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Will You Buy An Xbox One?

The Xbox One: a totally new control that listens to your voice, gives you an immersive experience, Skype while you’re playing games and major multitasking. From the looks of it, Microsoft’s new console is a nice version of the entertainment future. But will you buy one?

Spotify Takes On Billboard With Free-To-Play Most-Streamed Charts

Spotify has decided to take on the likes of Billboard with its own charts, making available a list of the top-50 most-streamed and most-shared songs to the public. The Wall Street Journal reports that, in a push to broaden its user base, the music streaming service is sharing the data — and the music to match.

Microsoft's New Kinect: Much More Than Mere Motion Control

I hope you like motion control, because it ain’t going anywhere. Microsoft just announced its new Kinect, and although it’s not literally wired into the Xbox One, it will be coming with every Xbox One sold. But this time Kinect is less about about gaming and more about media than ever.

Xbox One Could Be The Best Friend Your TV Ever Had

Xbox One is making TV watching awesome. It can switch back and forth between games and TV like you do with your TV remote, but with your voice and gestures. This makes it insanely easy to multitask.

The Weirdest Thing On The Internet Tonight: Wandering

This awesome 8-bit retro music video from Joe Presser is a classic tale of love: boy meets girl, boy runs away from girl, girl undergoes gruelling training regimen to hunt down boy and deliver smooches. It’s like Forrest Gump but in reverse.

How A Trumpet Works Explained In One Animated GIF

Compared to electric gadgetry, something like a trumpet is a pretty simple contraption, but the way it actually works is super clever when you see it in action. The principle is very straightforward, but the construction of the actual pieces that re-route your hot air are damn cool to see at work.

The Favourite Boozy Beverage Of Classic Movie Characters, In One Chart

The Big Lebowski’s The Dude? White Russians. Silence of the Lambs’ Hannibal Lecter? Chianti. This awesome cocktail chart maps the drinks of choice for characters in classic books and movies.

Star Trek Into Darkness Writer Admits That The Nudity Was Gratuitous

Before you all explode with complaints: this post has no Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers. Anyway, if you’ve seen the trailer for the new Star Trek movie, you know that there’s a weird shot of Alice Eve in her underwear. It’s just as weird in the movie, and almost looks like they had to throw some nudity in the film to keep people paying attention to the blah-blah. Well now Damon Lindelof, the writer of Star Trek Into Darkness, has come out and said that the scene was out of place in the film. Quite right.

Tokyo Has Never Sounded This Incredible

What do you get when you combine a 1:1000-scale model of Tokyo, 3D video projection mapping and catchy techno riffs? Three minutes of awesome, that’s what.

Maths Jokes, Explained

If you have to explain a joke, that usually means it’s not a very good joke. But, if you’re telling a maths joke, maybe it just means your audience never enjoyed algebra as much as you did. Either way, these videos help explain to the less able mathematicians out there why they’re funny.

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