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Take A Good Look At The Costume Of Star Trek Beyond's Main Villain

One of the biggest take aways from the latest Star Trek Beyond trailer is the crew of the Enterprise is in trouble. That’s because of Krall, a brand new villain played by Idris Elba, who has quite the bone to pick with the Federation.

Cumulus Is A Terrifying Look At Our Future Silicon Valley Dystopia

The rise of Silicon Valley has been characterised by ever-increasing technological advances and extreme economic stratification. In Eliot Peper’s new novel, Cumulus, a conspiracy threatens to exploit those tensions, amidst a stark and terrifying story of what the future likely holds for us.

Paramount's Lawsuit Against Axanar Productions Star Trek Fan Film Is 'Going Away' (Updated)

At last night’s Star Trek fan event, the latest trailer for Star Trek Beyond wasn’t the only newsworthy event: JJ Abrams announced that Paramount Pictures’ lawsuit against Axanar Productions was “going away”.

New Images From The Set Of Alien: Covenant Promise Carnage

Michael Fassbender has been talking quite a bit about what to expect in the upcoming sequel to Prometheus. Now, new pictures show that it’s going to be pretty terrifying. Potential spoilers ahead.

A Recipe For Your Hangover Michelada That's Impossible To Screw Up

It’s Sunday morning. Probably. You’re disoriented and the inside of your mouth has been replaced by arse-flavoured shellac. The full weight of last night will soon come rushing back to you, and you need enough hair of the dog to qualify as taxidermy in order to steel yourself against the impending nausea.

The Candy Man Can Make Lolly Drops With A Victorian Era Machine

Never has a combination of gears and cranks looked so sweet. On its YouTube channel, Lofty Pursuits, a confectionery and ice cream shop in the US, makes lollies the old-fashioned way: using Victorian-era machines, including brass rollers.

Working With Steven Seagal Sounds Both Surreal And Hilarious

Oh Steven Seagal. How the mighty fall. From the respectable heights of Under Siege to the deplorable depths of Half Past Dead. It’s no secret Seagal went, uh, off the path as his films transitioned from the silver screen to direct to video, but you don’t realise just how far until you listen to storyteller extraordinaire Stephen Tobolowsky explain how it was working with the guy.

Just 4 Minutes Of Matthew McConaughey Making Weird Noises

The same folks who realised Owen Wilson is contractually obligated to say “wow” in every film have stumbled upon something truly strange: Matthew McConaughey makes a lot of noises. Noises that are not words. Noises that do not convey almost any information other than “I am Matthew McConaughey and my mouth can make this sound.”

The New Dungeons & Dragons Movie Has A Director

Last year, when Warner Bros. got the rights to make a new Dungeons & Dragons movie, it seemed like a pipe dream. But now a director has been hired and a trip to the Forgotten Realms is closer than ever.

Can You Paint A Room By Just Blowing Up A Bucket Of Paint?

Painting a wall is boring because it takes so much time and requires so much preparation to not get paint everywhere. But what if it could be exciting and done quickly and the point was to get paint everywhere? Like what if you blew up some paint buckets to see if the explosion of colours could paint a room?

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