Listening To A Vintage Synth Next To Its Reboot Is Just So Satisfying

Last year, Korg set out to recreate the Arp Odyssey, a legendary synth that went out of production back in 1981. How does the result sound? Pretty darn good!

Listen To The Gnarly Churn Of $10,000 Worth Of Moog Synthesiser

Earlier this month, Moog announced that it would be reissuing an extremely limited number of rebooted instruments from the company’s extinct line of crazy modulars from the 1970s. You’ll probably never actually get to play one, but at the very least you can revel in the magnificent demo in the video above.

Watch In Awe As This Euro Dude Tries To Explain Modular Synthesisers

Meet Austrian-bred (but German-born) producer, composer and musician Patrick Pulsinger. He is a huge but really awesome nerd when it comes to modular synthesisers, and here he is trying to explain how it all works to a room full of interested people.

Korg's Tiny Synthesisers: The Most Adorable Way To Lay Down Your Jams

Well, these new itty-bitty analogue synthesisers from Korg are just so cute I want to gobble them up. From the demo video above, it sounds like the three Volca series keyboards are lovely little groove machines you might want to use too.

Nord Lead 4: Infinite Gnarly Sounds From A Single Synthesiser

The new Nord Lead 4 is the latest monster synth from the legendary Swedish instrument makers Clavia. And now my ears are melting.

Well, Hello, Creamsicle-Coloured Synthesiser

Usually, we don’t get too worked up about new colour options on gear, because it’s a gimmick. It’s usually a gimmick. It’s not every day someone shows me a synthesiser the colour of a delicious Creamsicle.

The Awesome Blinky Lights And Gnarly Sounds From NAMM 2013

NAMM is the musical instrument industry’s annual woohoo of a trade show where all the big names show off the fancy new wares they want the musicians of the world to embrace. But if you don’t actually go to the show, the best part is watching demo videos full of crazy sound and batshit blinking lights. Here’s our favourite stuff from this year’s show, complete with the desire inducing videos.

Korg MS-20 Mini: 1970s Patchable Synthesiser Resurrected

From 1978 to 1983, Korg produced the MS-20, a two-oscillator analogue synth that was patchable with 6mm cables a lot like a custom modular synth setup. People liked it because of its smooth sound and because the patch panel allowed you a limited degree of customisability without needing to invest in additional units. The MS-20 mini is this classic synth reborn in a tinier package.

Moog Sub Phatty: Twisted, Filthy, Gorgeous Bass

Moog synthesisers are legendary for their pure bubbling sound. Moog has been teasing its new Sub Phatty for a few weeks, and now it’s finally official. Meet the new obscene sound of the bassline.

Herbie Hancock Blows Kids' Minds With The Power Of Synthesised Music

Legendary jazz keyboardist Herbie Hancock stops by Sesame Street to explain the inner workings of the state-of-the-art (in 1983, at least) Fairlight CMI synthesiser and its monochrome touchscreen monitor to a bunch of seven year-olds.