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This 15-Tonne Magnet Is Now Ready To Study Mysterious Particles

Last year, a massive, 15.4-tonne, 15.85m wide electromagnet was successfully shipped from Long Island to Illinois. This week, it hit another milestone: It was successfully chilled to absolute zero temps after 10 years’ inactivity, proving it’s ready to solve a whole new decade’s physics mysteries.

'Holy Grail' Of Superconductors Could Revolutionise Electronics

The smell of rotten eggs may make you think of a nasty garbage can situation, but someday it could help power your high-speed trains. Hydrogen sulfide — the chemical compound that emits a powerful rotten egg smell — is a superconductor with enormous potential.

Scientists Created A Room Temperature Superconductor With Lasers

Superconductors are supposed to change the world. The only problem is that all of the materials we’ve used to produce need to be kept at near absolute zero temperatures in order to be superconducting. (See above.) But now, thanks to high-powered lasers, scientists successfully made a piece of ceramic superconducting at room temperature.

Magnetic Levitation Looks Magical In Slow Motion

What do you get if you take some magnets, superconductors and liquid nitrogen, and a slow-mo camera to film them with? This kind of magical footage is what.

How A Superconducting Camera Could Revolutionise Astrophysics

Over the past four decades, the field of astrophysics has enjoyed a pair of massive technological advances. First, we jumped from archaic photographic plates that relied on chemical emulsions to charge couple devices (CCDs). Now, the transition from CCDs to hyperspectral imaging devices that utilise exotic superconducting materials could change how we see the stars forever.

Why Superconductors Are Insanely Amazing

Everyone always bangs on about superconductors as if they’re some super-amazing scientific miracle, but where’s the proof, eh? Eh? Umm, here it is: check out how they compare to plain old normal conductors, and you’ll be gobsmacked.

NASA's Superconductor Amplifier Will Collect Clear Signals From Deep Space

By using the superconductors as the core of a new amplifier, researchers at Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will be able to collect signals from black holes and quantum particles with little to no noise mucking up the sensitive data.

Drunk Scientists Pour Wine On Superconductors, Make Discovery

Wine makes superconductors better at their jobs. And apparently, it makes some scientists better at their jobs too.

Magnetic Shields To Protect Spaceships From Re-Entry, Klingon Attacks

Do you know why James T. Kirk is happy? Because those crazy Europeans are developing a magnetic shield that will protect spaceships when entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Well, that and because he’s thinking about doing naughty things with Uhura.

NASA Creates Anti-Gravity Field, Makes Lab Rats Levitate

NASA scientists have created an anti-gravity field that works at room temperature, which is a big Where’s My Back to the Future Skateboard breakthrough. The only problem is that it only works on mice. Mice high as kites, in fact.

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