NASA Scans Through Vast Amounts Of Data By Converting It To Sound

NASA has a lot of satellites, and these satellites have collected months, if not years, of data that can take pretty much forever to sift through. But one clever idea is to turn the measurements of space into sound and speed it up; a month of data might be scanned audibly in all of 10 minutes.

Why The Future Of A Solar-Powered Life Isn't Here Yet

You’d think that with all the solar farms we’ve been building up and all those solar panels on people’s roofs we would figure out how to use solar power to replace those old smoking power plants of ours. But we can’t yet.

These Nanoparticle Panels Can Perfectly Mimic The Italian Sky

A new lighting technology that uses a special blend of LEDs and nanoparticle coatings to recreate the concept of Rayleigh scattering — the process that makes the sky appear blue — is currently being used at the Biennale in Venice to bring the Italian sky indoors.

New NASA Video Shows A Massive Sun Explosion Like Never Before

For the first time ever, NASA has been able to capture a massive solar eruption with unprecedented detail using IRIS, a highly sensitive instrument that can only cover a relatively small zone of the sun at any give time. Catching this involved “some educated guesses and a little bit of luck.”

This Is How Light Travels Through The Layers Of The Sun

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center released this pretty neat animation back in 2012, which shows how light streaming up from inside the sun through its many layers. Did you know that the light that shines on our Earth takes some 40,000 years to travel through the sun’s layers? I did not, and now I am amazed.

Would You Trust 'Drinkable' Sunscreen?

There’s a new snake oil sunscreen doing the rounds in the US and making big promises. Osmosis Skincare’s UV Neutraliser Harmonized Water apparently makes the water molecules underneath your skin vibrate, giving you SPF 30 sun protection for three hours. Yep, this is stupid.

NASA Finds Strange, Dark, Square Hole In The Sun

The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory has found a strange coronal hole in the sun, “almost square in its shape”. I don’t know about you, but this square phenomenon freaks me out a bit. It looks like the sun is some kind of fake LED disco ball and one panel is failing. Here’s the video.

These Are The Most Devastating Twisters In The Solar System

Researchers at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) posted a short video on their Facebook page, showing a “small, hovering mass of twisted strands of plasma” as it “shifted back and forth before erupting into space.”

These Are The Most Complete Pictures Yet Of The Sun's Atmosphere

You’re looking at the most complete photograph yet taken of the sun’s atmosphere — and it reveals complex patterns of expanding bubbles and mushrooms of matter, which are thought to cause the solar winds that the star spits out toward the rest of the solar system.

Sunshades Bloom To Protect These Towers From The Brutal Desert Sun

When the sun comes up, the flowers come out. Inspired by the design of Arabic windows known as mashrabiya, these 14m wide, flower-shaped sunshades “blossom” in minutes to cover the facades of these twin towers designed for two (anonymous!) Middle Eastern media companies.

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