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Facebook Clarified Its Policies. Now How About Fixing Them?

Facebook recently updated its community standards. As the company noted in the announcement accompanying the change, their “policies and standards themselves are not changing,” but that they wanted to provide more clarity to a set of existing rules that have often been misunderstood by users.

Clickhole Congratulates You On Your Terms Of Service Speed-Reading

How many times have you clicked “Agree” to the thousands upon thousands of words in iTunes terms of service agreements after just a few seconds? Twenty times? Fifty? Man — that is some world class speed-reading.

Track The Sneaky TOS Changes On Your Favourite Sites

When Instagram announced its updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy back in December, the internet went into a tizzy in large measure because people didn’t really understand what was going on. Now, there’s a watchdog service that tracks the changes of many of the most popular online services so that we’re armed with real evidence when we freak out.

There's Now A Class-Action Lawsuit Against Instagram

Because it’s the holidays, and people will sue anything, and everything is horrible, a California Instagram user has filed a class action lawsuit over that terms of service kerfuffle last week. Needless to say, this is dumb.

Instagram Is Going Back To The Old Terms Of Service

Instagram has just announced that it’ll be reverting back to the original Terms of Service that has been in place since 2010. Which basically means they’ve abandoned the whole mess they created because they saw how pissed off everyone was. Good thing!

Microsoft's New Terms Of Service Are Easy To Read, But Demand New Permissions

With a new logo, a new operating system and new phones on the way, Microsoft is barrelling into the future. Presumably, that’s why it spruced up its Services Agreement. The new version is remarkably readable, but it also sneaks in new permissions.

How Will Google's New Privacy Policy Affect You?

If you were hanging around the internet yesterday afternoon, you probably noticed some hubbub around Google’s new, unified Terms of Service Agreement. Let’s step back from the emotion (and one writer’s opinion), and take a cool-headed, analytical look at what the new policies might actually mean for you:

Could Qwikster Make Mad Bank With His Twitter Handle?

Sunday night’s announcement from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings that the company was to be split in two was a bombshell that quickly became a joke. According to Reed, Netflix will continue to stream content, while a new company called Qwikster would handle DVD distribution. Unfortunately Netflix/Qwikster haven’t acquired the Qwikster Twitter handle from weed-smoking gangstaz, Jason Castillo.

Facebook Terms Of Service Deciphered For Dudes

Facebook’s constantly evolving Terms of Service are too long and complex for most people to be bothered to read. So the dudes at Slacktory re-wrote the entire thing in bro-speak, yo. You can, like, understand it and stuff now.

AT&T's Lame New Terms of Service Hate Mobile Video From Sling and P2P

That AT&T’s new terms of service for wireless frowns on snagging video over P2P isn’t surprising, but the fact that it effectively prohibits Slinging video to phones is mildly shocking and definitely lame.

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