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A Huge Gash Just Appeared On The Sun

A rather massive coronal hole was recently spotted on the Sun by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. The region — the size of 50 Earths — is spewing material into space at tremendous speeds. It may look terrifying, but astronomers say it’s nothing to worry about.

A Beautiful Composite Image Of The ISS Crossing The Sun

What happens when the International Space Station flies past the Sun? Nothing as bad as the fate that befell Icarus, fortunately — just a nice image, instead.

Look How Massive This Eiffel Tower Shape On The Sun Is

A Swedish photographer recently pointed his telescope and spotted something extraordinary: a solar prominence the size of seven Earth diameters. Oh yeah and it was also shaped like the Eiffel Tower.

Meanwhile In The Future: The Earth Is Falling Into The Sun

The Earth, right now, is revolving around the sun at about 100,000km/h. But what would happen if we slowed to a stop? At that point, the planet would have exactly 64 1/2 days before it crashed into the sun. In this week’s episode, we find out what would happen during those 64 1/2 days.

What Would Happen If A Massive Comet Struck The Sun?

Humans, dark and disturbed creatures that we are, love to imagine what would happen if a massive comet struck the Earth. But what if a giant ice rock flung itself into the Sun? A team of astronomers did the maths to figure out what would happen.

This Is The Other Side Of The Sun

Usually you hear people talking about the other side of the moon — but what about the sun? Our orbit around the star means one side is out of view, but NASA’s Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory Ahead spacecraft has been collecting images of the side we can’t see right now.

Astronaut Scott Kelly Had The Best View Of Last Night's Bonkers Aurora

An ultra-rare, ultra-gigantic geomagnetic storm last night had people seeing Northern Lights as far south as Georgia. But from his perch at the International Space Station, astronaut Scott Kelly captured pretty much the most amazing aurora borealis shots ever.

The Sun's Light Is Way Older Than You Think

You probably know that it takes about eight minutes for light travel from the surface of the sun to our humble planet. But sunlight is far older than that — in fact, it’s thousands of years old.

The Sun Celebrated Cinco De Mayo With This Beautiful Solar Flare

If you’re gonna celebrate, do it in style. Well, the sun did to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, spewing out this gorgeous solar flare that’s captured here in a variety of different wavelengths.

New Images Reveal The Dark Inner Workings Of Sunspots

A series of new images captured by researchers provide the first-ever detailed view of the dark central patches of sunspots — revealing with more detail than ever how they work.

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