It Stormed In Sydney And Social Media Went Nuts

Image Cache It got a little hairy in Sydney last night, what with one of the largest storms the city has seen in recent memory lashing us up and down the coast. Because nothing happens unless social media is involved these days, the internet went nuts. Here are some of the best posts.

The Line For The iPhone 6 In Sydney Is The Biggest We've Ever Seen

Whoa. Just…whoa. The line for the iPhone 6 in Sydney stretched one block long and two blocks wide this morning, slowing foot traffic on the city’s busiest street to a nightclub-style dodge-and-crawl-affair. It’s the biggest line we’ve ever seen.

Small House In Sydney Is Selling For $1.875 Million

The Small House in Surry Hills, in inner city Sydney, in fact. The converted 7x6m parking garage, which featured in an episode of Grand Designs Australia, is going up for sale in a month. The owners, including original architect Dominic Alvaro, are asking for a cool $1.875 million.

Instagram Went Nuts Over The Incredible Sunset In Sydney Yesterday

If you happened to be outside when the sun went down over Sydney last night you were treated to an amazing sky, as well as a whole bunch of people trying to capture it on their devices.

The City Of Sydney Is Tackling Climate Change With Light-Coloured Roads

Cities are generally hotter than regional areas, due to something called the urban heat island effect; black tarmac on roads and dark suburban roofs can raise temperatures by up to eight degrees Celsius. This means more energy devoted to cooling and air conditioning. The City of Sydney is trialing a lighter colour of asphalt and pavement that reflects more light, reducing the city’s overall energy requirements.

Sydney Now Has A Second 3D Printing Studio

Buying a 3D printer for your home is an expensive (and confusing) undertaking. If you don’t want to drop a couple of grand on a new computer-controlled magical plastic extruder, you’ve got another choice: Sydney now has a second 3D printing studio, out in Parramatta.

Uber Sydney Gives The Bird To The NSW Government, Officially Launches UberX To Everyone

Uber is a taxi app that’s making waves all around the world. It mainly operates on an “ask forgiveness, never permission” model when launching in a new city. Uber Sydney has been trialling low-cost UberX ride-sharing services for a few weeks, and the New South Wales Government has reminded them that it’s against the law. Uber Sydney is now giving said government the bird, taking UberX live to the whole city and rubbing the bureaucrat’s noses in it.

Watch TEDxSydney Live Right Now: Australian Ideas Worth Sharing

From 9am to 6:30pm AEST today — Saturday April 26 — remarkable Australian-lead stories and concepts are being shared on stage from the Opera House in Sydney. From sex and mathematics to musical performances to breakthroughs in neuroscience, watch the live stream right here.

See Sydney In Miniature With This Beautiful Time-Lapse Film

Filippo Rivetti’s time-lapse of Sydney, filmed on Canon’s EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 7D digital SLRs, is absolutely beautiful. The video is filled with slow, sweeping shots of Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour, the Bridge and general city life, shot from some rare vantage points.

Sydney's Rampaging Water Buffaloes Came From A Samsung Commercial

If you checked out Twitter this morning, you would have quickly noticed that news of Craig Thompson’s sentencing was interrupted by something equally bullish: a pair of water buffaloes running down Newtown’s main street.

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