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There's A Mobile Rave Right Now In Sydney, Protesting Nanny State Laws

This is how Sydney rolls. Moving from one end of the city to another, quite literally on wheels, is a mobile party to protest the death of Sydney nightlife. And it’s beautiful.

UberX Is Now Cheaper In Sydney Because Of Winter, But Is That A Good Idea?

Uber has cut the prices for its ride-sharing UberX tier in Sydney by 10 per cent in a bid to get the shivering masses around for cheap, but is it a good idea?

22 Enlightening Things To See At Vivid Sydney 2015

Once again, Sydney is preparing to be illuminated by the unique annual event that is Vivid. A festival of light, music and ideas, Vivid boasts dozens of bizarre, exclusive and crazy cool activities for you to experience. Here are Gizmodo’s picks for what you should see at Vivid this year!

Sydney Observatory's View Of The Sky Set To Be Blocked By New Skyscraper

For over 150 years, the Sydney Observatory has sat atop the city gazing at the stars in the hopes of telling us more about them. Its uninterrupted run of gazing upwards towards the stars above Sydney may be about to come to an end thanks to a new skyscraper project.

One Year In, Uber Australia Has Given One Million Rides In Sydney

That’s almost two uber rides every minute, 24/7 for a year. To celebrate, uberX crunched the numbers to come up with some very interesting statistics, such as the most popular late night hotspots based on pick-up location requests.

There's A Line For The Apple Watch In Sydney, But Why?

23. That’s how many people decided to queue up for the Apple Watch outside the Sydney Apple Store this morning. There’s only one problem: they won’t be able to walk out with an Apple Watch when they’re done.

According To Apple's Weather App, It's Snowing In Sydney Today. Here's Why That Happened

Apple’s official Weather app for iOS gave everyone in Sydney a bit of a shock this morning. Instead of telling people that the city’s run of extreme wind, rain and thunderstorms would continue, it predicted snow. Here’s why that happened.

Samsung Is Giving The Sydney Opera House A Hundred Tablets For Kids

If you’re a Year 3 or Year 4 student about to go on an excursion to learn about one of Australia’s most iconic and storied buildings, you’re in for a treat. Samsung has bequeathed 100 Galaxy Tab S tablets, and a carefully designed educational app called Quest to Stop the Mischief-Making Opera Ghost, to teach kids more about the Sydney Opera House.

The Colour, Sweat And Spectacle: Gizmodo Runs The Sydney Color Run

5 kilometres; tens of thousands of smiling faces. Four zones of food-dyed cornstarch colour assault all up in your bits. This is the Swisse Color Run, the ‘Happiest 5k on the Planet’. Last Sunday, Gizmodo Australia’s Luke Hopewell, Campbell Simpson and Danny Allen slapped on our protective sunnies, braved a lack of early morning coffee and put together this video of our Olympic Park battle.

Sydney's Australia Day Ferry Race Looks Amazing As A Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse

Video: Created from hundreds of photos captured by a digital SLR with a tilt-shift wide-angle lens, this video of annual Australia Day ferry race makes the vessels look like part of a children’s toy set — except for that massive 30,000-ton Navy carrier.

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