Project Tango Teardown: Google's Crazy Camera System (Oh, And A Phone)

Google’s Project Tango isn’t coming to stores near you anytime soon. You wouldn’t even know what to do with it if it did. Still, the folks at iFixit got their hands on one and tore it apart. What’s inside? Mostly a ton of crazy cameras, with a phone almost as an afterthought.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Teardown: You Ain't Changing Nothing But Its Battery

Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 may well be a tiny step into the future, but while its dimpled back may feel like somewhat of a throwback, its insides claim to be anything but. Now, they have been laid bare by iFixit.

Samsung Gear 2 Teardown: Surprisingly Repairable For A Smartwatch

If you’ve been wondering how Samsung manages to cram everything into its Gear 2 smartwatch, then wonder no longer: iFixit has torn the thing apart to see what they have crammed into its tiny frame.

Macintosh 128K Teardown: A Time Capsule With Keyboard And Mouse

The Mac turns 30 today, and what better way to celebrate than with a good ol’ fashioned autopsy. iFixit proves that can be a lot more fun than it sounds with its classic 128K Macintosh teardown, a beautifully gory history lesson.

Steam Machine Teardown: A Gaming PC By Any Other Name

Valve has offered up 300 beta kits of its forthcoming Steam Machine console for developers and the like to play around with. Fortunately, iFixit got its hands on one, too — and then ripped the sucker apart. Here’s what’s inside.

Nest Protect Teardown: Reassuringly Simple And Solid

Nest managed to do the seemingly impossible with its Protect: it made a smoke detector… exciting. But what lurks within that beautiful shell? Fortunately, iFixit has ripped one wide open to find out.

Kinect 2.0 Teardown: Lots Of Sensors And Highly Repairable

We’ve already seen what lurks within the new Xbox One, but what about its sidekick the Kinect 2.0? Wonder no longer, because iFixit has ripped the innards out of the clever little camera to see what’s what.

Xbox One Teardown: Plenty Of Room To Breathe

The Xbox One is (almost) here, and it’s a magical future machine — when it’s working. But inside that behemoth box iFixit found something there’s not so magical or futuristic: a bit of empty space.

PS4 Teardown: Beautiful Outside, Tidy Inside

The PS4 has landed, and it’s great — but what lurks beneath its slick, slanted frame? Fortunately, that’s not something you need to keep wondering, because iFixit has gone and torn the console down so we can all see the guts within.

iPad Air Teardown: Glorious Guts, But So Much Glue

We know it’s light, fast and beautiful already, but we still haven’t seen inside Apple’s new iPad Air. Fortunately, iFixit has had the good grace to rip the thing apart.