Sun Keeps Damaging Skin Cells For Hours After Exposure

When you think you’ve had enough sun, you probably move into the shade. But, according to a new study, that might not be soon enough — because it turns out that sun keeps damaging skin for hours after exposure.

Spectacular Video Shows The Beautiful And Epic Explosions On The Sun

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA put out this video of all the coolest, jaw-dropping explosions that happened on our sun over the past five years. You basically watch the sun dance with shooting flares and solar loops. It’s unreal.

Hey, Sun, Why So Serious?

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a huge filament on the unhappy face of our sun on February 10. The scary fissure, which looks like a grimace on the surface of the star, is actually an enormous swatch of colder material hovering in the sun’s atmosphere.

This Video Shows What Earth Would Look Like With Different Suns

We’re so accustomed to our sun and moon that sometimes we hardly recognise how they form our view of the planet. This video will make you think about them afresh.

New Blackhole Hunter Takes First Photo, And It Is Absolutely Stunning

NuSTAR — NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, the most sensitive high energy X-ray telescope ever invented — has taken its first picture of the Sun ever and it looks absolutely amazing. Like the prettiest Christmas tree ornament.

Could The Sun Be Extinguished By A Bucket Of Water Just As Big?

The simple answer is probably not. That’s because the sun involves a special type of fire that is able to “burn” water, and so it will just get hotter and six times brighter. Here’s why.

This Ultra-HD Timelapse Shows The Biggest Sunspot In 22 Years

Last month, the biggest sunspot in 22 years traversed across the sun. Labelled AR 2192, it was big enough to see without the need for a telescope. This awesome timelapse animation can show you what you missed.

Watch The Biggest Sunspot In 24 Years Traverse The Sun

You’re looking at the largest sunspot since 1990 as it crossed the surface of the Sun. Captured between October 17th and 29th, the spot was big enough to see without a telescope.

NASA Scans Through Vast Amounts Of Data By Converting It To Sound

NASA has a lot of satellites, and these satellites have collected months, if not years, of data that can take pretty much forever to sift through. But one clever idea is to turn the measurements of space into sound and speed it up; a month of data might be scanned audibly in all of 10 minutes.

Why The Future Of A Solar-Powered Life Isn't Here Yet

You’d think that with all the solar farms we’ve been building up and all those solar panels on people’s roofs we would figure out how to use solar power to replace those old smoking power plants of ours. But we can’t yet.

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