Nest Just Bought Security Camera Company Dropcam For $US555 Million

It looks like it’s full speed ahead at Nest: Just a few days after putting its Protect smoke and CO alarm back on the market, the company announced it will acquire Dropcam for $US555 million. What could Nest (or Google) want with a surveillance camera company? Exactly what you’d expect.

Hackers Reverse-Engineer NSA Spying Tools Using Snowden Leaks

Besides exposing all of the not-so-good things the NSA and other clandestine agencies around the world were up to, the documents leaked by Edward Snowden have allowed hackers to reverse-engineer some of the tools the NSA has used to spy on us.

The British Government Just Set A Dangerous Precedent For Online Spying

Today, the British government revealed its justification for surveilling its citizens’ every move on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. UK citizens communicating using the aforementioned services are considered to be using “external communications”, as the companies are not based in the UK. It’s a distinction with staggering implications.

65 Things We Know About NSA Surveillance We Didn't Know A Year Ago

It’s been one year since the Guardian first published the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order, leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, that demonstrated that the NSA was conducting dragnet surveillance on millions of innocent people. Since then, the onslaught of disturbing revelations, from disclosures, admissions from government officials, Freedom of Information Act requests and lawsuits, has been nonstop. On the anniversary of that first leak, here are 65 things we know about NSA spying that we did not know a year ago.

One Year After Snowden, What's Really Changed?

The first reports on Edward Snowden’s leaks were published one year ago on 6 June 2013. Four days later, the whistleblower revealed himself as a former NSA contractor, just 29 years old at the time.

The NSA Can (Still) Bug Your Phone When It's Powered Off

Back in 2006 we learned about the FBI’s ability to eavesdrop on mobile phones, even when they’re turned off. And guess what? Edward Snowden reminds us that government agencies can still do just that.

Report: Google And Nest Want To Offer Home Surveillance

Google is reportedly hoping to add home security to Nest’s portfolio. According to The Information, it’s been considering a purchase of Dropcam — the worldwide leader in cloud-powered remote monitoring systems.

Butterfleye Keeps An Eye On Your House For Safety And For Fun

Gone are the days of nanny cams embedded in teddy bears or CCTV arrays mounted outside your front door. The new home camera Butterfleye represents a new surveillance device that’s somewhere in-between — a small, unintrusive device designed for monitoring your home’s security, but with smart activity-sensing features which could also feasibly capture your baby’s first steps.

How Much It Costs The NSA To Store An Entire Country's Phone Calls

On Monday, we learnt that the NSA is recording every single phone call in the Bahamas and storing the data for a month. This news arrives just six weeks after we learned that the NSA was recording every single phone call, text and email in Iraq. In fact, the spy agency is engaged in similar efforts in five different countries around the world. So how many taxpayer dollars does that come out to?

Report: NSA Is Recording Every Call In The Bahamas -- Including Oprah's

According to leaked documents provided by Edward Snowden, you can’t make a phone call in the Bahamas without the NSA listening. The Intercept reports that the agency “is secretly intercepting, recording, and archiving [for one month] the audio of virtually every cell phone conversation on the island nation of the Bahamas.” Every. Single. One.