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There's A Donald Trump Programming Language

If programming isn’t political enough for you, maybe you need to try a new language. How about TrumpScript, which lets you create code that the great Donald Trump would be proud to execute. If he could, you know, understand it.

How To Jump Straight To Important WhatsApp Chats On Android

Now that you’ve gotten over the excitement of WhatsApp scrapping its annual fee, you’re probably wondering how you can start making the most of the Facebook-owned messaging app. One trick for Android users you might not have come across is using widgets to jump straight to your favourite conversations. Here’s how.

Some Twisted Microsoft Developer Made This Awful Alarm Clock App From Hell

The morning and I have a hate-hate relationship that has seen more than one alarm clock shatter against an unyielding wall, so I don’t really know why a Microsoft developer would feel the need to code an alarm app that forces you to play unnecessarily ‘quirky’ and ‘fun’ games to turn it off.

Someone Has Made A Word Processor That Runs Only Using Graphics Card Shaders

WordToy is a very simple word processor, made in a very unique way.

5 Apps To Give Your Phone Extra Superpowers

If you’re wanting to go beyond the basic stuff everyone does with their phone — either by extending its capabilities or by taking more control over what it already does — we’ve got just the collection of tools for you. These automators, taskers and shortcut makers can quickly hack Android or iOS to do your mobile bidding.

How To Update Your Google Calendar When Travelling Across Time Zones

As you make your way around the world or simply across the country, you may want your calendar appointments to shift to match your current time zone, or you might need them to stay fixed no matter where you are — fortunately Google Calendar lets you switch between both options if you delve into the settings for its mobile apps.

Hide The Menu Bar In OS X El Capitan For A True Full-Screen Experience

If you’re busy exploring everything that OS X El Capitan has to offer, one of the smaller new features that you might not have come across yet is the ability to automatically hide the menu bar from view — if you want a truly full-screen experience for your regular apps, it’s easy to toggle it on and off.

Dead In The Water: Firefox OS Won't Be Turning Up On Mobiles Anytime Soon

Firefox OS was a thing, right? Mozilla demoed it quite a few times, then smartphones packing the platform started appearing. In the last six months however, it’s been deathly quiet on the Firefox OS front. Probably because it is dead, at least for now.

Firefox's Tile Advertising Hasn't Worked Out For Mozilla

It’s no secret Mozilla has been toying with ideas to monetise Firefox, with one “experiment” including advertisement-filled home page tiles. After trialling the feature for a while, Mozilla has decided to give it the axe.

Adobe's Photoshop Fix Is One Of The Best Mobile Apps For Fixing Selfies

For a long time, Adobe has been a name designers and photographers could name drop to let you know they’re serious. And because the software wasn’t cheap and required some know-how to use it well, it usually worked. But Adobe’s new iOS app, Photoshop Fix, significantly lowers that technical barrier.

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