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The World's Smallest Bluetooth Chip Will Make Smartwatches Last Longer

The rise of wearable devices like smartwatches have spurred the world’s electronics makers to miniaturize their already tiny components even further. And TDK has managed to create what it’s claiming is the world’s smallest Bluetooth module, which also happens to be incredibly energy efficient.

Adding A Little Heat Could Give Us 40TB Hard Drives In A Few Years

When it comes to cramming as much data as possible on a platter, hard drive manufacturers will use every trick in the book to maximise capacity. Including turning up the heat as TDK plans to do with a new technique that could deliver 40TB hard drives by 2020.

TDK's New Headphones Are Gorgeous And This Speaker Can Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

TDK is known for designing really utilitarian, retro 80’s futuristic audio equipment — black, gold, hard lines, Terminator, Burton’s Batman, TDK — that encourages you to show it off without feeling like a showoff. And they’ve done it again. This time, with a pair of headphones that’ll cradle your head and a new speaker cube that wirelessly charges your phone.

TDK Goes High-End With Its BA200 Earbuds

Already peddlers of boomboxes and headphones, TDK has decided they’ll make earbuds, too. And it’s not the cheap iPod-quality earbuds they’re offering, but rather dual-driver in-ear noisemakers.

TDK 3-Speaker Boombox: Papercuts Would Be A Better Use Of Five $US100 Bills

Unfortunately, the ’90s happened. Along with vanquishing the ’80s, they ushered out the over-the-top audio stylings of the previous decades. Yeah, the ’90s killed boomboxes (WTF). TDK is bringing the ghetto blaster back with its 3-Speaker Boombox.

TDK 3-Speaker Boombox: Oh. Hell. Yes.

Rememeber TDK? They made the blank tapes you used for those mix tapes that creeped out all the ladies in high school. Well they’re getting the brand back together, baby! With gear hot enough that it might even help you score.

TDK's New Boomboxes Put Their Speakers Where You Can See 'Em

TDK’s handsome new boomboxes aren’t about to make the common concession of putting an iPod dock front and centre. Their designs are an updated take on the classic ghetto blaster: business in the front, and party in the front, too.

TDK's 1TB Optical Disc Is Like 41 Blu-rays In One

At Ceatec Japan, TDK highlighted a 1TB capacity optical disc – enough to hold a sizeable Blu-ray collection in the palm of your hand.

TDK Wireless Headphones Don't Trust Bluetooth One Bit

Handsets like the iPhone may be capable of transmitting stereo Bluetooth, but as we’ve seen, it’s tough to find a great stereo Bluetooth headset. So TDK just hands us a dongle instead.

TDK Crams 260 GB Into 1.8-inch HDD, Sets A New Density Benchmark

TDK has announced a new hard drive at CEATEC that manages to fit 260 GB of data into a 1.8-inch form factor. Using their prototype TMR head, TDK is able to attain a surface recording density of 803 gigabits per square inch, besting Toshiba’s previous 378 gigabits per square inch. The leap was possible by combining the TMR head with recent perpendicular magnetic recording techniques, and TDK personnel still think its possible to reach 1 terabit per square inch. [Techon Nikkei via SlashGear]

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