You Can't Burn Yourself With This Teapot

Someone at OSHA probably has a terrifying stat about the number of workplace injuries caused by teapots. But if everyone rushes out and buys this gorgeous glass hot beverage receptacle, we can do something about this critical national issue.

Half Of A Teapot Is Actually The Perfect Amount Of Teapot

Have you ever filled your teapot up more than halfway in your life? Oh, you have? Well, not all of us are constantly having wild parties with dozens of friends for whom to make tea. The rest of us are usually only making one or two cups — and that’s who the design team at the Dutch studio Droog made this teapot for.

This Chocolate Teapot Can Hold Boiling Water Without Totally Melting

There is exactly one reason you would ever want to brew hot tea in a barely stable chocolate teapot: To prove that you could. And indeed tea-loving Brits have enlisted a master chocolatier to do just that. Behold the power of (chocolate) science.

A Table That Looks Like Topography Is The Prettiest Way To Serve Tea

Drinking tea is already a pretty chilled out activity. The aromatic steam, the cozy cup, the soothing liquid, the overwhelming sensation of warmth and health. It’s like a spa for your mouth. If you want to take your tea-drinking zen levels from Richard Gere to Dalai Lama, though, I have located the perfect tea accoutrement with which to elevate the calm to monk levels: Artonomos’ beautiful tea tray, “Confluence.”

This Vacuum Brewer Infuses Your Tea (Or Booze) With Almost Anything

With mixology and DIY designer beverages on the rise, it’s no wonder that users want more control. Enter BKON’s new Craft Brewer, an impressive piece of machinery that infuses liquids in a perfect vacuum. Gizmodo recently got a hands-on demo at the iconic Counter Culture in Soho — and this thing can brew.

How Yesterday's Drugs Became The Medicines Of Today

My sister is a witch. Or, more precisely, a Wiccan astrologer and tarot reader. Growing up as a kid who worshipped Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, I found it hard to square her worldview with my own.

An Axe-Shaped Tea Strainer, Because Even Timber Cutters Need A Break

Despite Monty Python’s efforts to the contrary, timber cutters are still stereotyped as the roughest, toughest folks you’ll ever find in the forest. But who’s to say they don’t enjoy a spot of mid-afternoon tea? And what could be better suited to the task than this axe-shaped tea infuser?

The World's Biggest Tea Drinkers, Visualised

While everyone drinks coffee, tea is a beverage for the more discerning drinker. But where in the world do people drink the most?

Thermos Designed A Mug For The Slowest Sipping Tea Drinkers

It’s supposed to be a drink that you slowly slip and savour, but once you’ve brewed a cup of tea it’s a race against the clock — and thermodynamics — to enjoy it while it’s hot. A thick ceramic mug helps with that problem, but even better is the double-walled insulated engineering that went into Thermos’ new tea tumblers.

Steeping Scooping Tea Strainer Cuts Down On Dirty Dishes

If your kitchen lacks a dishwasher, you’ll do everything you can to reduce the amount of dishes you dirty. From eating directly off the counter, to drinking everything from the container, to making tea with this ingenious $21 Loop strainer that doubles as a scoop so you don’t need to dirty a spoon.