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This Waterproof Power Strip Scares Me

Wet Circuits’ waterproof power strip is so brilliant, it feels wrong. Just look at the water splashing all over the electrical outlets! That picture alone sends me quivering, I half-expect it to blow up in a horrific explosion.

Modular, Multi-Tab Power Strip Makes Competition Look Antiquated

There’s no special tech inside this power strip concept that could prevent it from coming to market tomorrow. Instead, simple, good design makes an everyday product even better. Let me explain.

Kill-A-Watt Gets Graphical Version With Programmable Timer

The original Kill-a-Watt was a barebones, if efficient, way of monitoring how much energy an appliance used. But what if you want more features? Like a timer or programming. Here it is.

Ideative's Socket Sense Power Strip Lightning Review

The Gadget: Ideative’s Socket Sense surge protector that expands in order to fit more bulky AC adapters all on one strip.

Belkin's Conserve Surge Protector Kills Standby Power Drain Dead

It’s been a long time coming, but to coincide with Earth Hour this week, Belkin is finally launching their Conserve Surge protector in Australia. The power board not only protects your precious gadgets from power surges, but features six out of eight sockets that can be switched off completely – killing even the standby power drain – using a supplied remote.

Swivel Sockets: 90 Degree Rotating Outlets Help Conserve Space

Traditional power strips are not the most ideal way to conserve space and keep things orderly. This Swivel Socket design tries to overcome that problem with six outlets that can rotate 90 degrees.

Electroman is a Surge Protecting Superhero

Electroman: defender of gadgets, scourge of surges. This electric superhero saves the day along with his trusty sidekick USB Hub Man. Together they form a duo to be reckoned with. [WOE via BOJ]

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