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Crashing Into The Sun Is Way Harder Than You Think

Video: Turns out, all those movies about spaceships going just a liiiiittle bit off course and crashing into the sun were filthy, filthy lies. The good people over at Minute Physics explain why most of us couldn’t crash into the sun if we tried.

An Electric Look At A Solar Flare On The Sun

Video: It always makes for a beautiful video whenever the suns lashes out with a solar flare. Here’s one from earlier this month. You can see how electric its movement are — it just whips up and explodes. The footage was captured in different wavelengths and then colour coded so that we can see what’s happening in better detail. In this case, in 4K detail.

This Model Of The Sun's Magnetic Field Is Beautiful Insanity

A team of scientists has created a new, high-resolution model of the complex magnetic activity on the surface of the Sun. The result is as spellbinding as it is terrifying. Gaze into the roiling ball of plasma that supports everything you hold dear, and feel your sanity slip away.

A Nightmarish Timeline Of Earth's Fate After A Massive Solar Flare

At first, things could actually be rather beautiful: worldwide auroras! A brighter sun! But then things would rapidly get ugly, with the breakdown of communications, rolling power outages, and a burning away of the ozone.

The Vernal Equinox Isn't What You Think It Is

Video: Yesterday was the vernal equinox, or the autumnal equinox for those of us in the southern hemisphere. You might think that it’s simply the mid-point between each solstice, but that’s not exactly correct. Joe Hanson, host of It’s OK to be Smart, explains.

What Are These Strange Bright Spots On The Sun?

Image Cache: From our perch here on Earth, the sun seems pretty uniform from day to day. But a closer look in this new magnetic map reveals that it’s teeming with activity — and with some intriguing bright spots.

Glorious Ultra Clear Video Shows One Entire Year Of The Sun

Video: This is what the sun looks like over the course of a year. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the Sun and all of its fiery grace from 1 January 2015 to 28 January 2016. That beautiful burning orb looks unbelievable in this amount of detail.

The Sun's Magnetic Field Is A Beautifully Complicated Riddle

It’s taken half a century, but we’re finally getting a handle on our Sun’s complex magnetic field. A new model from NASA captures the strange surface interactions that create dramatic swirls of plasma and corneal mass ejections. If we can better understand the Sun’s magnetic field, we might one day be able to predict when it will have an eruption triggering a solar storm.

This Is What An Entire Day Where The Sun Doesn't Set Looks Like

Antarctica is getting fully into the swing of summer — and there that can mean an entire day of sunlight. Here’s what that looks like.

New Solar Gadgets To Charge Your Camping Gear

Like camping, but can’t give up the gadgets and luxuries of home? Solar power can keep you going when off the grid. The team at Gizmodo Australia has rounded up 10 of the best solar powered gadgets available in Australia to help keep the electrons flowing next time you go camping.

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