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Simulation Becomes Reality In The First Live-Action Ghost In The Shell Teasers

Video: During the US broadcast of the Mr Robot season finale, viewers got their first peek at the upcoming live-action Ghost in the Shell movie with five new teaser trailers.

Unofficial Teaser Of A Series Of Unfortunate Events Is Simply Incredible

Video: This is truly astonishing work by YouTube user Eleanora Poe. Because Netflix is adapting Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events as a series, this completely unofficial, fan-made teaser trailer of sorts for the adaptation was made (for fun?). If Netflix’s series is half as good and creepy as this, the show will be fantastic.

Here's Some New Game Of Thrones Season 5 Footage

HBO has very slowly teased and trickled footage from Game of Thrones season 5 with a secret website and now this new elaborate seemingly self-destructing mobile-only video teaser. Luckily, the footage — which could only play once and not be screenshotted — was leaked online and we have a few more seconds to get excited.

The Trailer For Tomorrowland Is A Mysteriously Fun Ride

It seems kind of silly to me to make a movie based off of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland but hey, the same sort of idea worked out pretty well for Pirates of the Caribbean. And after seeing the very first teaser of the movie, the movie version of Tomorrowland looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

SpaceX Teasing "Something Big" For April 5

SpaceX, already famous for sending the first private spaceship into orbit last year, is at it again. On April 5, the company is promising something big, but won’t say what.

What's Darth Vader Got Planned For CES?

Well this is maybe something! We’ve gotten word of a Star Wars-related announcement coming to CES on Thursday. Stormtroopers! Darth Vader himself! All wrapped up in some sort of announcement that’s not so very far, far away.

Alienware Teases Us With 'Allpowerful' Laptop Riddle

As you may already know, Alienware has a gaming laptop coming out next month with a name that automatically sets the bar impossibly high: “Allpowerful.” The latest ad in their teaser campaign features a riddle that has been cracked by Larven on the NotebookReview forums.

Alienware Countdown Site Teasing Us With Something 'All Powerful'

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a countdown website promising enough excitement to actually get me to roll out of bed in the morning, so the fact that I’m writing about this Alienware site at all means I’m at least partially interested.

What is Creative Zii Stemcell Computing? Your Guess is as Bad as Mine

A teaser for something called Zii was sent out by Creative, a company known for soundcards, mentioning the ambitious sounding and pretend terminology “stemcell computing”. Updated 3:47pm: iTunes Competitor?

iRex Promises a 'New Era in Digital Reading' Next Week, a.k.a. an Updated iLiad

There are no real details yet, but the e-reader company iRex has a teaser site up promising to unveil a “new era in digital reading” on September 22nd. We’re not sure what kind of improvements they’re going to make on their iLiad reader to make it worthwhile in this current market. Obviously, they are going to need to try pretty hard in order to take on the likes of Amazon’s Kindle. Alright iRex…WOW me! [iRex]

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