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Behold The M1 Abrams Tank Blasting Its Cannon Like A Fire Beast

It’s not only the fire breathing blast that’s cool in this photo of a M1 Abrams firing its 120mm smoothbore cannon, it’s also the dirt rising from the ground and the dust that surrounds the tank like a forcefield. There is so much power in one picture.

Monster Machines: We Find Out What It's Like To Ride Inside An Authentic WW2-Era Tank

The Matilda II Mark IV was an Allied infantry tank of the Second World War. Noted for its formidably armored hull, it was one of the primary tanks used by Australian Army regiments during New Guinea, Bougainville and Borneo campaigns. Last week, we stepped inside one of these 25-tonne death machines for an authentic taste of World War II driving. Here are the photos.

Monster Machines: South Korea's Black Panther Battle Tank Shoots Parachute Bombs

When your neighbours are Kim Jung-un level crazy, you’d better make sure your defenses are bigger and badder than anything they can throw at you. Or at least just as crazy, like the K2 Black Panther’s parachute munitions.

Watch The Pentagon Wars Because Bureaucracy Sucks

Video: After spending my entire week wrestling with the Kafka double-whammy of healthcare and taxes, I feel like I’m about to drown in paperwork. But no matter how bad the from-filling gets, The Pentagon Wars is living (and hilarious) proof that things can always get worse.

DARPA's Experimental Tank May One Day Dodge Incoming Threats

Last month, the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency introduced what a next-generation tank might look like. Known as the Ground X-Vehicle Technology (GXV-T) program, this experimental vehicle is less like the traditional heavily armoured brutes typically on the battlefield. These are built for speed.

Pizza Tank Actually Fires 14-Inch Pizzas

Video: Holy crap, it’s real! As this new video shows, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Pizza Thrower — a full scale 3.66m-long version of the classic toy — actually works, throwing pizzas fast and far enough to actually hurt people with dough, cheese, and pepperoni projectiles. They should really call it the Pizza Tank.

These Easy-To-Install Treads Turn Any Car Into A Tank

If you’re an off-roading enthusiast you’ve probably already seen those kits that let you replace your truck’s wheels with a set of four tank treads for tackling any terrain. The Track N Go is the same idea, except that you don’t need a garage, a lift, or any kind of mechanical know-how to install them. You just drive your vehicle onto the treads, lock them in place, and away you go.

Ukrainian Tank Goes Kamikaze On A Road Near Crimea

Video: A car dash cam in Mariupol — an Ukrainian city 500km from Crimea — captured this tank wreaking havoc through a street, smashing through a billboard and invading road lanes going in the opposite direction. Luckily, the car driver avoided a potential collision and continued to drive like nothing had happened.

The Norwegian Army Is Using The Oculus Rift To See Through Its Tanks

When it comes to protection, a hulking vehicle made of armour is probably one of the safer places you can be. The downside of hanging out in a metallic womb though, is that it’s kind of tough to see out. That is until you strap on an Oculus Rift and turn the tank invisible.

Monster Machines: Amphibious Tank Killer Gets New Pop-Up Missile Launcher

The US Marine Corps is a fast-moving, flexible, forward-operating force geared to take and hold territory quickly and efficiently. This flexibility is exemplified in the US Marine Corps’ favourite armoured troop carrier: the eight-wheeled, tank-hunting LAV-AT. The only thing it can’t do is fly.

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