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Optus Remains Fastest Netflix ISP, Telstra The Worst

How does your ISP stack up against the rest in the Netflix stakes? Well, we could descend into fact-absent bickering or, you know, just check out Netflix’s own stats for Australia’s top service providers. It even has recent data and if you’re a Telstra customer, don’t expect to win any of these debates in the near future.

Aussie Snow Visitors Are Using More Mobile Data Than Ever

If you’ve been to the snow in the last couple of years, you’ll have had some trouble getting online on your smartphone. Australia’s ski towns have been notoriously poorly served for high-speed mobile data, but that’s been changing: Telstra now says its customers use nearly two terabytes of 4G data per week at Victoria’s Mount Buller resort alone.

Telstra's Network Is Down Again, This Time In Victoria

Telstra is down for some enterprise and business customers in Victoria the day after announcing a $250 million investment in network improvements, making it the fourth time in as many months the telco has suffered problems.

Telstra Is Spending $250 Million To Fix Its Mobile Network

It’s no secret that Telstra has had some network issues over the last couple of months. But besides free data days, what is being done to address the problem?

Based on the results of a review into Telstra’s mobile network back in May, the telco is investing $250 million over the next year to improve network resiliency, reliability and capacity.

Telstra Has A Smart Home Monitoring System Coming Later This Year

Telstra today announced plans to enter into the smart home market, with a new Smart Home Platform launching later this year.

The platform will be available on a subscription package model, coming in “at the cost of a couple of movie tickets” per month.

Small Cell Base Stations Bring 4G Mobile Coverage To Rural Communities

The Federal Government announced on the weekend that 135 4G small cell base stations will be rolled out to communities across Australia, giving Telstra customers in more than 130 rural and regional communities 4G mobile coverage.

The rollout is a part of Telstra’s $165 million commitment to regional Australia and the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme.

Telstra Has Free Wi-Fi All This Weekend Around Australia

Telstra is giving away free Wi-Fi — again — from 17 to 20 June. But this time it’s not to make up for a service outage.

In celebration of the first ever World Wi-Fi Day, there is free Wi-Fi for everyone — customer or not — available from Telstra stores and pink-box Wi-Fi hotspots.

Telstra And Samsung Bring 'Smart Seats' To Melbourne's Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium’s Medallion Club Membership is about to get a whole lot fancier, with “Smart Seats” that let you watch video action of the game you’re attending — and even switch to thrills and spills from other AFL games.

The in-seat tablets, launched in conjunction with Telstra and Samsung, are part of the next phase of Etihad Stadium’s multi-million connected stadium fit out, which is making the venue one of the most technically advanced and connected across the globe.

4G In Australia: Telstra Is Fastest, But Vodafone Wins On Availability

Wireless coverage mapping expert OpenSignal has released its first ever report on the state of mobile networks within Australia, and its findings are pretty interesting, if not completely surprising: Telstra currently offers the fastest possible download speeds on 4G, but that comes at the cost of slightly higher latency where Vodafone and Optus swing ahead. Vodafone also wins out on the availability of its 4G networks, with a slight advantage over both its competitors.

Telstra Blames Outages On Dodgy Modems And DNS

Telstra has shed some more light on the reasons behind its recent NBN and ADSL outages, telling customers their modems’ firmware and a bug in the telco’s network-level DNS is to blame.

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