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Taxi Owners Sue NYC Because Uber Is Ruining Their Business

There’s so many bullshit arguments thrown around surrounding Uber, it’s refreshing to hear the real reason that taxi drivers hate the company: it’s killing their revenue, and the value of medallions (or taxi licences).

Aussie Taxi Companies Just Can't Get Any Love From The ACCC

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission doesn’t like iHail, the Aussie taxi-booking app proposed by a consortium of local taxi companies including Cabcharge. First, the app was rejected on grounds that it would be anticompetitive, unifying several of Australia’s tightly regulated large taxi providers and giving them extra power against smaller competitors. (To say nothing of a level playing field with Uber.) Now, iHail’s in hot water over payment methods and credit card surcharges.

Uber Shocked By NSW Crackdown, Will Keep Fighting

In a sudden crackdown on ride sharing services like UberX, Roads and Maritime Services NSW announced on Sunday that it has issued 40 suspension notices to owners of vehicles found to be involved. Any suspended vehicle found on the road after October 1st will be considered unregistered and fined accordingly.

Uber Vs Taxis: Choice Says UberX Is Cheaper And Safer

Weighing in on the ongoing UberX vs taxi debate, consumer advocacy group CHOICE today released the results of a report that pits both services against each other. Looking at factors like price, reliability and safety, CHOICE came out with a clear winner that will be entirely unsurprising to anyone living in the 21st century. UberX was found to be just as safe and reliable as your average taxi, and on average came out to be 40% cheaper.

Melbourne Taxi Strike Backfires Predictably

Uber drivers are taking our business so we’re going to respond by… giving them more business? Taxi drivers in Melbourne held an ill-considered strike today to protest ridesharing apps like Uber, hoping to spur the government into taking action on this issue. Uber responded brilliantly by offering free rides, which can be redeemed by new users across Australia with the cheeky promo code “KEEPOZMOVING”.

The 'Taxi Of Tomorrow' Is Finally The Official Cab For New York City

Against all odds, the Nissan NV-200 will rule the streets of New York. As of today, the vast majority of cab drivers must buy the so-called Taxi of Tomorrow when they retire their old yellow cabs.

This Video Of Protestors Trashing Uber Cars Makes Me Feel Bad For Uber 

I don’t like Uber. It’s an apparently evil company that overcharges people and eschews accountability as often as possible. However, seeing an angry mob of cabbies descend upon and destroy a number of Uber cars in Mexico City actually made me feel bad for Uber drivers.

I Can't Wait To Ride In These Autonomous Drone Taxis

We keep hearing how technology will eventually solve the problem of vehicular traffic for good. Self-driving cars will only get us halfway to that future — they’re still cars, clogging up our roads, speeding down our freeways. The personal mobility future that I’m waiting for includes autonomous drone taxis that can sail high over the city, delivering me safely to my destination.

Self-Driving 'Taxibots' Could Eliminate 9 Out Of Every 10 Cars

Just as Uber emerged as an alternative to public taxis, automated vehicles could represent the next wave of urban transportation. A new study shows how shared self-driving cars could not only improve city streets but also the cities themselves.

South Korea Has Charged Uber's CEO With Operating Illegal Taxi Rings

Almost 30 people associated with Uber — including its CEO Travis Kalanick — have been charged in South Korea on suspicion of operating illegal taxi services in the country.

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