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The Scientific Dilemma Behind The Manhattan Project

On the latest episode of US television show Manhattan, the physicists assigned to developing the gun model design for the atomic bomb hit a major obstacle that threatens to sink the gun model for good. It’s a dilemma ripped straight from the history books, along with the eventual solution.

Tidal Will Stream Original TV Shows, Sure, Why Not? 

Tidal failed to beat Spotify. Now it’s taking on Netflix. Jay Z’s streaming app is launching two original television series. On to the next one!

I Shell Out For Pay TV, And Don't Care Who Knows It

I turn 30 this month, and it feels like I am one of the few people my age who watches pay TV and is willing to pay for it. Truth is, I hate watching shows on my computer — or worse, my phone. Give me new episodes in real-time, on a real TV. I know I’m on the wrong side of history, but I also know I’m not the only one.

So Netflix's Newest Series Is Black Mirror, What Are Some Plot Lines You Want To See?

The rumours are true, Charlie Brooker’s tech-fi thriller Black Mirror is returning as a new Netflix original series. And it will likely be just as thought-provoking and chilling as the original.

Masters Of Sex Was Better When We Got To Watch The Sex Research

OK, I give up. After this week’s episode, it’s clear that Masters of Sex has completely forgotten that the one thing that made it different from a run-of-the-mill evening soapy drama was its main characters’ obsession with their sex research.

Netflix Is Losing Big Movies Next Month, And Hulu Picked Them Right Up

Over the weekend, Netflix announced the service would be losing lots of big ticket blockbusters next month. Within hours, Hulu announced it would be scooping up those very movies. The streaming wars continue.

Virginia Johnson's Mother Is Terrifying On Masters Of Sex

If viewers of Masters of Sex are puzzled by the whiplash shift in Virginia Johnson’s attitude towards Bill Masters this week, they should look no further than Johnson’s mother. That woman deserves a doctorate in manipulation.

The Only Thing I'll Miss About Cable Is My DVR

As far as watching TV goes, the experience provided by a traditional cable provider is crap. Slow hardware, clunky interfaces, unwanted bundled channels. Streaming services are slowly replacing all of this and thanks goodness for them. But there’s an aspect of the old way that I will sorely miss — the DVR and its magical commercial skipping powers.

Finally, An Episode Of Masters Of Sex That Really Works

Finally, an episode with stories that reflect back on past seasons and incorporate the science that helped make Bill Masters and Gini Johnson interesting enough people in real life to fuel a historical drama about their lives.

Where's All The Science, Masters Of Sex?

I guess scientific success makes for poor drama, since this week the writers of Masters of Sex have served up a mishmash of pathos that connects not at all with the science that made these people famous.

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