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Wi-Fi Kettle Takes 11 Hours To Make Cup Of Tea

Data specialist Mark Rittman wanted to make a cup of morning tea, but found himself in an 11-hour saga trying to get his Wi-Fi tea kettle to work. He documented his struggle on a website that’s also struggling, a social network called Twitter.com.

This New Fake Leather Is Made From Tea

It’s tough. It’s thick. It’s brown. It’s a lot like leather — but in fact this new material is made in the lab using leftovers from a brew of kombucha tea.

How Much Faster Can You Boil A Kettle With Thermite?

As we’ve seen in the past, Colin Furze has the right mix of crazy inventor and mad scientist. His latest excessively unsafe experiment? Boiling a kettle with thermite. Yes, that thermite.

Have Some Physics With Your Tea Next Time You're In Malaysia

Travellers to southeast Asia frequently marvel at the showman-like skill with which street vendors prepare a drink known as teh tarik (“pulled tea”). They might not realise those same vendors are intuitive physicists at heart.

Making Bubble Tea Is Totally Therapeutic

Video: Bubble tea or boba or pearl milk tea or tapioca milk tea or whatever the hell you call the milky tea deliciousness with those chewy balls and that giant straw is deliciousness in a plastic cup. It’s also really relaxing and therapeutic to make at home. Or at least it’s really relaxing and therapeutic to watch Peaceful Cuisine make it at home.

This 'Kettle' Rod Is A Brilliant Energy-Saving Way To Make Tea

Do you use an electric kettle to make tea? Then you’re using way too much water and too much power heating an overfilled vessel. But! We found this cool new Kickstarter project that saves energy and looks sleek in a kitchen.

You Can't Burn Yourself With This Teapot

Someone at OSHA probably has a terrifying stat about the number of workplace injuries caused by teapots. But if everyone rushes out and buys this gorgeous glass hot beverage receptacle, we can do something about this critical national issue.

Half Of A Teapot Is Actually The Perfect Amount Of Teapot

Have you ever filled your teapot up more than halfway in your life? Oh, you have? Well, not all of us are constantly having wild parties with dozens of friends for whom to make tea. The rest of us are usually only making one or two cups — and that’s who the design team at the Dutch studio Droog made this teapot for.

This Chocolate Teapot Can Hold Boiling Water Without Totally Melting

There is exactly one reason you would ever want to brew hot tea in a barely stable chocolate teapot: To prove that you could. And indeed tea-loving Brits have enlisted a master chocolatier to do just that. Behold the power of (chocolate) science.

A Table That Looks Like Topography Is The Prettiest Way To Serve Tea

Drinking tea is already a pretty chilled out activity. The aromatic steam, the cozy cup, the soothing liquid, the overwhelming sensation of warmth and health. It’s like a spa for your mouth. If you want to take your tea-drinking zen levels from Richard Gere to Dalai Lama, though, I have located the perfect tea accoutrement with which to elevate the calm to monk levels: Artonomos’ beautiful tea tray, “Confluence.”

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