Telstra's Pacnet Had A Data Breach, User Details Stolen

Pacnet, the Asian telco services provider Telstra acquired for nearly a billion dollars, has experienced a data breach.

Telstra Disputes Netflix's ISP Speed Test Results

Netflix released its first ISP speed test for the Australian market last night, which ranked Telstra dead-last behind the likes of Dodo, Primus and Exetel. The nation’s largest ISP isn’t taking that lying down, however, offering excuses on its blog as to why that might be the case.

Here's The Best ISP In Australia According To Netflix

The rankings are in! Netflix has conducted its first test of Australian average ISP speeds, and the best carrier is…

Telstra Go Mobile Plans: Everything You Need To Know

Buying several different mobile plans for your family’s phones and tablets is a right pain, so Telstra’s capitalising on that annoyance with new mobile sharing plans. Here’s what you need to know.

Going DIY Against Poor Mobile Reception Could Land You In Jail

Poor mobile reception is super annoying, especially at home. Missed calls, terrible quality audio and ongoing dropouts is enough to drive anyone to look for a solution. But looking for you own solution can be very illegal.

Get Ready For Cheaper Mobile Phones Calls And SMS

On the phone a lot? The ACCC has been pushing for cuts and caps to the prices telcos charge to access each other’s networks and send SMS.

Telstra In Talks With Netflix, Despite Foxtel And Presto

Despite its 50 per cent ownership of Aussie pay TV stalwart Foxtel, Telstra is talking with Netflix to promote the service and integrate its video storage and server hardware in Telstra’s own data centres.

New Telstra Plans: Massive New Data Inclusions, Free Foxtel Presto

Looks like Telstra is gearing up for the mobile streaming revolution! The telco might not be unmetering Netflix on mobile, but it is throwing in loads of bonus data and Presto subscriptions for customers on all sorts of plans.

Buying A New Smartphone? Here's What You Need To Know

It’s flagship phone season, which means that many of you will be hitting your the market to see if you can pick up some new smartphone shiny! Here’s everything you need to know before you buy.

NBN Co Is Testing HFC Cable Delivery In These Four Suburbs

Part of the new multi-technology mix National Broadband Network, the NBN Co is folding the hybrid-fibre coaxial networks of Optus and Telstra into the rollout. In a bid to prove that these work, the company has announced four suburbs across New South Wales and Queensland that will be test sides for the new NBN HFC service.

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