Inside Jim Henson's Creature Shop: Where Gadgets And Dreams Collide

It’s not often that you get a chance to see the place where your childhood memories were literally built. It’s kind of like peeling back the curtain on your dreams and finding the architects of them busily at work, pulling the strings, painting the scenery and creating the characters you will vividly remember decades later. That’s what it’s like to visit Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

A Toxic And Deadly Week In Landscape Reads

The U.S. had a pretty toxic and deadly week in landscape reads. We learn how, remarkably, tourist poop is flown by helicopter out of national parks, how Silicon Valley exports toxic waste all over the country, how poison lurks in old televisions, and how the land can just fall away in the form of Washington’s deadly mudslide.

Nielsen Will Rate Australian TV Shows Based On Their Twitter Popularity

Audience research company Nielsen, in partnership with Twitter, has announced its plan to bring Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings (NTTR) to Australia in the second half of this year. The ratings service, which will run alongside Nielsen’s existing television stats, will rate TV shows based on their popularity with Twitter users — on-topic tweets, retweets and interactions will all count towards a show’s overall position.

Mythbusters Is Heading Down Under For 'Behind The Myths'

Mythbusters is coming to Australia in August, causing general mayhem in a tour that takes the team around Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane for a behind the scenes look at the production of the show.

What Is True Detective Really About?

What is True Detective really about? Was Stonehenge originally built as a musical instrument? What does springtime on Mars look like? What if light were a drug? Here are some answers is this week’s landscapes reads!

US TV Networks Fined Millions For Airing Movie's Fake Emergency Alert

The US communications authority is proposing a fine of nearly $US2 million for cable channels that aired a trailer for Olympus Has Fallen, which uses the tones from the Emergency Alert System. The thinking is that if you hear the tones all the time, you’ll get desensitised to them and stop paying attention.

An Insanely Detailed Infographic Of Every Character In True Detective

If you — like me — have already obsessed over every single word written about True Detective, then you will want to obsess over this ridiculous graphic tribute. It’s absurd, it’s overblown, and it’s exactly what the obsessive fan inside me wants to pore over.

An Occult History Of The Television Set

The origin of the television set was heavily shrouded in both spiritualism and the occult, writes author Stefan Andriopoulos in his new book Ghostly Apparitions. In fact, as its very name implies, the television was first conceived as a technical device for seeing at a distance: like the telephone (speaking at a distance) and telescope (viewing at a distance), the television was intended as an almost magical box through which we could watch distant events unfold, a kind of technological crystal ball.

Depression-Era Teachers Predicted Online Schools Would Look Like This

In 1934 the president of Northwestern University, Walter Dill Scott, predicted that technology would radically change the university experience.

Report: Amazon Might Create An Online TV Service To Compete With Pay TV

The next company in a seemingly never-ending deluge of company working on some kind of online TV streaming service? It’s Amazon, according to a WSJ report.