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Actual Tech Experts Tell US Government Scaremongers To Stop Panicking About Encryption 

If you listen to FBI Director James Comey or GOP US presidential candidate John Kasich, encryption is a dangerous techno-blight that lets bad guys “go dark” and plot in secret. Actual tech experts are puncturing these scaremongering claims, and a new report tells a very different story: “Going dark” is alarmist nonsense. Technology provides myriad novel opportunities to spy on enemies.

Disneyland's Local Police Force Caught Secretly Using Powerful Phone Spying Tools 

If you’ve visited Disneyland, you may have seen a small plane fly overhead at one point. The OC is full of rich-arse people, might be a Newport Beach golfer, no big deal, right? Except, as it turns out, the Anaheim police department had access to military-grade dragnet phone spying equipment, the kind that can suck up your phone’s information from an aeroplane along with thousands of others.

The Best Gizmodo History Stories From 2015 You Swore You'd Read Later

The internet is a big place. There’s so much to read and watch and listen to that it can be overwhelming. We all have those stories that we start, get distracted for one reason or another, and promise ourselves we’ll finish later. Well, here’s your second chance — with a special focus on Australia.

Jimmy Wales Got Censored At A Chinese Internet Conference 

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is familiar with people putting made-up bullshit online. As I mentioned, he founded Wikipedia. But this is on another level: Wales’ words got changed on a Chinese conference website to make it sound like he was pro-Chinese government surveillance.

Blackberry's CEO Gives You A Great Reason To Buy An IPhone

Cops and spies alike are up in arms lately over companies like Apple using uncrackable encryption on their devices. But Blackberry, whose clickity keyboards can still be heard in the halls of many government bureaucracy, doesn’t think criminals deserve privacy.

Surprise! The NSA Is Still Spying On You

At midnight on Saturday in the US, the US National Security Agency ended one of its most notorious spying programs. This is only a tiny victory. The NSA’s sprawling, inefficient surveillance apparatus is still a privacy threat, to Australians as well as Americans.

Former John Doe Fighting FBI Spying Can Finally Speak After 11-Year Court Battle 

Over a decade ago, Nicholas Merrill received a National Security Letter from the FBI asking him to turn over a customer’s data. Merrill, who owned a company called Calyx Internet Access, refused to give it up. Instead, he fought a national security gag order for 11 years preventing him from speaking out against how the FBI uses NSL letters.

The NSA Will Finally Kill Its Metadata Snooping Program This Weekend

The US National Security Agency is finally shutting down one of its spying programs this weekend.

Blaming Encryption For Terrorist Attacks Is A Mistake 

We don’t know the specifics of how the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday were carried out. That hasn’t stopped the law enforcement community from shamelessly blaming encryption for helping terrorists, or from seizing the attack as an opportunity to defend surveillance.

What Is CISA?  

The US Senate just passed a cybersecurity bill that won’t do shit to prevent hacks. What it will do is help the government spy on its citizens.

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