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Watching A Hummingbird In Slow Motion Is Still Pretty Majestic

Slow motion was invented to capture every single thing in slow motion. Explosions, cheetahs, robots, people and hummingbirds. The detail you see in slow motion is always better than real life.

The World's First Webcam Was Created To Check A Coffee Pot Remotely

Nobody likes arriving at an empty coffee pot, especially computer scientists at Cambridge University. That’s why, back in 1991, a team of them invented the world’s first webcam to keep an eye on coffee levels from their desks.

Airports Are A Beautiful Twisted Mess

Airports are a weird contradiction; labyrinthine roadways and arteries between terminals, surrounded by an expanse of seemingly limitless straightaways. Put both together and you get wonderfully calculated mayhem and a few killer photos.

New York Sure Looks Beautiful From Space At Night

Sometimes, a new view of something you know well can make you stop and stare — like this beautiful image of New York at night, snapped by crew aboard the ISS. This picture was taken by one of NASA’s Expedition 35 crew members aboard the International Space Station on March 23, 2013.

This Could Be The World's Smallest Night Vision Camera

When you’re creeping outside someone’s bedroom at night trying to get shots of them sleeping, the last thing you need to deal with is a bulky pair of night-vision goggles. S stalkers of the world rejoice! JTT has designed what looks like the smallest night vision camera ever that lets you stay as inconspicuous as possible.

Could Adjusting Your Cameraphone Settings Based On The Weather Improve Your Shots?

Like it or not, compared to a DSLR, or even a point-and-shoot, your smartphone’s camera sucks. They’ve gotten considerably better over the years, and they will continue to improve, but their tiny sensors and limited optics means image quality, and their ability to accurately process a scene still have a long way to go.

It's Amazing That The Same View Of The Same Ocean Can Look So Different

Here’s a wonderfully colourful photo project by photographer Robert Weingarten that shows how psychedelic our world can get. Weingarten took a photo at 6.30 in the morning of the same view of Santa Monica Bay from his home in Malibu for an entire year. Even with all that sameness, each photo captures something completely different.

What A Stadium Looks Like From The POV Of A Baseball In Flight

America’s most popular boring sport is back. If you have even a passing interest in baseball, here’s a bit of fun. A GoPro on a baseball. Yep, as silly and wonderful as it sounds.

Lunchtime Deal: Panasonic FT20 Tough Camera $175

JB Hi-Fi’s selling off Panasonic’s rather rugged point and shoot FT20 for a very wallet-friendly $175 at the moment.

Liquid Image Apex HD+ Review: Snow Goggles With Built-In Action Cam

It will be winter soon, which means you’ll need an action camera to take with you on the slopes. However, there are some drawbacks. What if it falls off your helmet? What if the angle is too high or too low? Those are the sorts of problems Liquid Image tackles by building an action cam right into your snow goggles. And it comes so very close to solving them.

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