Monster Machines: Amphibious Tank Killer Gets New Pop-Up Missile Launcher

The US Marine Corps is a fast-moving, flexible, forward-operating force geared to take and hold territory quickly and efficiently. This flexibility is exemplified in the US Marine Corps’ favourite armoured troop carrier: the eight-wheeled, tank-hunting LAV-AT. The only thing it can’t do is fly.

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Crush Stuff In His Tank

Arnie wants you to help him crush stuff with a tank, and to show you how fun it can be, he’s been crushing a few things in anticipation of your arrival.

Someone Gave Arnold Schwarzenegger A Tank To Run Over Stuff With

Briefly: What do you do once you’ve starred in just about every conceivable action movie on the planet? You get a tank and spend your days obliterating stuff with it. At least that’s what Arnie is doing in his latest venture, called Will It Crush?.

The Amazing Antonov A-40: A Flying Tank

When it comes to war, innovation is key and WWII saw more insane ideas and weapons of war developed than perhaps any before it. One of the more surreal was the Antonov A-40, colloquially known as the tank that could fly!

Tank-Powered Sledding Is Now Officially The Best Winter Sport

It may never one day become an official Olympic sport, but it’s hard to argue that riding in a sled while being dragged around by a tiny electric tank doesn’t look far more exciting than skiing, snowboarding and skating combined.

Exploding Dogs Were Used As Mobile Anti-Tank Mines During World War II

Today I found out about the use of exploding anti-tank dogs during World War II. These dogs, usually Alsatians, were also called “Hundminen” or “dog mines.” They were trained to carry explosives on their bodies to enemy tanks, where they would then be detonated. No, it did not end very well for the dogs in question.

Monster Machines: Russia's Unstoppable Terminator Tank Is Now Even More Deadly

After being thoroughly worked over by Chechen separatists at the Battle of Grozny in 1995, Russia set about reinventing its armoured divisions. The existing BMP-2 vehicles were scrapped in favour of the improved BMPT “Ramka”, better known as the Terminator. And, earlier this year, an even bigger sequel was delivered: The BMPT-72. Call it Terminator 2.

This RC Tank Jams Enemy Wireless Signals In A 15-Metre Radius

While not as popular as cars, monster trucks, or even planes, remote control tanks have become surprisingly complex and capable over the years, even to the point of actually firing plastic pellets. The No Network tank, however, doesn’t fire at targets you can see. Instead, it’s equipped with a wireless jammer that blocks cellular signals in a 10- to 15-metre radius around the tank, making it decidedly more dangerous… at least if you’re waiting for an important call.

Watch These Tiny RC Tanks Fight A Surprisingly Epic Miniature Battle

The folks at FinalCutKing, who brought us that wonderful remote control car chase a while ago, are back with a new scaled-down film involving tanks, fighter planes and simulated explosions galore. But don’t let the fact that these are just toys prevent you from getting caught up in the action.

The Horrifying Flame Tank Of The 1930s Meant To End All Wars

In 1936, Hugo Gernsback proposed a terrifying new war machine meant to be more efficient than any that had come before it. He called it the “flame tank”. And while the thing looks absolutely horrifying in every way (those appear to be dozens of people being burned alive by the tank’s flame guns), the stated goal of Gernsback’s machine of death was actually to make war less brutal.