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Time To Get Your Free 10.33GB Of SXSW Music

Amidst all the startups and tasteless PR stunts, it’s easy to forget that South by Southwest is technically a music festival. Thankfully, the organisers didn’t forget, and have continued their years-old tradition of releasing all the music, DRM-free.

Delightful App Turns Humming Into Sheet Music

This new app is musical wizardry: Hum into your phone, and the humming is instantly transformed into a digital song, complete with onscreen sheet music.

There's A Life-Sized Special Forces TIE Fighter At SXSW This Year

If you’re anywhere near this year’s SXSW — all the way over in Austin, Texas — you owe it to yourself to check out one really cool exhibit: a life-sized Special Forces TIE Fighter, constructed by Project X1.

Google Acknowledges Its Self-Driving Cars Are 'Going To Have Worse Days' 

“We don’t like our car bumping into things,” said Chris Urmson, head of Google’s self-driving project, addressing the February 14 incident where Google’s car stuck a bus. “This was a tough day for us.”

Watch President Obama's SXSW Keynote Right Here

Over 80,000 people are expected to arrive in Austin over the next week for the mesquite-scented, queso-chugging festival SXSW — including the president of the US, who will be delivering the keynote for the tech portion of the nerd circus today.

You Should Go Get Your Free 8GB Of SXSW Music

South-by-South-West, the back-patting tech conference masquerading as a music festival, is currently wrapping up in Austin, Texas. In among the press conferences, there’s been time for some actual bands to play — and for those of us unable to be there in person, the festival has released 8.42 gigabytes of DRM-free MP3s for your listening pleasure.

This Brilliant Coming-of-Age Space Opera Will Leave You Breathless

For some, the path to adulthood is gradual and fluid, as if maturity could somehow seep into one’s pores like steam from a warm bath. For others, the yoke of real responsibility is thrust suddenly and heavily upon their shoulders, though neither have a say in which path to maturity they will take.

Australia Misses Out On Chromecast Again, As 11 Other Countries Get A Release Date

When stuff comes out in the US, we sort of just assume that we’ll get it eventually. We got all excited last week, though, when Google’s head of Android said that Chromecast — Google’s HDMI streaming dongle — would drop in loads more markets this week. Turns that Australia isn’t one of those markets.

Google Chromecast Is Probably Launching In Australia Soon

Google Chromecast — that cute little HDMI dongle that broadcasts damn-near anything you like from your laptop or phone straight onto your TV — is probably coming to Australia in the next few weeks according to a new rumour.

Barista Bot Paints Your Portrait On Your Latte

Starbucks baristas will write your name on the side of your coffee cup, but that’s nowhere near the level of personalisation the Barista Bot is capable of. After snapping your portrait with a webcam, it uses a robotic arm to then draw your face in the milk foam atop your latte. That’s overkill in the best way possible.

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