Great Laptops And Tablets For Back To School And Uni

Need help finding the right laptop, tablet or convertible to get you or your kids through school or Uni? We have put together our top picks from the affordable through to more powerful options.

Report: Microsoft's New Browser Will Have Cortana And Stylus Annotation

If you use Internet Explorer, you are a damn fool. But according to The Verge’s Microsoft scoop factory Tom Warren, the forthcoming Windows 10 replacement for Microsoft’s beleaguered browser will be loaded with features that no other software currently offers.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: The Ultimate Outdoor Computer?

Need to edit photos and videos in the field? How about the forest or up the side of a mountain in Iceland? All while filing stories as you go? We do, and we’ve been dragging the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 around to get that job done. Here’s how it performs.

Choosing The Right Tablet For You: Android, Apple And Windows

Gizmodo Video Guide: There’s a proverbial sea of choice when it comes to choosing a new tablet, and it can all be a bit overwhelming at times. In this beginner’s video guide we introduce the three main tablet operating systems you’ll find in stores and check out some of the key points of difference.

CNN Discovers Promotional Surface Pros Make Fantastic iPad Stands

Last night, CNN wasn’t just covering the mid-term elections. It was also pimping the Surface Pro 3, conspicuously placing a kickstand-ed unit in front of a bunch of its commentators. The catch? They were actually just being used as iPad stands.

The Surface Mini Was Real, But It Ran Windows RT

How do you get so close to releasing an interesting technology product, cancel it, and pretend it never existed? Microsoft’s Surface Mini was real, and one person thinks it was actually better than the Surface 2.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Goes On Sale In Australia On 28 August

If you’ve been waiting for the Surface Pro 3 to hit Australia, you don’t have to wait too much longer. Microsoft has announced that the new best Windows tablet will be in local stores come August 28.

There's A Surface Mini Case For Sale On Amazon For Some Reason

When Microsoft called the press together for a “small” gathering a month ago, we all thought it was time for a Surface Mini. Instead, we got a Surface Pro 3, which is even better! Turns out nobody told a solemn case manufacturer on Amazon: which is “selling” a $10 Surface Mini cover.

The Surface Mini Totally Existed: Lazy Sub-Editors Reveal Microsoft's Secret Tablet

When Microsoft sent out the invites for a “small gathering” back in May, we all thought that a smaller version of the iconic Surface tablet was slated for release. Instead, we got the Surface Pro 3: an excellent, if unexpected, addition to the Surface family. But Microsoft’s mini-tablet secret would soon be undone: lazy sub-editing in an online user guide shows that the Surface Mini exists.

The Surface Mini Exists! (As A Mistake In A User Guide)

Last month’s announcement of the Surface Pro 3 left a lot of people asking “Hey so where’s that tiny Surface I was hearing about?” Rumour had it that it was cancelled at the last second, and now it seems like that was definitely the case; the Surface Pro 3 User Guide is littered with references to it.

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