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Here's A Much Closer Look At Syfy's New Alien Terrorist Show, Hunters

Syfy’s been on a roll lately with the book adaptations — especially The Expanse. Next month, the cable channel is rolling out a TV show based on Whitley Strieber’s Alien Hunter books, called Hunters. And here’s a much closer look, thanks to some exclusive high-res photos.

The Latest Crack Counter-Terror Team Comes From...Facebook?

The War On Terror™ continues apace, with dedicated agencies hunting all threats both foreign and domestic. The Wall Street Journal has a new look inside one unlikely group: Facebook.

Tim Cook: An iPhone Master Key Would Be The 'Software Equivalent Of Cancer'

Apple CEO Tim Cook told ABC World News Tonight‘s David Muir that he remains opposed to giving the FBI a skeleton key that would allow it to break into one of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhones.

Twitter Says It's Shut Down 125,000 Terrorist Accounts Since May

Extremist terrorist groups use social media to rally support around the world, using sites like Twitter to mobilize sympathizers into possible plots. But in a blog post earlier this month, Twitter says that kind of behaviour flagrantly violates its terms of service, and reports that it’s suspended tens of thousands of primarily pro-ISIS accounts since May.

Animated Map Shows The Spread Of ISIS In The Past Few Years

Video: The Islamic State, or ISIS or ISIL, has quickly risen to power in the regions of Iraq and Syria in the past few years. This map by Peter Ridilla tracks the groups’ spread across the region. The Islamic State is shown in red against the rest of the region, what started off in just a few areas a few years ago has now crossed multiple borders, multiplied itself, and grown terrifyingly fast in recent months.

The British Are Coming (For Google And Facebook Data On American Servers)

The US and UK are currently holding secret meetings with the hopes of making it easier for police and spy agencies to access emails and other electronic data held by private companies on both sides of the Atlantic, the Washington Post reports.

Is This Vigilante Group Fighting ISIS Or Just Feeding The Media A Fat Load Of Crap? 

In the past few months, dozens of media outlets reported on a disturbing secret app being used by ISIS members to exchange secure messages. The media reports were based on one another, as well as the word of a volunteer hacking collective called Ghost Security Group (GSG). Another story has also made the rounds recently: That this same group, GSG, found information and used it to stop a mass terrorist attack. These are compelling, terrifying stories — and they’re both stories with many holes, from a strange and unverifiable source.

Twitter Clarifies Guidelines About Banned Content, Touches Doxxing, Revenge Porn And Self-Harm

The social media website has updated its official rules relating to online abuse and what materials can be posted on its network, by broadly outlining a range of impermissible behaviours and transmissions.

Teen Arrested For Using 57 Twitter Accounts To Recruit For ISIS From His Parents' House

A 19-year-old US citizen was arrested in Pennsylvania today for using the internet to recruit for ISIS. From within his parents’ house, Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz created a stockpile of weapons and spent his days chatting about buying women as slaves and killing US soliders, using Twitter handles like @MuslimBruh0.

The DHS Has Vague Plans To Find Terrorists On Facebook

The Department of Homeland Security is planning to look more closely at visa applicants’ social media footprints before letting them into the country.

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