Adelaide And Uber Are At War

The mudslinging in the Australian hire car/taxi business continues afresh, with Uber’s limited rollout in Adelaide facing criticism from local politicians. Uber’s not exactly sitting quietly on this score either.

99 Per Cent Of Melbourne's Taxi Drivers Fail New Taxi Test

There’s a push to improve taxi drivers in Melbourne via a test that mimics the infamous “knowledge” test that London cabbies undertake. The only problem is that all but one of the candidates so far has failed the test.

See How Much Of New York City A Taxi Driver Sees In A Single Day

Everybody’s wondered what it’s like to be a taxi driver. Whether riding in the back of a cab contemplating your existence or watching a Robert De Niro movie, we’ve all contemplated how many passengers it takes to make a day’s wages. Now, thanks to some clever code, you can watch it play out before your very eyes.

Uber's Ride-Sharing: Victoria's Taxi Commissioner Is Not Afraid To Prosecute

While NSW transport minister Gladys Berejiklian is maintaining an open mind regarding Uber’s new ride-sharing service, which recently became available in several of the country’s major cities, Victoria isn’t so enthusiastic. On Friday, the state’s transport minister Terry Mulder announced that the Taxi Services Commission is investigating the operation.

Uber And GoCatch Are Set To Be 'Regulated' In New South Wales, But What Does That Mean?

Sydney is an awful place to get around on the roads, mostly because cab drivers in the city are a nightmare. Apps designed to improve the experience like Uber and GoCatch set up shop here a while ago and have spent their time thumbing noses at the taxi industry in New South Wales because of the poor service they offer. But brace yourselves: regulation of these taxi apps is coming. The only problem? Nobody really knows what that means.

goCatch Now Rates Taxi Competition In Your Area

If you’re standing out in the rain and the cold trying to hail a taxi when none are around, you’re living in the past. There are a multitude of taxi-booking apps for your smartphone out there, and one particular app has just received a useful new feature. goCatch now lets you see how much competition exists for the taxis in your area, giving you a better idea of how long you’ll be waiting.

Real-Time Taxi Data Will Rank Victorian Cabbies For You To Compare

The trials and tribulations of catching a dodgy taxi might soon be at an end, at least in Victoria. The state’s independent taxi industry regulator is installing technology in taxis that will allow it to share data on the cabs’ performance with the public.

Aussie Taxi Drivers Launching Their Own Payment App To Encourage Tips

As mentioned yesterday, Australian electronic payment systems typically don’t let taxi drivers ask for tips, wiping 5 per cent off driver revenues at a time of rising costs. Now the Australian Taxi Drivers Association has confirmed plans for its own app to booking and payments app after finding existing providers unable or unwilling to meet its demands. Association president Michael Jools says the app has taken a “couple of years” to build and will launch on July 1.

Aussie Taxi Drivers Say Rise In Cashless Payments Has Reduced Their Earnings

Cashless payment methods are a huge convenience for modern consumers. They’re cleaner, faster, and you need to carry around less bulky change. But the technology is also reducing the amount of cash in circulation and changing how Australians spend their money.

Taxi Of Tomorrow Won't Be New York City's Only Choice Of Cab

New York’s State Supreme Court just put the brakes on the Taxi of Tomorrow, ruling that the Taxi and Limousine Commission doesn’t have the power to make Nissan’s NV200 the universal yellow cab. But how could NYC riders have benefited from it?