TV Buying Trends: JB Hi-Fi Is King, Harvey Norman Sheds Customers

Consumer research group Global Reviews has released a report analysing the experiences of Australians looking to buy 46-55-inch televisions online. It found that JB Hi-Fi is the most preferred online store due to a perception of having the best prices. Harvey Norman, meanwhile, has a hard time holding onto would-be customers, with the majority defecting to another retailer before making their final purchase.

Sharp 8K Glasses-Free 3D Eyes-On: Future Is Hard

Sharp has been showing off an 85-inch 8K TV for years, and now the company is taking absurdly high-resolution to an ambitious new level with a prototype of an 85-inch 8K TV with Dolby glasses free 3D. That’s a lot of unproven tech in one concept.

Samsung's Glorious 8K TV Will Show You The Meaning Of Infinity

Samsung’s showing of a prototype of a 98-inch LED 8K television at CES. I leaned in and tried to see the pixels on this fantasy screen and my brain lost in the detail. My mind tried do the maths of how many pixels were assembling the heads of the tiny people in the screen. I got dizzy. This is infinity.

Panasonic 4K Life+Screen Television Eyes-On: Life After Plasma

Yesterday, Panasonic says that its new 4K LED Life+Screen TVs have picture quality that’s just as good as its recently murdered plasma line. I spent some time with the 85-incher. Plasma was wonderful, but everything’s gonna be OK. There can still be beauty.

Sony's Brand New 4K TVs: No Gimmicks, Just Beautiful

Sony’s new 4K TVs are unbendingly plain but pretty much what a reasonable near-future human would really want in a giant TV: a big beautiful screen that doesn’t need extra curves or egregious size to give you eyegasms. It’s the type of TV that will end up trickling down into our living rooms because there aren’t any gimmicks that’ll be forgotten about the next time someone wants to throw needless features on the wall and see what sticks.

Dolby Vision Will Make Sure Your TV's Colours And Brightness Are Right

From your home theatre to the cineplex, Dolby has long been the industry standard for serious digital sound. If you’re not using Dolby’s proprietary tech, you’re playing games. With Dolby Vision tech, the company wants to do to make movies on your TV look as good as it makes them sound on your surround sound system.

LG OLED TV Display Shootout: Absolutely Stunning

Displays with Organic Light Emitting Diodes, OLEDs, are the most interesting and promising new display technology in over a decade — possibly ever. In a span of just a few years this new display technology has improved at a very impressive rate, first challenging and now surpassing the performance of the best LCD and Plasma displays. OLEDs are an entirely different and new form of display technology — they are very thin solid state displays that emit coloured light directly, while LCDs use a liquid crystal that regulates light transmission from a separate backlight, Plasmas use an ionised gas with phosphors, and CRTs use an electron beam in a vacuum with phosphors.

Opinion: Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Get Curvy TVs?

Samsung’s got a curved OLED TV. LG’s got a curved OLED TV. Sony just announced the first curved LCD TV. Did everyone just leave their TV factories out in the sun for a bit too long?

Samsung's 55-Inch Curved OLED TV Goes On Sale For $US9000

The painfully-expensive yet admittedly awesome 55-inch curved OLED TV from Samsung is finally available to the public for $US9,000 — a full $US6,000 less than previously thought. This curving, technological marvel, dubbed the Samsung KN55S9C, is supposed to offer a more “life-like viewing [experience],” which seems to come from the fact that the rounded form gives you an equally decent view from any angle.

LG Made A Retro Wood-Panelled LED TV With Knobs And Everything

As companies like Apple and Samsung are heralding the end of the button, LG is taking its design in a different direction. This new “Classic TV” features a wood-panelled front complete with tuning knobs and buttons to create what LG describes as a “classic Scandinavian-style design that emphasises simplicity, modernity.”