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Adult Swim Uses Vine's Extended-Play Feature To Debut Its New Cartoon

Adult Swim’s newest cartoon officially premieres on July 10, but you can catch a 10-minute episode of Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio right now on an unlikely platform: Vine. It’s a clever collaboration to highlight both the show and Vine’s just-debuted feature that allows videos longer than six seconds.

9 Blatant Lies About Pop Culture That Everybody Instantly Saw Straight Through

These days, creators struggle to keep the details of their upcoming movies and TV shows from leaking on the internet, so they can preserve their big surprises. And this leads to some pretty feeble attempts at misdirection, with cast and crew vehemently denying what everybody already knows. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, though… it just looks sad. Here are nine times the pop culture industry tried to mislead everyone, and just failed so hard.

The Punisher's Actor Says We Haven't Actually Met The Punisher Yet

Which is presumably why the character’s getting his own series. Speaking with Awards Daily, Jon Bernthal talked about his version of Frank Castle in the Netflix series Daredevil. There’s more to the enigmatic character than just the grief of losing his family.

The New Star Trek Series Can Feature All The Sex, Blood, And Profanity It Wants

Here’s something you may not have realised about Bryan Fuller’s upcoming Star Trek TV series being on CBS’ All Access thingie instead of CBS proper: it’s not beholden to Network Standards and Practices, meaning it can be more graphic than any Trek series before. But that doesn’t mean it will.

Dear Game Of Thrones, I'm Pretty Sure Valyrian Steel Isn't Supposed To Do That

While last week’s episode of Game of Thrones was lauded for its incredible, epic battle scene, a few raven-eyed spectators of “Battle of the Bastards” noticed something was a little… off as Jon Snow rode into battle against Ramsay Bolton.

20 Screenwriting Tricks And Tropes We Never Need To See Again

Pop culture is a never-ending source of wonder and amazement. We’re seeing some really top-notch, innovative writing across every medium right now. But there’s also a lot of tired, warmed-over stuff, that feels copy-pasted from script to script. Here are 20 screenwriting moves we’d be happy never to see again.

The Gizmodo Guide To Star Wars

Star Wars occupies a huge place in the history of science fiction and fantasy. The first movie, in 1977, changed the genre forever. And this year marks the first new Star Wars film in a decade, with revamped continuity. So now’s the perfect time for a refresher course. Here’s our easy-to-read guide to Star Wars.

Stargate: SG-1 Producer Goes On Behind-The-Scenes Reveal Spree

Perhaps prompted by the recent news that Stargate will be getting a reboot in movie form, Stargate: SG-1 writer / producer Joseph Mallozzi has started posting production notes and concept art from the long-running series. Keen for some behind-the-scenes insight? Now’s your chance.

And Now The Important News: How The Brexit Will Impact Game Of Thrones

Winter is coming, but the Brexit is already here — the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Economists are worried. Scientists are worried. But so are Game of Thrones fans, as the show films across the EU. Good news, though: The show will be fine.

Bryan Fuller Promises To Continue Star Trek's Progressivism

If there’s one person who knows exactly what to say about a new Star Trek series, it’s Bryan Fuller. Everything he says about how he’s running CBS digital Star Trek show sounds right and good and not at all like he’s going cannibalise a beloved franchise for parts.

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