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Telstra Is Spending $50M To Fix Its Network

Don’t worry about writing your free download wishlist anytime soon. After three apparently unrelated significant outages this year already, resulting in compensation via two free data days — which saw data download records smashed — Telstra appears to be keen to avoid it happening yet again.

Keen enough to spend $50 million on fixing its network, based on recommendations from the freshly-completed network review the telco started in February.

You Should Take Better Care Of Your Phone

Opinion: The 24-month phone contract is dead, writes Phone plans go out of date quickly, leaving their buyers stuck with small data quotas. But there’s also the fact that new smartphones, bundled with these plans, are apparently a Bad Idea — because they can be lost, or damaged, or stolen.

It’s that last point that is particularly galling.

Woolworths Mobile, Aldi Get 4G On Telstra's Network From Today

Telstra has finally opened up its higher-speed 4G mobile network for its MVNO partners Aldi Mobile, Woolworths, Telechoice and Better Life, and that means those telcos’ customers can now enjoy faster download speeds and even wider network coverage — but there’s a catch.

ACCC Sets New Prices For Behind-The-Scenes Telco Backhaul Data

The cost to ISPs for wholesale data is getting cheaper every year. That’s the gist of the ACCC’s just-released report into domestic transport capacity, which says that the cost of high-speed telco backhaul has fallen as much as 78 per cent for long distance routes. Australia’s favourite national outpost Tasmania remains the thorn in the side of ISPs everywhere, though, with a new charge levied for the skinny pipes (and Basslink) running from the mainland.

Telstra Is Once Again Supporting Marriage Equality

Last week Telstra announced that it would be taking a “neutral stance” on marriage equality — a position in stark contrast to its history of supporting the LGBIT+ community.

“It is clear that rather than Telstra stepping back we should in fact step forward and support our view for marriage equality and so that is what we will do,” Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said in a statement today, confirming Telstra will once again be supporting marriage equality in Australia.

Telstra's CEO Tells Staff Its Marriage Equality Stance 'Will Be Disappointing To Some People'

Telstra CEO Andy Penn has taken to the company’s internal message board to tell employees that while he understands its move away from explicit support for marriage equality in Australia may be “disappointing”, he and Telstra management believe that it’s now up to government to decide the matter.

Penn says the company’s “diverse customer base” means the company should not get in the way of political “process”, and that Telstra should “respect… personal views.”

Telstra, It's 2016, Marriage Equality Isn't An 'Ideology'

Opinion: Last year the telecommunications giant publicly supported Australian Marriage Equality, the major campaign group for same-sex marriage in Australia. Now it says “Telstra has no further plans to figure prominently in the wider public debate.”

Organisations such as Telstra in the best position and are the least likely to suffer ill consequences of any facet of society when speaking up for human rights, so why the cowardly backflip? Do contracts with the Catholic Church mean more to Telstra than the equal rights of it’s customers? It’s difficult to draw any conclusion for this other than, sadly, yes.

Here's Every Aussie Telco That Will Sell The HTC 10

Keen on the new HTC 10? Here’s a list of every major Aussie telco that will sell you one.

NBN Gives Telstra $1.6B To Upgrade Australia's HFC Cable Network

Telstra and nbn have signed a contract to build out and speed up the telco’s existing hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) cable internet network, bringing it up to current standards to “deliver nbn™ broadband capability” to customers that will be moved onto it as part of the current government’s multi-technology mix National Broadband Network. The deal is worth a massive $1.6 billion for Telstra, and will run until the NBN build is complete in 2020.

1TB Downloaded: Sydney Man Smashes Telstra Free Data Day Record

How much data did you download on Telstra’s free data day? Not as much as Sydney resident John Szaszvari, who held on to his record-holding status by downloading almost a whole terabyte of data in a single day. Here’s how he did it.

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