Police Have Raided Uber's Parisian HQ

French police have raided the offices of Uber in Paris as the taxi service continues to operate in the city despite officials claiming that it breaks national laws.

Cute Animals Are The New Battleground For Uber And The Taxi Industry

Uber is at war with the taxi industry. Between citizen’s arrests, State Government raids and massive fines, the ride-sharing service has bent noses out of shape all over Australia. The war for our streets between the multi-billion dollar app giant and the local taxi industry monolith is now taking a turn for the adorable (and the ridiculous). The weapons are adorable animals, and the objective is to win hearts and minds. Welcome to the world’s most transparent PR war for Australia’s transportation dollar.

Uber Sydney Gives The Bird To The NSW Government, Officially Launches UberX To Everyone

Uber is a taxi app that’s making waves all around the world. It mainly operates on an “ask forgiveness, never permission” model when launching in a new city. Uber Sydney has been trialling low-cost UberX ride-sharing services for a few weeks, and the New South Wales Government has reminded them that it’s against the law. Uber Sydney is now giving said government the bird, taking UberX live to the whole city and rubbing the bureaucrat’s noses in it.

Listen To Gizmodo's Editor On ABC's Download This Show

Gizmodo editor Luke Hopewell swung by ABC Radio National this afternoon to chat to Download This Show about the anniversary of the SMS, the state of the Australian taxi industry and how to stay safe online at Christmas.

Uber Sydney Review: The Car Service Of The Future Is Not Without Issues

I hate cabs. Hate them. I’m a Sydney-sider and when I get into a cab, it’s because I have no other option. If I can, I walk or catch the train. Uber is a private car service born out of San Francisco that you book luxury transport with the flick of an app, and it promises to revolutionise the way Sydney-siders get around. We tested Uber and found out that some pretty serious unanswered questions lie beneath the surface. Update: Uber has officially launched in Sydney.

Would You Feel Safe In A Taxi With This Much Tech?

GPS units may cause accidents through distraction but at least one Sydney taxi driver clearly believes that there’s no such thing as too much technology in-car. By our count there’s at least ten devices surrounding the driver. Is that even legal?