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Doctor Who's Spinoff Class Gets Much Better When It Steps Out Of The Doctor's Shadow

Class‘s first episode opens with a sequence so desperately Who-vian that you’d be forgiven for being a little surprised when the opening titles blast in with some pop rock and not the Doctor’s iconic theme song. But if the show can move past its barrage of tonal irregularities, it may end up being Doctor Who‘s best spinoff yet.

The Walking Dead's Season Premiere Wasn't Worth It

The Walking Dead had a major obstacle to overcome in yesterday’s season seven premiere. After leading up all of season six to the arrival of Negan and the promise of a main character’s death, the show decided to postpone the reveal of who died to season seven. Could the show possibly live up to its own hype and expectations? Short answer: No. How could it?

We Were All Wrong About The Man In Black On Westworld

Four episodes in, and we’re reaching a point in Westworld where I’d believe that almost anyone was secretly an android. But, in the latest episode, there was finally a hint at an answer to one of the show’s biggest mysteries: Who is the Man in Black in the real world?

The Exorcist Twist Confirms It's A Direct Sequel To Film

A somewhat surprising reveal from the latest episode of Fox’s The Exorcist confirmed it ties directly into the events of the first film. It’s perfect if you were curious to find out what happened after the end of the original flick, and maybe want to pretend like the sequels don’t exist.

The Recent American Horror Story Twist Was Kinda Lame

American Horror Story‘s refusal to reveal its theme in advance was an early sign that season six would be more unusual than… Well,usual. The first five episodes were formatted as a reality TV show — My Roanoke Nightmare — and recently episode six unveiled the much-rumoured BIG TWIST. But the twist, sadly, was far from shocking.

Arrow Is Finally Having Some Fun, But It Still Needs Focus

Way too many things were going on in last night’s Arrow — and none of them were really related to the ongoing arc of this current season. Thankfully, one of the things that did happen was so thoroughly enjoyable and fun that it made the maelstrom of too many things disappear for a few, glorious minutes.

New TV Drama About The Imminent Arrival Of A Killer Asteroid Feels Very Timely

Unfortunately, the CBS show — from executive producer Alex Kurtzman, whose TV credits include Fringe, Limitless, Sleepy Hollow, and Alias; he also directed the Tom Cruise Mummy reboot that’s out next year — is titled Salvation, suggesting it might not end with the asteroid smashing Earth into a billion pieces, as we all might currently be hoping

A Certain Character Is Finally Returning To Game Of Thrones Next Season

It’s been rumoured for a while, but we’ve finally gotten confirmation that a certain character, long absent character who has not appeared on Game of Thrones in many years, will be re-appearing in season seven.

Agents Of SHIELD Has Its Connection To Doctor Strange... And Conan The Barbarian

Agents of SHIELD has been a bit on even during all those scenes when Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider and his art deco flaming skull haven’t been on screen. But now things could pick up, as it finally revealed how it’s going to brush up with the upcoming Doctor Strange movie — courtesy of an ancient, evil book called the Darkhold.

There Wasn't A Twist In The Original Version Of The 'White Bear' Episode Of Black Mirror

In the second episode of season two of Black Mirror, the character Victoria Skillane (Lenora Crichlow) wakes up in a world where many people have been turned into zombies who do nothing but record things with their phones. And others are trying to kill her. In the original script, that was all there was to the story.

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