A Side Table For Charging Gadgets That Plugs Right Into The Wall

The wireless utopia we’ve all been patiently waiting for (while tripping over cords) is still nowhere to be seen, but it’s not for lack of trying. Designer Youmin Vincent Kim has come up with a wonderful interim solution with the Soak desk that leans up against, and plugs directly into, a wall — allowing it to serve as a central spot for charging gadgets.

Coffee Table Ping-Pong Is More Entertaining Than A Stack Of Magazines

Who says coffee tables can only serve as magazine storage, beverage holders, or less than comfortable footrests? Huzi Design’s Ping-Pong coffee table proves they can also be a great way to entertain guests without resorting to breaking out your Catan board.

Watch This Table Transform Into Two Totally Different Shapes

This brain-bender of a coffee table by Brooklyn-based designer Ian Stell looks like an oversized game of Jenga, but the slats have been engineered to shape shift from acute triangle to equilateral with absolutely no toppling. Pretty sneaky, Stell.

A Round Ping Pong Table With A Spinning Net Makes University Even Harder

The average university student spends the majority of their time either playing foosball or ping pong. It’s arguably one of the most vital skills you can leave higher education with, but it’s important to keep improving yourself after graduation. And that’s why this round ping pong table with a net that’s free to spin is a must-have.

Every Office Needs A Giant Severed Robot Hand Conference Table

When your software company is called Robotoki, it only makes sense that your offices would be adorned with random robo-memorabilia. But the company’s brand new conference table, which sits atop the severed hand from some giant imaginary mech, goes beyond the call of duty.

2001 Inspired This Table Supported By Toppling Monolith Dominos

How’s your furniture budget for 2014 looking? Obscenely well-funded? If that’s the case, you might want to seriously consider this eye-catching Megalith Table. Inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s iconic science fiction series, the table’s glass top appears to be supported by a series of domino-like monoliths frozen in a perpetual topple.

This Extending Table Puts Its Workings On Full Display

Sometimes, it’s good to have nowhere to hide — and this extending table is a great example. With a perfectly transparent surface, its inner workings have to look presentable. And they sure do.

Your Cup Of Coffee Sits On Every Side Of This Möbius Table

Are your coffee breaks too simple? Do you fancy a little mental stimulation when you kick back? Then you need aMöbius strip table. You won’t know which side you’ve put your feet up on.

A Functional Cork Keeps This Coffee Table From Collapsing

If there are any IKEA engineers reading this post, please take note. Your system of using hex bolts and Allen keys to assemble your flat-pack furniture is OK, but things would be a heck of a lot easier for everyone if all of your pieces were held together with giant wine corks. Clearly designer Hyeonil Jeong is onto something here.

This Sleek Table Is Hiding A Playground For Cats

Cats love climbing through cosy spaces. That’s why the CATable, a beautifully functional work surface with built in tunnels for burrowing, is so appealing to them. In the words of designer Ruan Hao, “It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats.”