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The Sun's Magnetic Field Is A Beautifully Complicated Riddle

It’s taken half a century, but we’re finally getting a handle on our Sun’s complex magnetic field. A new model from NASA captures the strange surface interactions that create dramatic swirls of plasma and corneal mass ejections. If we can better understand the Sun’s magnetic field, we might one day be able to predict when it will have an eruption triggering a solar storm.

This Is What An Entire Day Where The Sun Doesn't Set Looks Like

Antarctica is getting fully into the swing of summer — and there that can mean an entire day of sunlight. Here’s what that looks like.

New Solar Gadgets To Charge Your Camping Gear

Like camping, but can’t give up the gadgets and luxuries of home? Solar power can keep you going when off the grid. The team at Gizmodo Australia has rounded up 10 of the best solar powered gadgets available in Australia to help keep the electrons flowing next time you go camping.

Our Sun Could Release Superflares As Powerful As A Billion Megatonne Bombs

By studying a nearby sun-like star, astronomers have concluded that the Sun is capable of releasing solar flares a thousand times greater than anything previously recorded. Scientists say the chances of this are quite slim, but warn that such an event would threaten life on Earth.

A Huge Gash Just Appeared On The Sun

A rather massive coronal hole was recently spotted on the Sun by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. The region — the size of 50 Earths — is spewing material into space at tremendous speeds. It may look terrifying, but astronomers say it’s nothing to worry about.

A Beautiful Composite Image Of The ISS Crossing The Sun

What happens when the International Space Station flies past the Sun? Nothing as bad as the fate that befell Icarus, fortunately — just a nice image, instead.

Look How Massive This Eiffel Tower Shape On The Sun Is

A Swedish photographer recently pointed his telescope and spotted something extraordinary: a solar prominence the size of seven Earth diameters. Oh yeah and it was also shaped like the Eiffel Tower.

Meanwhile In The Future: The Earth Is Falling Into The Sun

The Earth, right now, is revolving around the sun at about 100,000km/h. But what would happen if we slowed to a stop? At that point, the planet would have exactly 64 1/2 days before it crashed into the sun. In this week’s episode, we find out what would happen during those 64 1/2 days.

What Would Happen If A Massive Comet Struck The Sun?

Humans, dark and disturbed creatures that we are, love to imagine what would happen if a massive comet struck the Earth. But what if a giant ice rock flung itself into the Sun? A team of astronomers did the maths to figure out what would happen.

This Is The Other Side Of The Sun

Usually you hear people talking about the other side of the moon — but what about the sun? Our orbit around the star means one side is out of view, but NASA’s Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory Ahead spacecraft has been collecting images of the side we can’t see right now.

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