Model S to the People’s Republic at the same time. Amidst its entry to the massive market, Tesla has gone on the front foot to aggressively defend the price tag on its luxury electric car.

How The Downtown Project Is Solving Vegas' Urban Problems In-House

When I meet Josh Westerholt at the offices of Project 100, the Las Vegas urban mobility startup that’s funded by the Downtown Project, we decide it would probably make sense to head out into downtown Vegas to tour their project area in person. From the other room, his co-worker has an even better idea: “Take the Tesla.”

The Truth About Nikola Tesla Is That There Are Two Versions Of Him

Because we live on the Internet and we’re supposed to love certain things like bacon and cats and net neutrality, we almost unanimously bow in adoration towards one Nikola Tesla. Anybody who thinks anything different is yelled at with all caps for being anti-science, anti-electricity and anti-life. But the truth is, the Tesla of the Internet’s memory is clearly different than the real Tesla. So much so that you can consider Tesla as two Teslas.

Watch The Tesla Model S Smoke The Aston Martin Rapide S

The Tesla Model S is a pretty special car that hides a very compelling secret. Underneath the demure, unassuming exterior beats the heart of a serious speedster. Check out this video of a Tesla Model S taking the new Aston Martin Rapide S to task.

Tesla Model S Crashes Into Electric Pole And Causes Blackout

Stop me if you heard this before, but an electric car and an electric pole walk into a bar… OK, seriously. This is one of those ridiculous local news stories that are too perfect to be true but actually are. A Tesla Model S crashed into a utility pole in Tennessee and caused a local blackout.