FBI Admits Its Secret Spy Tool Screws Up Bystanders' Reception

The FBI wants to keep stealthy phone surveillance tools called Stingrays as secret as possible, for obvious reasons (to use them whenever they want with as little oversight as possible, growing tipsy on the intoxicating liquor of unfettered power). And now another reason for secrecy just came out: Using Stingrays can disrupt regular peoples’ phone reception.

Seattle Police Put Redacted Body Cam Footage On YouTube 

In a bid to be more transparent, the Seattle Police Department is posting footage from the body cameras and dashboard cameras of on-duty cops on YouTube. But the footage has been carefully censored to blur out faces and remove any sound.

US Government Refuses To Prove Snowden Damaged National Security

Did Edward Snowden actually damage national security? There’s no way in hell to tell from official documents released to the press — they have been thoroughly redacted to the point of uselessness.

Cops In The US Are Using Stingray Surveillance For Minor Crimes Like 911 Hangups

Florida police are using Stingray tracking devices — powerful surveillance tools cloaked in secrecy, capable of hoovering data from the phones of anyone in a wide search area — to catch thousands of suspects, even in low-level crimes like 911 hangups.

A History Of Internet Spying, Part 2

How long have intelligence agencies been keeping tabs on the internet? And what role did these agencies play in creating the internet we use today? For the most part, these kinds of questions have been relegated to comments sections on random blogs and the occasional tweet from researchers. So we’re hoping to remedy that in whatever small way we can, starting with a look at the 1960s and 70s.

Your Phone's Battery Use Lets Spies Track Your Movements

Spies and cops can use your smartphone to track your movements. That’s no mystery — most smartphones come with a GPS chip that makes it pretty damned simple. So if you don’t want to be tracked, you just turn off the GPS feature, right? Unfortunately, there is another way prying eyes can follow your movements: through your Android phone’s battery.

The NSA Has The Master Key To Unlock Your Phone's Secure Messages

According to top-secret documents given to The Intercept by Edward Snowden, British and American spies stole encryption keys from the largest SIM card manufacturer in the world. This is a huge deal because it means it could be way, way easier for the NSA to conduct widespread surveillance of encrypted communications without ever asking permission or even letting on that it’s doing so.

Here Is The Spy Equipment That Powers The FBI's Secret Dragnet

The FBI is going to remarkable lengths to hide information about its surveillance program that intercepts calls and texts with equipment called Stingrays.

A History Of Internet Spying, Part I

In last year’s documentary Citizenfour, Edward Snowden said, “I remember what the internet was like before it was being watched.” Snowden is just 31 years old, so there’s simply no way this is true. Intelligence agencies have been keeping tabs on the internet since before Snowden was even born. They were instrumental in creating it.

A Guide To The Not-So-Secret Spy Palaces Of The World

Where do spies meet when they plan their secret missions? Often, they gather in buildings that look like giant fortresses that are anything but covert. Here are some of the most incredible spy palaces from around the world. At least — these are the ones we know about.