Telstra LG G4 Pre-Orders Get A Free Bluetooth Speaker

LG’s G4 superphone goes on sale in a couple of weeks, and Australia’s biggest telcos are tempting you to pre-order with some pretty nifty extras and freebies.

PSA: Telstra's Air Nationwide Wi-Fi Is Live Today

Are you a Telstra home broadband customer? If you opt in to share your home Wi-Fi with strangers, you’ll get free access to the Telstra Air network of nationwide Wi-Fi. That network is live and switched on in thousands of locations as of today.

Your Fixed-Line Internet Should Get Cheaper Soon

The ACCC has told Telstra that it should charge its wholesale telco customers almost 10 per cent less for access to the century-old copper network running around the country’s cities and towns. The flow-on effect might, and should, mean cheaper internet if you’re one of the millions of Australians still using ADSL or another service on Telstra’s fixed copper network.

Telstra's Nationwide Wi-Fi Network Is Now Called Air

Telstra has retrofitted its old payphones with Wi-Fi hotspots, and hooked up new hotspots in shopping centres, cafes, sporting stadiums and train stations, to build the largest Wi-Fi network in the country. It’s being built for Telstra’s home broadband customers to use when they’re out and about, it’s called Air, and it’ll switch on next Tuesday.

Mobile Black Spots Get A $385m Fix From Government, Telstra And Vodafone

Federal, state and local governments are spending up along with Telstra and Vodafone to boost those carriers’ coverage in mobile phone blackspots around Australia. $385 million has been pledged over the next three years to fix poor mobile network reception in outer metro, regional and remote areas of the country, with the first improvements made before the end of this year.

Telstra Has New Tech To Stop Phone Scammers In Their Tracks...For A Price

Phone scams are a massive pain. It’s either someone calling to try and “repair” (read: hack) your computer or misrepresent themselves and extort you for cash. Telstra thinks it can stop these ransom call scams in their tracks with a new gadget it’s calling the Call Guardian.

All The News You Missed Overnight: Intel Thunderbolt 3 Adopts USB Type-C, Stan And Telstra Team Up And More

Technology is filled with all kinds of rumours, real and fabricated. It gives us a look at what might be and will be. All The News You Missed Overnight gathers the whispers all in one place to help you catch up.

Stan And Telstra Unexpectedly Join Forces

The newly signed a deal will see the streaming services bundled for free in broadband deals. What’s surprising is that Telstra is also offering rival Presto and has been rumoured to be in talks with Netflix.

Telstra Outage Leaves Users Without Mobile, Landline and Internet Services

Did you have trouble making calls this morning? The massive outage has left users across NSW frustrated and even disrupted trains.

Woolworths Is Australia's Newest MVNO...Again

Woolworths and Telstra have signed a partnership agreement, which means that one of the country’s largest supermarkets is getting back into the mobile game. Say hello (again) to Woolworths Mobile.

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