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Twin Peaks' Synth-Infused Soundtrack Returns In A Haunting New Teaser

Video: As if we couldn’t possibly be more excited for a return to Twin Peaks next year, here’s a minute of Angelo Badalamenti playing Laura’s theme from the original show to make the wait for more even more excruciating.

7 Groovy And/Or Gruesome Things We'd Like To See In Ash Vs Evil Dead Season Two

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Ash vs Evil Dead here at Gizmodo. It’s one of the funniest, goriest shows ever to grace the airwaves, and after all, it’s based on one of the greatest horror trilogies of all time. With season two kicking off on Monday, we’ve been thinking about what we’d like to see in the new episodes.

Instead Of Coming Once A Year, A Purge TV Show Will Come Weekly

You know how, in the universe of The Purge movies, all laws are suspended for one day a year as some sort of insane plan to fix the country? Well, a Purge TV show is in the works that will turn this yearly event into a weekly one.

The Team Behind Agent Carter Is Making A Show Based On Disney's Theme Parks

Disney is once again shuffling its properties around so that comics, movies, theme parks, and television shows share source material. But this time, showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters (Agent Carter) are involved, so we’re more optimistic than before.

Behold, The DC/CW Universe's Justice Society Of America

We’ve seen brief glimpses of the superteam in various Legends of Tomorrow stills and footage, but now we have them all together in our best look yet at this newest version of DC’s classic heroes.

The What We Do In The Shadows TV Spin-Off Sounds Fantastic

What We Do in the Shadows is the only vampire mock-doc the world will ever need, because it is hilarious, raunchy and perfectly self-aware. The werewolf-themed sequel (genius title: We’re Wolves) is percolating, and now the rumoured TV spin-off is confirmed. But don’t get too excited about the latter just yet.

More Details On How The American Gods TV Series Will Go Beyond The Novel

There’s already a ton of stuff in Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods for showrunner Bryan Fuller’s TV adaptation to cover, but now we know the series is going to start delving into less-explored areas of the book’s world of deities — especially, it seems, the mysterious Mad Sweeney.

The AI Trend Continues With Jessica Alba-Produced Fox Show Girl 10

Forget time travel — that’s so early 2016. The buzz around HBO’s Westworld means that other networks are now looking for their own shows focusing on artificial intelligence. The latest contender is being prepped by Fox; it’s called Girl 10, and is produced by Jessica Alba and written by Gotham‘s Ken Woodruff.

The CW's Big DC Superhero Crossover Will Pit The Heroes Against An Alien Invasion

We already know that Kara, Barry, Ollie and the Legends are all teaming up for a one week-long crossover on the CW, and now we know why. They will all be facing a very old threat from the pages of DC Comics: The alien race best known as the Domination.

The Only Way The CW's Superhero Fight Club Can Get Even Better Is By Adding Supergirl

The CW’s original “Fight Club” ad, teaming up its DC superheroes and villains, was a bit of amazingly silly fan service. How could someone possibly improve on it? Three words: Add. Kara. Danvers.

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