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When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Laptop? (And What's Next From Intel)

So your trusty laptop is starting to show its age. No one can blame you for wanting a new one, but when should you pull the trigger and buy?

Microsoft, Don't Bail On Windows 8

The sheer audacity of Windows 8 was enough to set it apart. It was startling, the kind of uncompromising upheaval you almost never see from a frontrunner. Despite obvious missteps — big, idiotic, self-inflicted ones, more often than not — it always gave the sense that it was just wrong-footed, correctable stuff, never cause for a total retreat. Except, if recent reports are to be believed, that’s just what Microsoft seems to be doing. Retreating. And we really hope it doesn’t.

Quantum Computer Kicks PC Arse In First Ever Head-To-Head Test

Scientists often claim that quantum computers will blow the competition away in the coming years. Now, the world’s first head-to-head test has shown they leave regular PCs reeling in their wake.

How Adobe Built A Stylus Fit For The Cloud

Earlier this week we learned that Adobe is abandoning Creative Suite for the cloud. But at the tail end of its announcement, the company also revealed a surprising little hardware project that shows how it plans to augment Creative Cloud: a pressure-sensitive iPad stylus called Project Mighty and its ruler cousin, Napoleon.

Sony's New Cheap Laptops Are Actually Kind Of Beautiful

We’ve sort of gotten used to having to spend a disproportionate amount of money on nice-looking computers. Cheap laptops are not the same as premium laptops. We understand that. For once, though, inexpensive doesn’t mean “junky plastic mess”.

QWERTY's Origin Story Is A Big Fat Lie

You use it every day without a second thought, but if you think about it for just a second, QWERTY is really, really weird. Where did something so strangely unintuitive come from? The popular story is that it has to do with typewriter mechanics and jamming prevention, and although that explanation sure is tidy, it’s also probably bullshit.

Amazon Leaks The World's First Small-Screen Windows 8 Tablet

Rumours have swirled recently suggesting that a new breed of small Windows 8 tablets would soon appear in the wild. Now, Amazon has managed to accidentally leak the first tablet of its kind.

How Close Are We To Living In The Star Wars Universe?

Over the weekend, geeks everywhere celebrated May The Fourth: the world’s pre-eminent celebration of all things Star Wars. After you’ve donned your favourite Jedi cloak, played with your replica lightsaber and rebuilt your favourite X-Wing Lego replica for a third time, come with us on a journey down the rabbit hole as we ask just how long it will take to live in the Star Wars universe.

Acer Aspire R7: The First True Convertible Ultrabook / Tablet?

This is either brilliant or absolutely insane. Acer’s new R7 ultrabook is the weirdest change to laptop design in years. It’s great that Acer’s doing this weird new thing that doesn’t exactly make sense, just to see if it works.

Nooks Just Turned Into Real Android Tablets

When it comes to skinned, forked, mainly-for-media-consumption Android tablets, Barnes & Noble’s Nook HD and Nook HD+ offerings have always played second fiddle to Amazon’s Kindle Fires, and a shortage of apps was a big part of that. Now, Nooks are taking a step into real full-fledged tabletdom with a big big update: the Google.

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