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What It's Like To Use The iPad Pro As A Tablet

Apple’s souped-up iPad Pro is supposed to be a laptop replacement — yet as many have already pointed out, it just isn’t up to the task. So I decided to use the iPad Pro as its namesake suggests: As a huge arse iPad. To my surprise, I liked it.

Samsung Galaxy View Review: I Love This Magical Slab Of Content

I love movies. I first watched Annie Hall on my phone. I fill my tablet with movies and watch them on planes. I still watch movies on my laptop, even when there’s an actual television just a few feet away. This is why the Samsung Galaxy View feels so terribly intriguing.

Apple iPad Pro: Australian Review

Goddamn. I mean…goddamn. When you look at the iPad Pro, it looks ridiculous. You’ll never find someone who isn’t flabbergasted by the sheer size. How could anyone ever love something this preposterously large? But when you stop fat-shaming the maxi-tablet and actually start using it, you’re almost instantly seduced by everything.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Australian Review

Microsoft’s Surface division is under siege. In the four years after the Redmond giant got the idea of making the world’s best convertible, it has had the field almost entirely to itself. Now, heading into 2016, the Surface is surrounded by its competition, fighting for dominance at every price point. Is the Surface Pro 4 a big enough stick to beat back the opposition?

Samsung's Galaxy View: Take-Anywhere TV You Never Knew You Wanted

It’s a remarkable feeling when you find a gadget that makes no sense yet feels so right. The Galaxy View, an 18.4-inch portable touchscreen TV, is one of those gadgets. And it promises remarkable things.

Android 6 Vs. iOS 9: The Showdown

It wasn’t too long ago that we put the major mobile operating systems head to head, but with big updates from both Google and Apple in the meantime, we think it’s worth another look at where they both stand. Is there a clear winner? Or are they barely distinguishable any more?

2 In 1 Devices Explained: Part Laptop, Part Tablet

Gizmodo Video Guide: Not quite a tablet yet not entirely a laptop — the 2 in 1 is a hybrid with the functionality of both devices. Let’s take a look at the unique capabilities of these devices with support for a variety of different uses.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review: I Love It, But Not For Real Work

Nobody knows what to make of the Microsoft Surface. It’s neat looking, but also kind of awkward. Great at certain things and oddly tantalising, But who’s it really for? This latest hybrid iteration, the Surface Pro 4, is a refinement of sorts and sometimes subtle tweaks can go a long way toward making something worth buying.

Toshiba's New DynaPad Is A Surface Clone For People Who Scribble

Toshiba has just announced a new Windows 10 convertible called the DynaPad, that shares more than a passing resemblance to the Microsoft Surface — but it’s lighter, thinner and likely a good bet for anyone who needs to use a stylus.

Microsoft Surface 3: One The Best And Most Accurate Tablet Displays

The key element for a great tablet has always been a truly innovative and top performing display, and the best leading edge tablets have always flaunted their beautiful high-tech displays. The Microsoft Surface 3 is no exception.

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