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Someone Invented A Stun Gun That Monitors Heart Rates To Avoid Cardiac Arrest

Although far less lethal than guns, conducted electrical weapons (AKA stun guns) still pose the risk of cardiac arrest occurring after someone has been incapacitated. To help minimise the risk of that happening, researchers have successfully customised a stun gun to also monitor the target’s heart rate at the same time.

Taser Employees Appear To Troll Anti-Taser Documentary With Fake Reviews

Killing Them Safely is a documentary taking issue with the ‘less than lethal‘ part of Taser’s stun guns. It’s been critically acclaimed by the New York Times and Hollywood Reporter, but Taser’s employees have not-so-anonymously been taking to the internet to pan the movie.

Some US Cops Are Now Allowed To Taser And Tear Gas People From Drones

North Dakota just became the first state to legalise taser drones. Shocking.

Does The Indictment Of A Killer Cop Mean That Body Cams Work?

University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing has been indicted for murder in the shooting of Samuel Dubose, an unarmed black man. According to prosecutor Joseph Deters, video captured by Tensing’s body camera was the critical piece of evidence in the decision to pursue charges. Does this mean that cameras work?

Taser Profits Jumped 57 Per Cent Thanks To Sales Of Police Body Cameras

Taser International, the company best known for its namesake product, announced last week that its profits were up 57 per cent over the previous quarter. But it’s not because tasers are flying off the shelves. That huge bump in profits is coming from sales of body cameras to America’s police departments.

Taser's Police Body Camera Sales Are Up 288% Since Last Year

In case you needed tangible proof that the popular movement to strap cameras to cops is gaining momentum, the quarterly earnings report from camera manufacturer Taser’s got concrete numbers. It’s sales of cameras nearly tripled.

How The Taser Was Invented

Early use of an electronic control device, like the TASER, by law enforcement occurred in the 1960s when American police officers used electric cattle prods to disperse Civil Rights activists. As for the earliest cattle prods, this came about when inventor John Burton of Wichita, Kansas received a patent (US427549 A) in the late 1800s for such a device.

Slow-Motion Video Captures People's Faces As They Get Hit With Tasers

Photographer Patrick Hall took a series of portraits of people getting hit with a 300,000-volt taser. What’s even better: He also made a super-slow-motion video of the process for our enjoyment.

Can You Drift A Car While Being Tased?

No. Well, probably not, as long as you’re a normal person and not Chris Forsberg, drifting savant and former Formula Drift champion. Hoonigan got in the car with Forsberg, and zapped him with a handheld low-powered Taser while he was flicking his Silvia around a few corners. The drifting pro actually handled it pretty well.

This Week In Time Capsules: Florida Sends A Taser To 2064

This week we have an incredibly old glass capsule that was smashed open in London, a grunge-era capsule unearthed at a Washington McDonald’s, and a huge new capsule in Florida that may shock you.

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