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The Official Suicide Squad Movie Tattoos, Ranked

If you’re attending this year’s SXSW, you can get tattooed by Harley Quinn…. or at least her marketing team. There’s some kind of “Harley’s Tattoo Parlor” event being set up to promote the Suicide Squad movie; we don’t know if it’s offering real tattoos or temporary ones, but I do know that it’s given each of the film’s cast members their own tattoo design — and some of them are actually pretty awesome.

MC10's Wearable Sensors Are A First Step To Bioelectric Tattoos

The digital tattoos of the future have for years remained just that. But now a company called MC10 has announced two new commercial wearable devices that will stick to your skin to keep an eye on your health.

Watch People's Tattoos Transform Into Animations With Cool 3D Body Mapping

Video: What’s cooler looking than tattoos? Tattoos that can move. Check out this awesome “ink mapping” by Oskar & Gaspar. They map a person’s body and transform their tattoos into kick arse animations that incorporate the tattoos’ original design. Basically, a person’s skin becomes the canvas for moving art.

A New Type Of Temporary Tattoo Magically Lasts For Two Whole Weeks

Temporary tattoos are a fun because the regret usually only lasts a couple of days. But a pair of brothers from Toronto have created a new kind of temporary tattoo that’s just as easy to apply, but actually last a full two weeks through showers, swims and daily life.

A Sketchbook Full Of Synthetic Skin Lets Tattoo Artists Safely Doodle

Not every artistic creation is an instant masterpiece, that’s why there are Moleskine sketchbooks. But where perfection really counts is with tattoos, so a magazine dedicated to the craft created a sketchbook made of artificial skin that lets amateur tattoo artists hone their skills. It’s like an unholy grimoire for artists.

Watch Old People Talk About Their Tattoos And Why They Don't Regret Them

Everyone who doesn’t have tattoos says that you’re going to regret the tattoos you get right now, when you get old. Not exactly! This short documentary by Angie Bird interviews those types of older people with tattoos and finds out that as silly as some tattoos are, they all carry meaning and have an interesting story to them.

The Solution To The Apple Watch Tattoo Problem Was So Obvious

There was some bad news last week for tattooed Apple fans hoping to take advantage of everything the company’s new smartwatch had to offer. It turns out that ink on your arm hinders the Apple Watch’s ability to monitor your heart rate. But, as Conan discovered, Apple already has a simple solution for sale.

Yep, Your Cool Wrist Tattoo Is Confusing Your EVEN COOLER Apple Watch

It’s a heart-wrenching decision: either get that expensive tattoo removal, or live a life without an Apple Watch. Or, as Apple suggests, put on a heart rate monitor instead. The company has quietly confirmed that tattoos screw with the watch’s heart rate tracking.

This Guy Is Practically A Cyborg With His 3D Tattoo

Don’t be fooled: This is not Tony Stark’s latest bionic arm. It’s an incredibly detailed tattoo, one whose proud owner looks like he just stepped out of Neuromancer.

Researcher Announces A Tattoo Removal Cream Is In The Works

The thing about tattoos is they’re inked on your skin for life, unless you want to undergo an expensive, time-consuming and potentially scarring laser-removal process. But now, a tattoo-removal cream could be the destroyer of a thousand unwanted lower-back butterflies and a saving grace for their owners.

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