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Did Somebody Say Beetlejuice On Broadway?

Come on Broadway, you know you’re not supposed to say his name three times. Apparently somebody must have broken the rules, as The New York Post reports that a stage version of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is in the works.

Drago From Rocky IV Eats Olympic Pentathlon Sisters For Breakfast

In what might be the weirdest Olympics tie-in since suggesting that Olympians eat McDonald’s, the US Pentathlon Team for the 2016 Rio Olympics has teamed up with The Expendables star Dolph Lundgren in, well, I simply can’t do it justice.

Dwayne Johnson Says Jumanji Is Not A Reboot

We’ve been a bit cautious for the past several months about the new Jumanji flick. After all, the original is well beloved (at least for 90s kids), and it seems weird to remake the semi-serious kids movie as an outright buddy comedy. Well, Jumanji star Dwayne Johnson is putting our fears to rest (kind of).

Why The Hell Was There A Gun Seller At A Wizard World?

Yeah, you heard right. There was a freaking gun retailer at a comic convention. But, it didn’t last long.

Watch How Star Wars Pod Race Shamelessly Rips Off Ben Hur

It’s a race to the finish, with chariots on one side and pods on the other. In the end, though, Charlton Heston always wins.

Morgan Continues Sci-Fi Trend Of The Artificially Perfect Woman

The latest trailer for the Ridley Scott-produced horror Morgan quadruples down on one of the biggest current trends in science fiction: Trying and failing, to create the perfect woman.

Someone Made A Life-Size Bust Of Star Trek's Scotty That You Can Eat

They can erect giant metal statues in your likeness, paint elaborate portraits and maybe even make a movie about your life. But when they make a life-size chocolate bust of you, that’s when you know you really did something important with your time on Earth. Or off of it, in the case of Star Trek‘s Scotty.

Batman's Gotta Be A Lousy Lay, Right? (NSFW)

We all know that Bruce Wayne spent years travelling the world, mastering all manner of esoteric mental and physical disciplines to become the Dark Knight. But there’s no way he can do all that and be a bomb-arse lover, too. There is no doubt in my mind that Batman is very bad at The Sex.

My Worst Obsessions As A Toy Collector

I love toys. I am (supposedly) a fully grown adult, and yet, I lose my shit over tiny bits of plastic on a regular basis — the losing of said shit is how I came to work for this very website. But let me tell you: loving toys is both incredibly fun and a terrible hobby to develop. Here’s why.

I'm Pretty Sure I Creeped Out The New Han Solo

I didn’t mean to. I just walked into a theatre to see a movie and there he was — Alden Ehrenreich, the actor recently cast as the young Han Solo, one seat away from me. He was just there to see a movie on a quiet Sunday afternoon, just like me. It was only after I sat down that I realised something was wrong. I was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt.

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