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You Should Go Get Your Free 8GB Of SXSW Music

South-by-South-West, the back-patting tech conference masquerading as a music festival, is currently wrapping up in Austin, Texas. In among the press conferences, there’s been time for some actual bands to play — and for those of us unable to be there in person, the festival has released 8.42 gigabytes of DRM-free MP3s for your listening pleasure.

This Brilliant Coming-of-Age Space Opera Will Leave You Breathless

For some, the path to adulthood is gradual and fluid, as if maturity could somehow seep into one’s pores like steam from a warm bath. For others, the yoke of real responsibility is thrust suddenly and heavily upon their shoulders, though neither have a say in which path to maturity they will take.

Australia Misses Out On Chromecast Again, As 11 Other Countries Get A Release Date

When stuff comes out in the US, we sort of just assume that we’ll get it eventually. We got all excited last week, though, when Google’s head of Android said that Chromecast — Google’s HDMI streaming dongle — would drop in loads more markets this week. Turns that Australia isn’t one of those markets.

Google Chromecast Is Probably Launching In Australia Soon

Google Chromecast — that cute little HDMI dongle that broadcasts damn-near anything you like from your laptop or phone straight onto your TV — is probably coming to Australia in the next few weeks according to a new rumour.

Barista Bot Paints Your Portrait On Your Latte

Starbucks baristas will write your name on the side of your coffee cup, but that’s nowhere near the level of personalisation the Barista Bot is capable of. After snapping your portrait with a webcam, it uses a robotic arm to then draw your face in the milk foam atop your latte. That’s overkill in the best way possible.

Google Glass Will Work With New York Times And Path Apps

Google showed off some new features of Google Glass at SXSW, and they look to be quite useful. For example, the New York Times will be integrated with Google Glass, so you’ll see pop up notifications of breaking news. You can even peep pictures, headlines or have Google Glass read the news to you.

Go Get Your 7GB Of Free SXSW Music

There’s a lot of tech stuff going down at SXSW between talking shoes and the projection-effect pool tables and whathaveyou, but at the end of the day, music is still a huge part. A 7.39 GB part. And you can go grab it all for free right now.

Google's Talking Shoe: Because Wearable Computing Or Something

Wearable computing! Yeah! Woo! Glasses! More (probably non-existent) glasses! Watches! Shoes? Shoes!

Jon Stewart Is Not Amused By SXSW Homeless Hotspots

The other day we covered the brouhaha over a New York ad firm converting the homeless into human wireless hotspots. Now it’s time for The Daily Show’s always delightful take! And no, John Stewart does not approve.

Does SXSW Still Matter?

There’s a famous photo from SXSW taken 10 years ago, with just about every significant blogger at the time all gathered around one table. Many of them went on to form incredibly influential companies, like Flickr, Twitter and Gawker. Today, a lot of those same people are skipping the conference. And if you believe the backlash, South by Southwest has lost its cool. It’s just a marketing hypefest, where the most common achievement is barbecue bloat.

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