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A Cup-Holding Device Mount Makes Flying Slightly More Bearable

Gone are the days when flying was like taking a luxury cruise. Passengers are now herded onto planes and into seats that barely leave enough room to breath. There are ways to make flying slightly more enjoyable, though, like a tablet mount called the Airhook that also holds a drink so you can leave your tray table folded away.

This Locked-Down Prison Tablet Makes iOS Seem Open

The nation’s overcrowded prison system is in a sad state, and it’s not made any better by only having access to this incredibly basic 4.3-inch JP5mini tablet.

Kids Can Bring LeapFrog's New Interactive Flash Cards Into Their Tablets

The LeapPad — that Tonka-tough tablet from LeapFrog you’re not afraid to hand over to your kids — is taking a cue from Nintendo amiibo and Disney Affinitiy with a collection of educational card packs called Imagicards that interact with apps and games on the device when imported through its camera. But they can also be enjoyed on their own when playing with a tablet isn’t an option — or its battery is dead.

New Asus Tablet Has Swappable Backs That Add Extra Features

Asus has announced a new ZenPad tablet that allows you to swap its back panel. But unlike phones of yesteryear, these changes add new features — like extended battery life or a more powerful set of speakers.

Asus Audio Cover Hands-On: Holy Crap, This Thing Is Awesome

When Asus announced its new ZenPad at Computex yesterday, it slipped a little gadget into the accessories section that we think needs a lot more attention. It’s called the Audio Cover, and it’s an awesome idea.

Google's Project Tango Is Now Sized For Smartphones

Google’s Project Tango is amazing, but it’s taking its sweet time making it to market. This crazy alien head of a camera could change all that. Qualcomm and Google just teamed up to shrink it down to a size suitable for your pocket.

Four Things Google Didn't Announce At I/O

A great philosopher once said that you can’t always get what you want. If you try sometimes, you get what you need. Android got what it needed at I/O this morning in the form of some polish, but there were a few notable absences from the running order. Here’s what we missed out on at I/O.

Lenovo Launches Windows 10 Tablet For The Business Set

The product announcements are coming thick and fast at Lenovo Tech World in Beijing. We just got shown a new business tablet running on Windows 10; the ThinkPad 10. Here’s a look at the specs.

Cortana Leaps Onto Lenovo PCs With Boosted Search Capabilities

Lenovo today announced a new collaboration with Microsoft that will see Windows 10’s Siri challenger, Cortana, enhanced with a new propitiatory search platform. Dubbed REACHit, it will allow Cortana to search and locate difficult-to-find content across multiple devices and cloud services with a few spoken commands.

Hope You Weren't Expecting A Single Version Of Windows 10

Microsoft announced Windows 10 as one big, free operating system that ran on everything: tablets, phones, PCs, televisions, game consoles and more. The fine print betrayed that marketing line though: it would only be a free upgrade for non-enterprise customers, which meant there would still be Home, Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows 10. Now it’s official.

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