This Side Table Gobbles Up Your Clutter Like A Hungry Animal

We all have a surface somewhere in our home that is covered in clutter: phones, wallets, coins, keys, pens, cables, tickets and all other kinds of crap. But this neat console table gobbles it all up to keep it out of sight.

This Wooden Table Is Actually Made Of Glass

At first glance, this appears to be a fairly plain old wooden table. Wait, I can you see the leg through the tabletop? That will be because this wooden table is actually made from glass.

This Table Is Made From The Wood Of 50,000-Year-Old New Zealand Trees

Roughly 50,000 years ago, a series of horrible storms wracked northern New Zealand, burying stands of ancient Kauri trees in peat and mud — where they waited, for many, many millennia, to be rediscovered. As conference tables, apparently.

This Table Charges Your Devices By Mimicking Photosynthesis

It’s rare to find a designer who also knows their way around an electrical diagram, but Marjan van Aubel is one of them. The energy-minded designer is back with a new piece, Current Table, which uses dye solar cells to absorb energy and charge your devices.

Every Meal Time Is An Adventure With These Scenic Tables

If your meals lack a certain sense of stimulation, maybe you need one of these tables — each of which depict a beautiful outdoor landscape as if it were seen from far above.

46-Inch Touchscreen Coffee Table Anyone? Would You Like That With Windows Or Android?

The day we can all afford — and easily access — tables with built-in touchscreens, the world will be a happier place. Sure, you’ll have to take extra special care of it, lest a wayward coffee spill brings your dreams of touch-based, living room nirvana to a wet, caffeinated end, but think of the board games! One option that brings us closer to a consumer-practical option is Ideum’s tables, powered by Windows 8 (and soon Android).

New Awesome Videos Show How Mesmerising That Morphing Table Is

It still looks like magic. To be honest, I haven’t ruled out magic as a reasonable explanation for this yet yet. The MIT morphing table that lets you create a virtual version of you has some new tricks up its sleeves and they’re just as impressively mesmerising as the first time we saw it. Watch it control the red ball and inception a false reality on it.

These Clamps Turn Any Old Slab Of Wood Into A Table, No Drill Required

Buying furniture is expensive. And making furniture is hard. But with this set of table legs, you can fashion a beautiful custom table without so much as a toolbox at your disposal.

This Beautiful Wooden Table Only Weighs 4.5kg

This gorgeous wooden table, designed by Ruben Beckers, is called kleinergleich5 — which means “less than five” — because it weighs just 4.5kg. What the hell?

This Table Isn't Complete Until You Decorate It With -- Staples?

As the number of documents you actually need to print diminishes year by year, you’re probably finding that you don’t use office accessories as quickly. Like staples, which are all but useless without stacks of paper to bind. But designer Nilly Mozer has come up with another way to use them up: A lovely clear table that’s really only complete once you’ve adorned it with rows and rows of staples.