The Hot New Urban Renewal Trend Is... Swings

Step aside dancing fountains and community gardens, it’s the age of the urban swing set. I’m not talking about playgrounds. These are swings designed for adults, enticing the tushes of office workers, university students and tourists — city dwellers young and old who all want to take a turn kicking their legs up into the sky.

The Luckiest Kid In The Galaxy Has An Amazing Towering Groot Swing

James Gunn, the director of this summer’s monstrous blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy, posted this image of an amazing Groot-themed swingset to hisInstagram (now MIA) and Tumblr accounts yesterday.

The Science Of Swings Is More Complex Than You Thought

Swings are a wonderful childhood staple, but it turns out that they’re not quite as straightforward as you may have realised in your younger days. This video explains the physics behind them.

This Swing Set Is The World's Coolest Musical Instrument

The simple pleasure of swinging is one that most of us probably haven’t enjoyed in years. At the historic Convento Das Dominicas n the Portuguese city of Guimarães — itself a Unesco World Heritage site — designers Cláudia Oliveira and Isabel Bourbon of creative studio Elas Duas gave visitors of all ages an opportunity to sway on a special sound-enhanced installation.

Adjustable Firehose Swings Turn The World Into A Playground

Sitting is fantastic, but benches are boring. Imagine if the world was just littered with hammocks and swings for your own extravagant public lounging pleasure. These clever transforming swings could make that a blissfully lazy reality.

A Modern Porch Swing Is Still A Classic

A porch swing is something you envision on the front porch on every archetypal white picket fenced house. SwingLabs has put a mondern spin on the classic suspended seat with this modular version.

With This Swing Table In The Office, Work Becomes Play

It’s hard to get excited about another drawn-out business meeting. Stiff chairs. A circle of equally bored faces. Maybe your leg falls asleep from all that sitting. You jiggle it silently in your seat and stumble gracelessly on your way out the door. Listen up, bosses and interior designers: It doesn’t have to be this way!

Hang This Portable Swing Kit Anywhere For An Instant Playground On The Go

Whenever the urge to swing strikes — whether your’re in an industrial-looking warehouse, a busy construction site or on a crowded footpath — as long as you can find something overhead that’s sturdy enough to support your weight, you can string up this simple portable swing seat.

Art Project Converted Billboards Into Swingset Deathtraps

Really, a swingset suspended over the ground at billboard height with nothing but some wire fencing at your feet to prevent an accident? I struggled with the tags for this retro-inspired oldie-but-insanie post. Ultimately “art” beat out “lawsuit.”

Some Bright Spark Actually Made The Swing Table Concept A Reality

I don’t care if this $US4700 table is used in the boardroom or dining room, just make sure you choose your seven companions carefully. There’ll be no exuberant swinging when dim sum is being served. [Duffy via TheDesignBlog via OhGizmo]