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Deals: Save Up To 50% On Scrivener 2 And Scapple

Stay on top of your work with two of the best productivity apps ever produced, Scrivener 2 and Scapple. Gizmodo Australia readers can save big when they purchase Scrivener 2 for just $30 AUD [$22.50 USD] and Scapple for only $12 AUD [$8.99 USD]. The Scrivener offer expires on May 4, 2016, so don’t wait too long to take advantage of these remarkably low prices.

The Force Awakens Invades These Classic Star Wars Card Designs

Yesterday marked the official one-year anniversary of the popular app Star Wars Card Trader and to mark the occasion characters and images from The Force Awakens are taking over.

Opera Shows Off 'Faster' Native Ad-Blocking, But The Comparison Could Be Better

Advertising. It’s one of the first irritants you grab an extension for on fresh install of Chrome or Firefox. But what if your browser supported ad-blocking out of the gates? Opera has just debuted such a feature in the development version of its browser and should be rolled out soon to all users.

Firefox's 'YouTube Unblocker' Add-On Removed By Mozilla For Bad Behaviour

One usually doesn’t question the trustworthiness of a Firefox extension from Mozilla’s official add-on site, but in the case of the recently removed “YouTube Unblocker”, that faith would have been misplaced. The add-on is no longer available, after being removed by Mozilla for violating the organisation’s extension guidelines.

WhatsApp Is Killing Support For Older Mobile Devices

Nothing lasts forever — including software support. If you’re still rocking a device with Windows Phone 7.1 or Android 2.2 and love WhatsApp, I have some bad news for you: It’s time to upgrade, for the sake of your chatting future.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Be Light On Pre-Installed Software: Report

If you were expecting more news regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, well, you picked the right horse. According to sources in touch with Talk Android, the S7’s physical design isn’t the only thing that’s gotten some attention — it’ll be slimmer in the software department too.

Keep A Local File Backup Daily With Bvckup 2

Sometimes, you don’t want a complicated full system backup, or a cloud service storing your files where someone else might be able to access them. If you just have a couple of folders of important files that you want to regularly and safely duplicate, then Bvckup 2 is the piece of software that you need, with no unnecessary frills.

There's A Donald Trump Programming Language

If programming isn’t political enough for you, maybe you need to try a new language. How about TrumpScript, which lets you create code that the great Donald Trump would be proud to execute. If he could, you know, understand it.

How To Jump Straight To Important WhatsApp Chats On Android

Now that you’ve gotten over the excitement of WhatsApp scrapping its annual fee, you’re probably wondering how you can start making the most of the Facebook-owned messaging app. One trick for Android users you might not have come across is using widgets to jump straight to your favourite conversations. Here’s how.

Some Twisted Microsoft Developer Made This Awful Alarm Clock App From Hell

The morning and I have a hate-hate relationship that has seen more than one alarm clock shatter against an unyielding wall, so I don’t really know why a Microsoft developer would feel the need to code an alarm app that forces you to play unnecessarily ‘quirky’ and ‘fun’ games to turn it off.

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