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The Latest Casualty Of Luke Cage: This T-Shirt

Can we start taking running bets on how many T-shirts Luke Cage will go through in the first season of his self-titled Netflix show? Because I’m gonna say a lot. Poor guy must have to buy them in bulk or something.

'Tis The Season To Wear This Festive Batman Wreath Tee

Briefly: Does your office have a festive dress code for its Christmas party? Not a problem, just grab this $US20 Bat-wreath tee from ThinkGeek and you’ll easily pass muster. It sadly doesn’t light up — which is an absolute Bat-tragedy — but it’s still a wonderful take on holiday decor that lets you express your love of comic book heroes and pine boughs. [ThinkGeek]

This Dude Wore A Different Band T-Shirt For 1000 Days In A Row

Like music? Buy albums? Go to concerts? Wear band T-shirts? Sure. But do you have a thousand different band T-shirts that you can wear for a thousand days in a row? Didn’t think so! Isac Walter does though. And he did it. He crushed it.

Sophisticated Star Wars Fans Dress In TIE Fighter Argyle

It’s rare to come across a piece of Star Wars clothing that one would ever consider classy, so kudos to the folks at Ian Leino who created this argyle pattern t-shirt that’s made up of perfectly arranged TIE fighters and their hexagonal panels.

Genius T-Shirt Playmat Includes A Built-In Massage For Mum Or Dad

When you’re a parent, you’ll do anything for your kids. But there’s nothing wrong if that anything happens to benefit you too. So what if you’re travelling, or visiting friends, and your kids are in dire need of a place to play with their toy cars or trains? Just slip on one of these playmat t-shirts, lay down on the ground, and not only will your kids have someplace to play, you’ll also enjoy a relaxing backrub at the same time.

Online Dating Replacement: Tragic 'Please Date Me' Clothing Line

Most attempts at “online dating” fail not because of some outwardly obvious personal defect on your part. It’s because it’s an inherent failure on the part of online dating as an institution not to dress you in regrettable cotton t-shirts that say that you are so very lonely and will try literally anything.

Amazon Blocks The Sale Of Gross, Auto-Generated 'Keep Calm And Rape Her' Shirts

The whole “Keep Calm and [X]” trend has been a fun little meme for merchandisers everywhere, ever since the now-public domain WWII slogan was rediscovered. But a seller on Amazon might have taken the opportunity too far.

Don't Toss That Tattered Old T-Shirt, Immortalise It In This Frame

You loved wearing it out in public all those years, but deep down you new your favourite t-shirt — with its ironic catchphrase/humorous illustration/retro faded corporate logo — would not last forever. Instead of demoting it to rag duty, you can immortalise it forever in this t-shirt-shaped T-Frame.

The World Needs These Star Wars And Indiana Jones Versions Of Donkey Kong

Look at these amazing Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Sesame Street and Dr Who conversions of Donkey Kong. I want to play them so badly. Unfortunately, they are not real editions of the original Nintendo’s arcade.

Qantas Incident Reminds Us Of The Sad State Of Air Travel

Let me tell you about the story of Wynand Mullings and his t-shirt. Mullins, a Kiwi living in Sydney, boarded a Qantas flight with a funny t-shirt that said “My name is Iñigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die”, a quote from The Princess Bride. Some people freaked out because they thought Mullins’s name was Iñigo and that he thought they killed his father and that he was going to kill them all now. True story, folks.

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