US Police Have Used A Secret Radar That 'Sees' Through Walls For Two Years

A new device that can “see” through walls using radio waves started stirring up privacy concerns in a federal appeals court just last month. And it’s about damn time; according to a recent report from USA Today, over 50 law enforcement agencies have secretly been using the new radars for the past two years.

The NSA Dumped Its Spying Violations While You Were Waiting On Santa

The U.S. government has released proof that it repeatedly spied on American citizens without being allowed to… and you probably missed it. The National Security Administration finally dumped a heap of redacted documents revealing the surveillance violations made over the last decade. Hooray for transparency! Of course, it released them midday on Christmas Eve, when basically no one would be paying attention to the internet or in the mood to think about unchecked government snooping for at least the next 30 hours.

Hackers Can Read Text Messages In The US Thanks To Huge Security Flaw

The global telecom network Signal System 7 helps phone carriers across the world, including AT&T and Verizon, route calls and texts. It’s also apparently perforated with security holes that lets hackers and spies listen to your calls and read your texts. It’s so bad the ACLU’s chief technologist told me that people worried about being snooped should just not use their mobile phone to make calls. Privacy: Remember that?

Researchers Will Be Allowed To Study US Police Body Camera Footage

Earlier this week, US President Obama proposed $US263 million to improve law enforcement, including $US75 million for a Body Worn Cameras Partnership. Now, it’s been announced that university researchers will be provided access to body camera footage to study police confrontations.

How The NSA Gets Inside Australia's Mobile Phone Network

The Intercept has discovered an ambitious NSA operation called AURORAGOLD — which aims to tap every mobile phone network in the world. The finding, discovered amongst an archive of material supplied by Edward Snowden, reveals that the NSA intercepted thousands of emails sent between companies in a bid to identify security weaknesses in mobile phone technology.

This Is What Happens When You Reverse-Engineer Facial Recognition

These haunting images are what happens if you take the state of the art in facial recognition and detection — and turn it completely on its head.

US Government Wants To Delete Years Of CIA And DHS Emails

On September 17, the National Archives published a seemingly routine announcement in the US Federal Registrar. Couched in language about preserving records of value is a line about the destruction of records and a list of federal agencies. The CIA is one of these agencies, and its emails about waterboarding could be some of those records.

Damien Hirst's Latest Artworks Turn Scalpels Into City Maps

British artist Damien Hirst is often controversial, but his latest works are unlike the pieces he’s put together before: intricate depictions of cities from above, created using a variety of sharps, from scalpels to safety pins.

WSJ: A Secret US Spy Program Is Using Planes To Target Mobile Phones

A secret US spy program used fake mobile phone towers attached to aeroplanes to scan citizens’ mobile phones and collect their data, the Wall Street Journal reports. What the hell.

This CCTV System Actually Edits People Out

You might think that the whole point of surveillance cameras was to, y’know, watch people. But what if we were actually edited out of the street scenes they show?